Sausalito, United States

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5 Sunshine Ave,,,
Sausalito CA 94965
United States
Phone: (+1) 415-887-9500

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5 Sunshine Ave,,,
Sausalito CA 94965
United States
Phone: (+1) 415-887-9500

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About the Agency b&a

It’s about the message. Producer/Director Bruce Hamady has practiced that discipline believing the science, gained though his degree in marketing, is as important as the art, his original course of study and inspiration.

Except for two short breaks as an Executive Producer for Reuters Television and as Director of Global Video/Marketing for Oracle Corporation, he’s had his own production company where he’s created thousands of marketing videos and hundreds of national tv commercials.

During those years, he’s burned down houses, dropped computers out of airplanes, rusted stairwells and watched paint dry, had a motorcycle gang overrun a town, shot planes, trains and automobiles, office furniture, rooms of mirrors and talking heads- a few… million talking heads both live and recorded. And don’t forget computers, lots of computers.

BHP owns several cameras including a Red Dragon, Zeiss Prime lenses and a variety of camera support equipment. Bruce Hamady also owns a post company, Acme Posts, Inc. with artists and Smoke edit, effects and color, Avid edit, Protools for audio and graphics stations.

There is something beautiful and exciting about some new concept or product that needs to be documented, explained or marketed through video. It’s that challenge to create a program that achieves objectives and does its job. After all, while it’s easy to make a video, it still takes art and science plus skill to create one that works. 


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