Saint Ouen, France

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126, rue du Landy
Saint Ouen 93400
Phone: (+33) 01 49 18 91 09

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Basic Info

Core Competencies: Corporate Communication, Recruitment/Motivation, Publishing/Print/Custom Publishing

Founded in: 1999

Employees: 7

Clients: 16


126, rue du Landy
Saint Ouen 93400
Phone: (+33) 01 49 18 91 09

Hervé Francès


Phone: (+33) 01 74 71 46 99

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About the Agency Itó

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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Itó is first and foremost a creative agency. This is our first value added. For us, multimedia appears in all modes (Internet, CD-Rom, Intranet...), although the essential point lies in the idea and not in the tool. The technical matters come later...

Our culture was born with the web's "pure players" (Caramail, Claranet, Freesurf, Comparatel...). This is our second value added. From these great web's actors we have mainly kept the respect of Internet's founding values and multimedia's : to give the users a freer access with intuitive navigations and with adequate and fast technologies.

We are not computer specialists. This is our third value added. this is out of the question to isolate our clients from their projects boring them with words only known by engineers and developers. Knowledge has to be shared and not seized.

Itó is a sioux word. It means "to forge ahead", "to build", but also "to imagine". This word summarizes us well.
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