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31, Rue Mohamed El Khoudi El Biar
Alger 16030
Phone: (+213) 2 1792242

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Parent Company:


Holding: The Interpublic Group of Companies (New York, United States)

Awards: 21


31, Rue Mohamed El Khoudi El Biar
Alger 16030
Phone: (+213) 2 1792242

Mourad Ait Aoudia

General Manager

Phone: (+213) 21 481615

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About the Agency FP7/ALG



Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

FP7 is founded on the twin concepts of Truth & Dare.

Truth is admitting your faults.
Dare is reveling in them.

We Yin.
We Yang.

Drifting dreamily between rigid order and beautiful chaos.

We straddle the line between Truth and Dare.
One foot planted firmly in reality, the other is balanced precariously on a skateboard.

If it is our truth that dictates our present, it is our dare that dictates our tomorrows.

The truth defines who we are.

The dare defines who we want to be.

Welcome to a world where speaking the truth starts with dreaming the impossible.

Welcome to FP7. 

Network Description

FP7 is part of MCN - the largest group of advertising, marketing and media agencies in the Middle East and North Africa and part of Interpublic Group (NSYE: IPG).

In turn FP7 is 51% owned by IPG and 49% by the Miknas Family 

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