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Employees: 120

Awards: 12

Clients: 28

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10 Regents Wharf
London N1 9RL
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 020 7713 7733

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Wolff Olins

10 Regents Wharf
London N1 9RL
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 020 7713 7733

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About the Agency Wolff Olins

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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
People don’t want to just buy a product; they want to buy into an idea. Products and services are becoming more and more similar. It’s increasingly easy for one company to copy another’s advantage. The ability to differentiate can mean the difference between a company thriving and merely surviving. In order to stand out an organisation needs something more substantial than ‘vision’, something deeper than ‘brand’. It needs a core purpose: a big idea. A big idea has to be radical: conveying a sense that things can be done in a new way, that the world can be changed. It has to be social: appealing to the hearts and minds of people, it has to been seen to be true and relevant. Finally it has to be tangible: detectable in every thing an organisation does – in its communications, behaviour and products.
Network Description
Wolff Olins is present worldwide with 4 agencies in Europe, 2 in the Americas and 1 in Asia & Middle East.
Wolff Olins work is worldwide and we operate as one business, with over 150 people based in 7 countries, representing 27 nationalities and speaking 30 languages.
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