Brooklyn, United States
Campaign Hooha: The World's First Smart Tampon Dispenser.
Advertiser Huge
Brand Hooha
Business Sector Tampons
Story Hooha is the tampon machine reimagined from start to finish. It's innovation that fights for equality while solving a basic human need. We designed Hooha to push the fem-care industry forward and advance the entire male-dominated tech industry along with it. From grungy gas stations to fortune 500 companies, women don’t have access to tampons in most public restrooms. Every other technology has evolved to a cash-free way of life, but tampon machines are stuck in the past. Many of these clunky, coin-operated machines haven’t evolved since the 1960s. Hooha is a GDPR-compliant, smart tampon dispenser that you can text for a tampon. Beautifully designed so it’s not meant to hide in the bathroom, Hooha provides tampons to women when and where they need them. A series of sensors are built into Hooha to up its reliability game. One set of sensors detects when stock levels are low so the system can text a notification to the facility manager with a note that it needs to be refilled. The second set of sensors is designed to detect whether a tampon is successfully dispensed as a way to prevent the classic “jammed” vending machine issue that persists in machines today.
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