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Al. Gabriel Monteiro Da Silva, 1049
São Paulo São Paulo 01441-000
Phone: (+55) 30665400

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Basic Info

Core Competencies: Market Research/Consulting, Corporate Communication, Others

Founded in: 1987

Employees: 72

Awards: 1

Clients: 11

SNBB Novagência Ltda

Al. Gabriel Monteiro Da Silva, 1049
São Paulo São Paulo 01441-000
Phone: (+55) 30665400

Thelma Bassit

Service Director

Phone: (+55) (11) 30665407

Antonio Batista

Phone: (+55) 11 -30665424

Alessandro Bottini

Planning Director

Phone: (+55) (11) 30665437

Giovana De Luca

Service Director

Phone: (+55) (11) 30665409

Dalva Ferreira

Research and Planning

Phone: (+55) (61) 33298204

Cristina Gutemberg

Service Director

Phone: (+55) (61) 33298201

Marcelo Lambert

creative director

Phone: (+55) (11) 30665425

Helena Montiani

Service Director

Phone: (+55) (11) 30665400

ubiratan muarrek

Director of Strategic Information

Phone: (+55) (11) 30665461

Maria Nunes

Research and Planning

Phone: (+55) (11) 30665410

Ana Pedrosa

Phone: (+55) (61) 33298224

Silvana Tinelli

Managing Partner

Phone: (+55) (11) 30665420

Julio Vieira

Media Director

Phone: (+55) (11) 30665400

João Vieira da Costa

Managing Partner

Phone: (+55) (11) 30665422

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About the Agency SNBB Novagência Ltda

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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Novagência SNBB is an agency focused on the building of brands and image. The agency works towards this goal functioning as the core cell that crosses,articulates and integrates at all times the Creative Department, the Media, the Press Office and Public Relations, in short, all available tools in contemporary communication. That means to appraise and establish a brand in short, medium and, mainly, in long term. We are an agency that thinks and helps thinking.
Network Description
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