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Core Competencies: Full Service, Shopper Marketing/Point of Sale/Sales promotion, Branded Content/Entertainment, Market Research/Consulting, Media Buying/Planning, Events/Sponsoring, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Packaging/Design, Strategy and Planning

Founded in: 1985

Employees: 45

Creative Work: 31

Clients: 4

Contact Information

5340 Alla Road, Suite 110
Los Angeles California 90066
United States
Phone: (+1) 310.458.2000

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Kastner & Partners

5340 Alla Road, Suite 110
Los Angeles California 90066
United States
Phone: (+1) 310.458.2000

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About the Agency Kastner & Partners

Kastner & Partners is an independent, global advertising agency that solves business problems. We build brands and car collections one partnership at a time.

Founded in Austria in 1985, Kastner & Partners has offices in Los Angeles, St. Louis, Milan, Budapest, Madrid, London and Frankfurt.

Clients include Red Bull, Adidas Golf and OtterBox 


English, German
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Our sole responsibility is to our people and our clients. And that, we firmly believe, is the only way to ensure that the ideas and recommendations we offer to those clients are always in the best intest of their brand, not ours.

Network Description

Kastner & Partners is a truly independent, truly international, network of advertising agencies. There aren't many of us left. The reason we've hung on to our independence so fervently is simple: it enables us to operate without holding companies and shareholders breathing down our neck. 

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