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Founded in: 1991

Employees: 12

Clients: 21

Contact Information

33 Avenue Sainte Foy
Neuilly-Sur-Seine 92200
Phone: (+33) 01 41 05 40 40

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L'Agence Allégée

33 Avenue Sainte Foy
Neuilly-Sur-Seine 92200
Phone: (+33) 01 41 05 40 40

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About L'Agence Allégée

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English, French
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
The Agence Allégée (Light Agency) is an independent agency where grey matter prevals over fat content. Its way of working is easy and personalized.
1/ easy: a short hierarchical organization, decision networks extremely reduced, skilled seniors, an integrated creation and an outsourced production (art purchase, publishing and management).
2/personalized: a choice of 5 packs
annual collaboration with monthly fees
the light pack (the Agence Allégée and the Studio Allégée)
sporadic collaboration with fees by file
the promo pack - the network animation pack - the creation pack - the stand pack

In addition with these packs, there are 2 new activities:
The creation and the development of pleasure & balance & pop portrait concepts.
- pleasure & balance for a various and balanced diet - pop portrait for a colored portrait, from the choiced photo, printed on web or any other support.
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