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Founded in: 1988

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217 North Main Street Suite 200
Santa Ana California 92701
United States
Phone: (+1) 714 881-2300

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DWGB Advertising & Communications

217 North Main Street Suite 200
Santa Ana California 92701
United States
Phone: (+1) 714 881-2300

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About DWGB Advertising & Communications

Since its inception in 1988, DGWB has been one of the most trusted advertising communications brands in Southern California. Fueled by the desire to offer our clients more than memorable advertising campaigns, we have set out to create more meaningful, sustainable relationships between brands and consumers.

In fact, we believe the most powerful way to increase the value of your brand in today’s overly crowded marketplace is by creating a deep, meaningful connection between your brand and your customers through Shared Values.

We believe in the power of Shared Values so much that we’ve created The Values Institute. The Values Institute is a strategic think tank that sits alongside DGWB. It’s our nation’s first-of-it’s kind academic organization dedicated to the study of how brand and corporate values are lived and communicated.

DGWB clients benefit from:
• Access to the most senior people in the organization
• Impactful campaigns based on Shared Values between clients and customers that celebrates the act of building relationships and powerful, emotionally charged connections
• One consistent cohesive message that connects with target markets in a meaningful capacity across all media vehicles with measurable results toward achieving business goals and maximizing budget effectiveness
• In-house production capabilities, which allows our clients to benefit with cost-savings
• Diverse client experience, such as: Dole, CHOC, Hilton, KFC, Kodak, Papa John’s, Toshiba and Yogurtland

DGWB believes all choices are influenced by what we value.

Client listing, capabilities and case studies are available at 


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