Sacramento, United States
Campaign Corkface & Forkface
Advertiser Lodi Wines
Brand Lodi Wines
PostedFebruary 2019
Business Sector Wines, Champagnes
Story In a world overflowing with wine content, how does the Lodi Winegrape Commission stand out online? First, you make great wine, which Lodi has been doing for over 100 years. Second, you don’t take yourself too seriously. And lastly, you put a face on a silly cork and fork and have them pair Lodi wines with real life. This is Corkface and Forkface, and they’re a little LoCA. In order to connect the willing-to-experiment millennial audience with North America’s most experimental wine region, we developed a series of videos titled Odd Pairings with Corkface and Forkface. You won’t hear traditional wine tasting terms like “oaky bouquet” in any of the spots, but you will hear phrases like “pairs well with the bitter taste of tears.” This is because the series, like its umbrella ‘Go LoCA’ campaign, encourages consumers to shirk the wine rules and embody the LoCA brand by experimenting with new wines in their everyday life.
Result Nearly Half of a Year's Worth of Watch Time Captured in Only 60 Days (261,653 minutes; 4,361 hours)
93 Percent: Average View Percentage on YouTube
Doubled YouTube's Average Completion Rate: Accurately targeted, engaging content led to 20.93% Completion Rate
29 Percent Facebook View Rate: 14 Percent higher than industry standard 
Media Type Web Film

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