Hunt Adkins

Minneapolis, United States

Basic Info

Core Competencies: Full Service, Digital, Mobile, Social Media, Marketing/Creative Services, Media Buying/Planning, Corporate Communication, Recruitment/Motivation, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Packaging/Design, Strategy and Planning

Founded in: 1991

Employees: 38

Awards: 1

Clients: 18

Contact Information

15 South 5th Street Suite 1200
Minneapolis Minnesota 55402
United States
Phone: (+1) 612 339-8003

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Hunt Adkins

15 South 5th Street Suite 1200
Minneapolis Minnesota 55402
United States
Phone: (+1) 612 339-8003

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About the Agency Hunt Adkins

YOU HAVE PROBLEMS. WE SOLVE THEM. With creativity. Intellect. Ingenuity. Experience. And big, big, big ideas. Maybe your company’s execution isn’t meeting your vision. Maybe you have an amazing new product that you can’t get distributors to give a %&#! about. Maybe the only thing your internal creative department and your ad agency can agree on is where to meet for the rumble. Maybe you need to shake things up in a manner that’s best measured on the Richter scale. Our ideas are fueled by uncovering game-changing truths—truths that can only be identified by working closely with the person who knows your business best: you. Some call this collaboration. We call it flint meeting steel to make sparks. Sparks that ignite the rocket fuel that is creativity. We’re not tethered to any method of execution. Sometimes branding and advertising is involved. Oftentimes it isn’t. Digital, analog, high-tech, low-tech—the best method of delivery always reveals itself in the idea. Our only concern is to bring those big ideas to life in the most dramatic and effective way possible. We partner with clients who are smart, confident and courageous. People who have a mandate to make a difference. Our clients put their careers in our hands. We reward that trust with an all-in determination and work ethic that borders on the fanatical. But most of all, we reward that trust with results. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

To say that we create advertising is like saying that General Motors makes spark plugs. Since 1991, we've been transforming brands by applying our creativity to all aspects of a client's business, taking a holistic approach that goes far beyond just creating a print ad or a TV spot. We unleash the full potential of a brand by identifying and aligning our clients' most resonant brand assets and aggressively leveraging them both internally and externally. We optimize every aspect of a company's business - everything from employee manuals to operations in the field. In some cases, we're fully embedded in our clients' organizations on a daily basis to ensure success. Our approach requires a unique level of commitment, experience, intellect and creativity. It requires passion that borders on obsession. But the result is much greater than any amount of external communication alone can provide - it's a complete Brand Transformation.

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