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3, rue Danton
Malakoff 92240
Phone: (+33) 01 55 53 18 40

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Core Competencies: Digital, Events/Sponsoring, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Publishing/Print/Custom Publishing

Founded in: 1992

Employees: 10

Awards: 4

Clients: 12

Alliance Design

3, rue Danton
Malakoff 92240
Phone: (+33) 01 55 53 18 40

Emmanuel De Landsheer

Environment Design Manager

Phone: (+33) 01 41 05 73 00

Yves Guénot

Managing Partner & Creative Director

Phone: (+33) 01 41 05 73 52

Keith Ingram

Packaging Design Manager

Phone: (+33) 01 41 05 73 52

Aude Vuillaumier

Graphic Design Manager

Phone: (+33) 01 41 05 73 52

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About the Agency Alliance Design

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Chinese, English, German, Italian
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Strategic reflection is paramount for Alliance Design. Marketing is also allotted the space it deserves, directing and guiding the direction of a trademark, an environment or a product. In order to ensure the successful implementation of its creative proposals, Alliance Design accompanies its clients through all stages of the project and offers assistance in terms of counselling as well as logistics. Since design requests generally involve comprehensive communication issues, Alliance Design operates in full synergy with the other members of the Alliance Communications group. Also, as design programs may fall within a European context, Alliance Design offers its clients the possibility of co-ordinating their requests on a European level, thanks to its TEN (Trans European Network) membership.
Network Description
To better serve its clients and offer them the opportunity to coordinate their campaigns on the European level, Alliance has set up T.E.N. (Trans European Network). T.E.N. network is made up of agencies with strong positions on their own local markets, and seeks with determination to be trans-European and free of the domination of any culture. So the necessary coordination of European campaigns is never carried out at the expense of national psychologies and specificities. T.E.N. is active in : Germany, Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece, The Netherland, Austria, Russia and Kazakhstan.
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