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4, rue Paul Valéry
Paris 75016
Phone: (+33) 01 56 28 59 00

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Core Competencies: Digital, Direct/Tele/Database Marketing/CRM

Founded in: 2000

Employees: 70

Clients: 32

Yacast France

4, rue Paul Valéry
Paris 75016
Phone: (+33) 01 56 28 59 00

Isabelle Gaubert

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (+33) 01 56 28 59 00

jean michel grapin

CEO Yacast LTD

Sabine Laulhe Montaldier

Ad Tracking Delegated Director

Phone: (+33) 01 56 28 59 17

Ali Mouhoub

Music Tracking Development & Marketing Director

Phone: (+33) 01 56 28 59 06

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About the Agency Yacast France

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English, French, German, Spanish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Thanks to its own unique technology, YACAST offers a new and interactive dimension to traditional tracking services: Ad and music tracking quantitative and qualitative real time intelligence, reactive and interactive solutions, information available on a continuous basis via a secured B to B web site.
Soon, YACAST will keep track of music and advertising data across Europe. So, comprehensive inventories of music and advertising materials broadcast by about 50 media companies in each country (representing over 80 % of the audience) will be available to professionals for consultation.
Thanks to this database, they will have access to a standardized tool to obtain detailed intelligence as well as consolidated market shares on a European basis.
In each country where it sets up, YACAST aims to become a major operator in business fields like online streaming and the delivery of services to radio and TV companies.
Network Description
European network in development.
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