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Founded in: 1938

Employees: 220

Clients: 30

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6-8, rue Eugène Oudiné
Paris 75013
Phone: (+33) 01 45 84 14 44

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6-8, rue Eugène Oudiné
Paris 75013
Phone: (+33) 01 45 84 14 44

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About the Agency IFOP

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Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Since it was founded in 1938, the Group Ifop has been the leader in the opinion poll and market research field regarding politics, economic, social sciences and marketing. Since 1995, the Group Ifop has committed itself in a global development strategy with its implementation in 4 continents, from major economic metropolises : in Europe in Paris (France), in Asia with Ifop-FAMS in Shangai (China), in North America with Ifop-CMR in Toronto (Canada) and in South America with Ifop-Asecom in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The Group Ifop also operates in 40 countries from those 4 main cities. Today, it has 4 main activities : marketing, opinion, panels, telecommunication services together with a transversal business and development pole to create synergies and cross fertilization. Our mission is :
1- to develop the right information
2- to understand, to interprete and to find the levers,
3- to ensure you successful actions.
Network Description
Our company is located on 4 continents. This allows us to accompany our clients in order to meet their demands in the best way.
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