Advertiser Greenchoice
Brand Greenchoice
Business Sector Environmental & Ecological Issues
Tagline Every day, more and more people want to start taking action when it comes to climate issues. But those people don’t always know what kind of action they should take. That’s why they need real solutions to work with. Which is exactly what Greenchoice has to offer.
Story Greenchoice is one of the first green energy suppliers to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energy in the Netherlands. But the company has lots of new competitors, which has lead to a lack of visibility. We need to reposition the brand and make sure everyone in the Netherlands knows what Greenchoice is about. We built upon the brands unique ‘rebellious’ heritage and positioned Greenchoice as an energy supplier that actually takes action to make the transition happen. In the first campaign we ask consumers to stop ‘earth screwing’, which means less talk and more action when it comes to saving the planet.
Media Type Television & Cinema

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