DDFH+B has merged with Target McConnells in 2018 to form JWT Folk
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Basic Info

Founded in: 1983

Parent Company:


Holding: WPP Group Plc (London, United Kingdom)

Employees: 100

Awards: 6

Creative Work: 1

Clients: 17

DDFH+B Group

3 Christchurch Square
Dublin 8
Phone: (+353) 01 410 6666

Tom Butler

Creative Director

Phone: (+353) 01 41 06666

Jim Donnelly

Managing Director

Phone: (+353) 01 41 06666

Sean Whitaker

Director of Planning

Phone: (+353) 01 4106666

About DDFH+B Group

Stand back, we’re about to blow our own trumpet. Just a little.

We’re Ireland’s biggest ideas company with a proven track record delivering great work that works.

And we’ve got the shiny baubles to prove it - across the DDFH&B group we’re the current holders of the Grand Prix at the ADFX, Digital Media Awards, APMC and Media Awards.

But don’t worry, it hasn’t gone to our heads. 


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