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4141 North East 2nd Avenue Suite 204
Miami Florida 33137
United States
Phone: (+1) 305 576 6007

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Core Competencies: Shopper Marketing/Point of Sale/Sales promotion, Media Buying/Planning, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Packaging/Design

Employees: 25

Awards: 2

Clients: 4

ViVA Partnership, Inc.

4141 North East 2nd Avenue Suite 204
Miami Florida 33137
United States
Phone: (+1) 305 576 6007

Jay Ben-Avner

Director of Operations

Phone: (+1) 305 576-6007

Paul Castillo

EVP, Integrated Strategy

Phone: (+1) 214 513 1791

Linda Lane Gonzalez

CEO President

Phone: (+1) 305 576 6007

Debbie Richmond

EVP ViVA Media

Phone: (+1) 210 949 1710

Mari Tato

Mari Tato

Creative Director

Phone: (+1) 305-458-8020

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About the Agency ViVA Partnership, Inc.

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English, Portuguese, Spanish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
At ViVA, we pride ourselves on our company culture and our core values, values that guide us when we work with our clients, our community and our fellow agencies. Several years ago, we put these core values into writing and semi-annually look back as an agency to ensure our commitment is as strong as ever. Our Core Values: ViVA’s core values are the lens for its vision of the future and are the driving force behind the agency’s mission, goals and strategies. These core values include: Inclusiveness: VIVA seeks to create a space for greater corporate involvement in real issues affecting the Hispanic community while including other organizations in our own work. We seek to be an integral part of – not apart from – the larger society and support others’ efforts to enrich education with a diversity of values and perspectives. Education: VIVA works in purposeful marketing because it has the potential to shift the dynamics of the domestic society toward greater equality by building the intellectual assets of the community, making them better consumer, and community members. Further, we believe that education is a vehicle for greater social integration and for broadening consumer’s horizons. Promotion of the Nonprofit Sectors: VIVA recognizes the critical role of the nonprofit sector in improving the lives and well being of the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American communities. Development of Cross-Collaborative Work: VIVA seeks to stress the bonds that connect us across ethnic groups, cultures, and communities, by, wherever appropriate, collaborating with other organizations, agencies and communities. Commitment to Community Improvement: VIVA believes that building community is fundamental for individual growth. VIVA will seek to shape its organization to deliver its services with community benefit components where appropriate. VIVA strives to foster a sense of community between its clients, and the Hispanic consumer as a whole and to embrace the life enhancing spirit of celebration consistent with Hispanic culture. Individual Empowerment: VIVA recognizes and values the ability and importance of the individual to make a difference. We affirm this as one of the key values we bring from our cultures and seek to strengthen the individual leadership skills of our team members.
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