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Founded in: 1991

Employees: 17

Clients: 48

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77, rue Pascal
Paris 75013
Phone: (+33) 01 45 87 77 78

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77, rue Pascal
Paris 75013
Phone: (+33) 01 45 87 77 78

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English, French, Spanish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
IMPLICATION : when it is a matter of research and consulting, we really think that "small is beautiful". Small teams, short structures, implicated managers, we are close to our clients, their questions and their targets. How could we otherwise listen to and understand them?
SINCERITY : a true idea is more usefull than a brilliant idea... Thus we give the most extreme attention on all the elements which guarantee the reliability of information with which we work: consumers recruitment precision, groups animation quality, market research reports sincerity...
SIMPLICITY : the best solutions are often the merer ones. The best reports are so often the more concise, the best recommendations the most direct, the best advice the less sophisticated... Intelligence must express itself in term of pertinence and not in term of complexity.
Network Description
We do not belong to a network and thus work exclusively with institutes sharing the same philosophy and respecting the same work process. Our partners are mainly in Europe, in Asia and in the USA
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