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31 rue La Boetie
Paris 75008
Phone: (+33) 01 53 75 49 49

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Core Competencies: Digital, Recruitment/Motivation, Packaging/Design

Founded in: 1991

Employees: 3

Clients: 69


31 rue La Boetie
Paris 75008
Phone: (+33) 01 53 75 49 49

Jean-Pierre Gauthier

Managing Director

Phone: (+33) 01 53 75 49 49

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Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
To name means to make it possible to exist.
You may have noticed that for an idea which is still only an idea before it has become a project, it is urgent to find a name.
But soon it turns out that it is necessary to have something more than just a "good name", and it needs a "good Brand Name". That means a name which acts as a synthesis between the product, the company and the consumer.

For APANAGE to "name" is to project a promise into a market.

Our approach:
TO UNDERSTAND : APANAGE, first means creation but it also the understanding of consumers and the large factors which impact both markets and the society in which we live.
It is our essential concern to become part of a global development vision (packaging, communication).

TO CREATE : APANAGE means the skills of men and women from different horizons, the only and real way of creating a "good surprise".
It is the assistance of tools: a rich documentary and encyclopaedic depth. After an intensive production phase, there follows a selection through strategic, semantic and judicial filters.

Strategic confirmation : APANAGE acts both as the observer and the organiser of this essential moment and allows the achievement of the ultimate choice.
Judicial confirmation is about mastering all rules which are capable of transforming a good idea into a bad news! Our equipment and skills are an asset which help you estimate the risks.
Network Description
We are in contact with a network of consultants in capital cities across Europ, the USA, China and Russia.
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