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Founded in: 1986

Parent Company:


Holding: The Interpublic Group of Companies (New York, United States)

Employees: 51

Awards: 8

Creative Work: 6

Clients: 24

Contact Information

62, rue d'Alsace Clichy Cedex
Paris 92 583
Phone: (+33) (0)1 47 59 35 00

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Momentum Worldwide

62, rue d'Alsace Clichy Cedex
Paris 92 583
Phone: (+33) (0)1 47 59 35 00

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About the Agency Momentum Worldwide

It’s what a brand does and not what a brand says that matters. The experiences you have help decide what a brand means to you—emotionally, socially and when it's time to buy. Experience creates real connections that lead to loyalty, advocacy and sales. So Momentum imagines and creates what we call the total brand experience. We connect brands and people in authentic ways that give real value to both. For people, that means memorable, valuable experiences—after which they love the brand for who it is and what it does. For brands, that means loyalty, sales, conversion, share and more. 

We do this with expertise in business and communications strategy, idea and content creation, and flawless execution across every possible touch point—including events, sponsorships, promotions, advertising, shopper and retail, music, entertainment, social, digital, product and package design and beyond. 

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English, French
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Momentum is the Phygital Agency. We create ideas that extend brand engagement with clients through the interplay of experiences in both the physical(1) and the digital(2) space. In doing so we inspire action and brand loyalty. Our mission is grounded on three levers: 1. Strategic analysis on and off line based on 4 Insights sources: brand/client/culture/physical and digital experiences 2. Multi-channel content creation articulated within 5 disciplines: mass media, promotion, sponsorship, event all and digital. 3. R.O.I. optimization: a channel planning consulting, completed by proposing an efficiency audit of communication resources allocation With a single objective: accelerate communication efficiency, in developing concepts and solutions that connect with how clients live today. (1) brand experience through the product, traditional communication channels and the point of sale (2) brand virtual experience through internet, the web influence and high tech communication channels
Network Description
Momentum France is part of one of the main international marketing services agencies network: 72 agencies in 50 countries. This network strength is due to its worldwide spreading but also to its constant and complete agencies interaction.
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