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84, rue de la Procession
Paris 75015
Phone: (+33) 01 53 58 99 90

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Core Competencies: Publishing/Print/Custom Publishing, Others

Clients: 23

Delaitte & Co

84, rue de la Procession
Paris 75015
Phone: (+33) 01 53 58 99 90

Barbara Burns

Alain-Serge Delaitte

Phone: (+33) 01 53 58 99 90

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About the Agency Delaitte & Co

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English, French, Spanish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
We offer expertise in a large number of specific fields and specialize in delivering high level consulting and strategic assistance for business leaders, corporations, government agencies and NGOs. We assist in all the classic and sensitive areas of communications such as corporate and brand strategies, public opinion issues, media and investor relations, government affairs, industrial relations, etc. We are excellent in helping prevent crisis and handle communications emergencies. Our strong points are :
1) Our high level of expertise: with backgrounds in companies, agencies or universities, our consultants provide one of the level of experience -amongst the highest on the market.
2) Account monitoring: we require of our consultants that they monitor their accounts personally. Each of them deals with only a limited number of clients to whom we offer a "tailored up" service based on trust and close and durable relations.
3) Availability and flexibility: we are structured to allow a maximum of flexibility in adapting to needs, emergencies and the most specific of situations.
4) Research and measurement: we normally carry out preliminary analysis, rapid or in depth, and will recommend result auditing method.
5) Budget and expenses: our overheads are kept to a minimum so as to provide our clients with the best possible value for money, within an always reasonable budget.
6) Independance : our total independance allow us to work without qualms with all advertising groups.
7) Languages: English, Spanish and French. Other languages on request.
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Network Description
Steering international programs : we have established offices in Paris and New-York as solid platform to launch and manage multinational programs. However, in order to support our clients's international development, we have set solid long-term partnerships with other independant agencies that share the same culture of quality and results on a global basis. In countries where we are not represented we seek other partnerships on an ad-hoc basis as the need arises and according to the particular problems of our clients. Our field of operations and experience include all continents. In New-York, BB&A specializes in corporate communications, investor relations and brand strategies. Barbara M. Burns, President, is an expert in the Transport Industry, Food and Wine and NGO's. She represents the International Public Relations Association (IPRA) at the UN Headquarters in New-York.
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