Milwaukee, United States

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Founded in: 1984

Employees: 200

Creative Work: 131

Clients: 24

Contact Information

250 West Coventry Court Suite 300
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53217
United States
Phone: (+1) 414 228-1990

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250 West Coventry Court Suite 300
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53217
United States
Phone: (+1) 414 228-1990

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About the Agency BVK

Founded in 1984, BVK has grown to become one of the Top 25 largest independent ad agencies in the country. Across our offices we are linked by our common passion to create success for our clients. BVK is often referred to as idea driven and solution-focused, we have the talent and resources of a large agency, but we're nimble. We're constantly adapting to the new ways consumers get their information. We believe brand success is build upon engaging people. By creating meaningful relationship with consumers at every brand touch point. To accomplish this, we have assembled an amazing group of people– 175 disciplined, insightful and creative team members who have come together to put our clients first.

It's not accident that the large majority of our clients compete in the Education, Healthcare and Travel categories. While not obvious at first, these categories share many things in common. Perhaps none bigger than the fact that they all have the power to change lives. Each of these categories is also experiential in nature and involves a highly considered, and highly emotional, decision process. Because consumers are only in the market for these services episodically, our work must be powerful at the brand level. It must make consumers notice, feel and think in order to ensure that our clients are in the consideration set when consumers are ready to take action. And, once consumers are in the market for services, our work must drive not only interest, but also behavior. It has to have a strong response/retail component because each of these categories are capital intensive and sell perishable inventory in the form of classroom seats, hospital beds and resort rooms. Once a day, or a session, passes, that inventory cannot be put back on the shelf. We've excelled in these categories not by accident but because we've built resources around effectively communicating at each stage in the decision funnel. Simply put, we sell perishable inventory in highly considered, life changing, categories. 


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

The BVK Way is a disciplined, insightful, and creative approach that focuses on creating success for clients and consumers. We believe in a fearless approach to launching, positioning, invigorating brands and creating movements which generate sales beyond forecasted budgets. We believe in the power of relationships that matter. Because successful brands don't just launch ad campaigns anymore. They stand for something bigger. Bigger than the product or service they sell. It's about creating consumer and community relationsihps that really matter and make a difference. We never forget that consumers always have one finger on the fast forward button. So we have to move them in ways they want to be moved. In places that are unexpected. Using messaging and technology they find interesting. They we need to reward them for their participation, by making sure every brand interaction adds value to their lives.

More things we believe in:

  • We believe in trying to understand our audience better than they understand themselves

  • We believe that branding and retailing are not mutually exclusive
We believe in the power of curiosity and surprise

  • We believe rules were made to be broken
We believe that clients should judge their agencies on performance and results. Period.

  • We believe in the refreshing power of honesty

  • We believe that no matter how big the challenge is, we can move mountains

BVK has been built and designed to work especially well for brands that exist in very challenging landscapes. Brands mired in traditionally very staid product or service categories that require untraditional thinking to break out. Our goal has always been to offer all the resources and capabilities of the large agencies, with the agility and responsiveness of a small agency.
Our ability to create success for clients is based on the strength of our strategic process, the BVK Way. We are very good at uncovering the core human truths that drive an audience, and then matching those fears, hopes or desires to our clients' brand strengths in new and unexpected ways. Ways that elevate and deepen the relationship your prospects and customers have with your brand.

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