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São Paulo, Brazil
Campaign Brastemp
Advertiser Brastemp
Brand Brastemp
Business Sector Washing Machines, Refrigerators & Other Large Apppliances

DDB Brasil signed Brastemp’s campaign, entitled "Inspiration changes everything. And life becomes just likeee ... a Brastemp." The action invited drivers to smile to people on the car next to them, providing moments of joy and well being early in the morning.

The spot, that aired simultaneously in 11 major radio stations in the capital city, suggested: "Right now, millions of people at their cars, listening to the radio. All serious, sleepy, until an inspiration changes everything. We invite you to smile to the driver next to you. If he heard it, he'll smile back .... See? Inspiration changes everything and life becomes just likeee... a Brastemp. "

The results can be seen on the films opening scenes of everyday life, people stuck in traffic jams. As soon as they hear the spot, they start looking around, smiling at people around them, interacting. In the end, their life’s go on, inspired, taking that moment for the rest of their lives. 

Media Type Television & Cinema

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