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16-18, rue Popincourt
Paris 75011
Phone: (+33) 01 55 28 35 00

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Founded in: 2000

Awards: 6

Clients: 50


16-18, rue Popincourt
Paris 75011
Phone: (+33) 01 55 28 35 00

Philippe Thomas

Phone: (+33) 01 55 28 35 09

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About the Agency Seenk

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English, French, Spanish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Seenk was born with the millennium.
Seenk is a creative, design-consulting agency providing expertise and insight, focused on mix of both cross-cultural images and their relationship to creative visualisation.
Forever seeking creative new beginnings, Seenk is concerned with symbols, their evocation and their meanings: an approach at the crossroads of branding, audiovisual and multimedia.
An innovative, inspired philosophy for creative visual and audiovisual communication.
Seenk reinforces its atypical, pioneering positioning with DesignMixmedias®.
The DesignMixmedias® process creates a synergy between branding, audiovisual and multimedia. The media-mix enables a distinctive and coherent extension of the visual branding territory, by using all types of transmitted symbols and media: static, dynamic or interactive. A media-mix construction strategy, to build a brand:
- Create and identify
- Relate and increase awareness
- Display and build on
- Share and demonstrate
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In the process of being constituted
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