New York, United States
TitleHelping LG Electronics turn overshares into Fabshares with the Optimus G Pro Business Problem
Campaign Fabshare Campaign
Advertiser LG Electronics
Brand LG
Product optimus G pro
Business Sector Consumer Electronics & Audio-Visual

Business Problem
The meal portrait, the “outfit of the day”, the classic “feet at the beach”, smartphones make it easier to broadcast your life to friends and loved ones, and no experience is too small to share. The problem is, no experience is too small to share. A deluge of duck faces, baby birthdays, and cats ... so many cats. The golden promise of social sharing had morphed into its unwelcome, awkward step-uncle: oversharing.

Then came the LG Optimus G Pro with advanced features like dual recording, Live Effects, and VuTalk screen sharing to let people do more with their recorded experiences. It not only elevated the standard of what a smartphone could do, but what a share could be. With the power of the LG Optimus G Pro, we could reinvent the lost art of sharing, turning overshares into Fabshares.

A Fabshare is no ordinary share. Fabshares use the Optimus G Pro and a little creativity to turn the mundane into magical.

We started by creating online headquarters to teach you everything you need to know about Fabsharing and the phone’s features. The iCrossing in-house Studio team created a few world-class TV spots to show users how to get started. And the Bucket List Theatre let visitors experience the phone’s features onsite through fun, Fabsharable content, while virtually checking off a lifelong dream. And the ever-loveable Ms. Fabshare dispensed no-nonsense social media advice.

We even partnered with someecards to help put repeat oversharers on notice, and created a sweepstakes to find great ideas for improving your shares.


The concept of Fabsharing resonated with victims of oversharing everywhere. Helping restore the faded glory of social media, encouraging users to step their share game up, and raising awareness of the Optimus G Pro in a memorable, Fabsharable way. 

Media Type Digital

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