TitleWe can make peace come true
Campaign We can make peace come true
Advertiser Emergency
Brand Emergency
Date of First Broadcast/Publication 2023 / 1
Product N/A
Business Sector Human Rights
Tagline Ogilvy Italy for Emergency: its founder's words turn into reality with AI. For a 2023 in the name of peace.
Story Emergency is an Italian NGO that provides free, high-quality healthcare to victims of war and poverty. Its founder, Gino Strada,  has always affirmed that he was not a pacifist but that he was against war and its atrocities, that he had been fighting for his entire life. And after his passing in 2021, he left this dream of a world without war as his legacy. His words are the key player of the video: words that describe a future of brotherhood and solidarity. Words that he wrote hoping they would come true. "We won't see it, maybe neither our children will see it, but war can and must be abolished just as slavery was". To do it, Ogilvy Italy together with an international team of AI artists, speakers and composers, used a set of Artificial Intelligence (Stable Diffusion, MidJourney, Dall-e 2, Lexica Aperture) to create a unique video which turned Gino Strada’s words into images. Just because, as he said: "To create a world without war, we have to imagine it first". The video has been released in Italy and worldwide through Emergency social medias, wishing this peace project would truly become a reality in 2023.
Philosophy For the sixth year in a row, Ogilvy Italy and Emergency made a video to wish the world not only a new year, but a peaceful one. The theme of this edition is the need to start imagining the abolishment of war. A goal that is more urgent than ever, since the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine in 2022. But also, the great challenge Einstein and other scientists issued in the Russell–Einstein Manifesto of 1955.
Media Type Web Film
Soundtrack “Le Souffle de l’Univers” composed by Philip Abussi
More Information https://www.emergency.it/
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