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21 rue Greneta
Paris 75002
Phone: (+33) 01 40 26 45 09

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Basic Info

Founded in: 1966

Employees: 7

Clients: 10


21 rue Greneta
Paris 75002
Phone: (+33) 01 40 26 45 09

Corinne Bessis

Managing Director

Phone: (+33) 01 40 26 45 09

Pierre Bessis

Chairman & CEO

Phone: (+33) 01 40 26 45 09

Sophie Freund

Creation Manager

Phone: (+33) 01 40 26 45 09

Laurence Martel

Names Research & Account Director

Phone: (+33) 01 40 26 45 09

Cécile Martinot

Coordination, Style & Organization Manager

Phone: (+33) 01 40 26 90 70

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About the Agency Bessis

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English, Spanish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
To search for going beyond the basic speech-product. To search for names conjuring up imagination, intensity and sweetness; a childhood memory, a little swing, a fantasy touch, a new sound… Because the choice of a product does not only mean the purchase of concrete features but also the purchase of a spirit, of values and the feeling that the product fits oneself well . Our products are our life’s friends: they reassure us, they confort us, they make us more narcissistic, they enable us to compensate for a deep lack of meaning, beauty, evasion, pleasure,… The soul Extra names that we create are attractive thanks to their originality and relevancy. They make love products and brands. Morever, there is a brand issue that still lurks behind any search of name. A nice name is the equivalent for the lacking piece of the brand puzzle, the piece that gives all the meaning to the global image and this which is required to move to more modernity, strength, emotions… The frame of our pictures epitomizes the will to go beyond appearances, to overstep the concrete reality and to shut a piece of sky, of infinity and of ideal up. Inanimate objects, do you have a soul? (Baudelaire)
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