TitleOutlaw Horses
Campaign Outlaw Horses
Advertiser Kia Motors
Brand Kia
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Automotive
Story Shot in and around Marfa, Texas, this campaign halos the growing high-performance GT line from Kia Motors America (KMA). Created by David&Goliath (D&G), the campaign sets Kia’s newly-introduced Stinger GTS against the expanse of West Texas. Building on the response to Kia’s newly launched GIVE IT EVERYTHING platform, the tough vistas of West Texas emerged as the perfect setting for the brand’s next chapter. Back in February, we introduced Give It Everything in Super Bowl LIII. Then we told a story of the largely unknown West Georgia town—West Point. Here we wanted to do something different. To test the design and build of our latest high-performance model against a landscape that demands a Give It Everything mindset at every turn. The limited-run Stinger GTS incorporates an all-wheel-drive Drift mode. Available in one color only—Federation Orange—the GTS was let loose on private ranches across West Texas. There we sought and found terrain as inhospitable as it was beautiful. “Since we introduced the Telluride and our new brand positioning, Give It Everything, it has turned the toughest naysayers into the strongest believers,” said David Angelo, founder and chairman of David&Goliath. “The Stinger is no exception. We gave it everything and then some. People now stand behind the quality and performance of Kia like never before. But even more so, they can relate to the spirit of a brand that gives it everything. That spirit is the crazy horse in all of us.” As the flagship of Kia’s GT line, the Stinger GTS takes center stage in the first of several spots, which debuts tomorrow, Tuesday, July 9 at 9:30 am ET/6:30 am PT. Titled, “Outlaw” [https://youtu.be/2WBv2fmbGic], in the :60 film, we encounter a rare breed of horse. The kind ranchers call “unbreakable.” Fueled by an endless supply of fury, nothing is able to earn the respect of this beast. Until it encounters an equally rare creature. The Stinger GTS. The two part ways. And rejoin their own worlds. Briefly stopped by the recognition they find in each other.
Media Type Digital

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