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124 Theobalds Road
London WC1X 8RX
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 020 7158 5500

Basic Info

Core Competencies: Digital, Mobile, Social Media, SEO, Marketing/Creative Services, Market Research/Consulting, Strategy and Planning

Founded in: 1986


Holding: WPP Group Plc (London, United Kingdom)

Employees: 5800

Awards: 11

Creative Work: 4


124 Theobalds Road
London WC1X 8RX
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 020 7158 5500
Karen Blackett

Karen Blackett


About MediaCom

MediaCom is the “The Content + Connections Agency”, transforming our clients’ communications
through systems thinking.

MediaCom has a unique approach to planning and buying across Paid, Owned and Earned media designed to optimise our clients’ entire system of content and connections, notjust the individual channel silos.

By combining the totality of a client’s communications system and using the power of content – defined as any form of consumer messaging – to fuel it, MediaCom delivers transformative business growth. 


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

How is MediaCom different from just another media agency?

We are a team of systems thinkers. By thinking in systems, we work to optimise the totality of our clients’
communications systems, not just individual channel silos. 

Our people, processes and tools are geared towards systems thinking, which is how we look at and make sense of the communications world.

Systems thinking is how we look at the interrelationships between brands, customers, content and connections that make up the system. By examining these relationships, we find the opportunities or leverage points that can take the performance of the entire system to a higher level. A low leverage point in a system is when a small amount of change causes a small change in system performance – an example of this might be adding in 100 extra TV ratings to an already robust TV campaign; the outcome being incremental gains in already high awareness levels. A high leverage point in a system is when a
small change causes a large change in system performance – an example of this might be a piece of content that is optimised for sharing via a paid distribution strategy, hence driving a significant improvement in a brand’s natural search ranking and ultimately greater brand preference.

Therefore, systems thinking isn’t just about improving the sum of each part, but rather, it’s about improving the entire product of heir interactions. 


What do we offer clients that our competition doesn’t?

We transform the effectiveness of our clients’ communications through connections which are 20% more effective than the market norms. 

At MediaCom, we know that by focusing on the otality of a client’s communications system, we can deliver transformative business growth rather than just marginal media performance improvements.

While individual channel efficiencies continue to be important, we know that thinking in silos will only result in incremental benefits. Instead, we work to optimise and connect the entire communications system to deliver transformational communications effectiveness, which are +20% more effective than the market norms. Our work is driven by our unique 20|20 Connections approach, which allows us to create brilliantly connected communications systems for our clients. 20|20 Connections is defined by five key principles:

1. We optimize the SYSTEM, not just the silo.

2. CONTENT is the fuel for high-performing systems.

3. We plan for OUTCOMES, not just inputs.

4. We are SOLUTIONS providers.

5. We are ONE MEDIACOM. 

Network Description

MediaCom is one of the world’s leading media communications specialists, with billings exceeding US$29 billion (Source: RECMA 2013) and a wide and diverse client roster including Dell, VW Group and P&G. It
employs 5,800 people in 122 offices across 98 countries around the world.

MediaCom is a member of WPP, the world's largest marketing communications services group, and part of GroupM, WPP’s consolidated media investment management arm. 

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