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20, rue Des Jardins
Asnières-sur-seine 92601
Phone: (+33) 01 41 11 65 84

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Founded in: 2002

Clients: 9

K.Direct Marketing

20, rue Des Jardins
Asnières-sur-seine 92601
Phone: (+33) 01 41 11 65 84

Richard Caillat

Phone: (+33) 0177 75 65 15

Jean-Christophe Coisy

Frank Rosenthal

Phone: (+33) 01 41 11 65 65

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About the Agency K.Direct Marketing

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English, French
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Today and in the future, the brands' stake is to create strong and long-lasting links with one's consumers and companies, on BtoB and BtoC markets.
The decision makers we meet know that to make the difference, the relation between the brand and the consumer has to be given a meaning.
Their relational marketing strategy answers objectively to 3 main questions :
How to win efficiently and at a least cost the future clients via the direct approach (one to one)?
How to make profitable investments and develop clients loyalty?
How to support direct and indirect sales network?

To help them answering these questions, by optimizing each relational contact point, we create everyday with them and other services of, winning strategies that strengthen brands in "their relation with consumers".
Network Description
K.Agency is present in 7 countries, with 5 agencies in Europe, 1 in Asia Middle East and 1 in Oceania

In England with Haygarth and in Spain with Comunica Con A.
A network in the process of being implemented in Germany and Italy.
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