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11, rue Du Chemin Vert
Paris 75011
Phone: (+33) 01 48 05 19 00

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Core Competencies: Corporate Communication, Events/Sponsoring, Others

Founded in: 1967

Employees: 12

Clients: 23


11, rue Du Chemin Vert
Paris 75011
Phone: (+33) 01 48 05 19 00

Monique Dognin Névot

President - Advice and Supervision

Phone: (+33) 01 48 05 19 00

Liliane Hesbois

Managing Director - Administration

Phone: (+33) 01 48 05 19 00

Arnault Narcy

President of the Associate Directors

Phone: (+33) 01 48 05 19 00

Irène Papantina

Managing Director - Press

Phone: (+33) 01 48 05 19 00

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About the Agency Adocom

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English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
One of the characteristics of our public relations, media relations and events consulting agency is the speed at which we understand the public relations problem, we supply a recommendation and then provide an effective solution. In addition to Adocom's professionalism, a key factor is our vast client experience across numerous sectors of activity. Over a period of more than 30 years, Adocom has dealt with almost every possible public relations dilemma which an organisation may face (small, medium, large, multinational or concerning associations). Adocom employs the latest marketing techniques and new technologies, efficient management and high performance equipment. An OPQCM certified consultancy, Adocom enjoys controlled, sustainable and regular development, and is amongst France's leading consulting agencies in this area of activity.
Network Description
Adocom has different professional yet informal relationships with partners across Europe and the United States. This vast network, regrouping public relations, press relations, event and specialised agencies allows us to offer to our clients services which are adapted to their speciality.
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