Press Releases - adam&eveDDB - adam&eveDDB Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2017 adam&eveDDB wins APG Agency of the Year adam&eveDDB took home the coveted Stephen King Strategy Agency of the Year award last night at the APG’s Creative Strategy Awards 2017, held at London’s St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.
The creative agency also scooped Gold for its John Lewis Christmas campaign, which was planned by Martin Beverley, David Golding, Les Binet and David Bratt; work which APG said has successfully positioned the retail behemoth as ‘the home of thoughtful gifting’.
It also picked up a Silver trophy for work for John Lewis Insurance which was planned by Tom Sussman. The retailer wanted to increase sales of its insurance products, without damaging its core brand. APG said that adam&eveDDB’s approach ‘found a powerful emotional and media insight which disrupted the conventions of insurance category, touched the nation’s hearts and in the process transformed sales’.
The theme for APG’s 2017 awards was ‘Transformational Thinking’. The event has been set up to recognise work which is the product of great planning and strategy. The judges were looking for campaigns which had a transformational effect and could be described as brave, entrepreneurial, influential, inspiring and incisive. “These winning cases show not only how transformational brilliant strategy can be, but why it's at the heart of breakthrough creativity,” they said.​
​Jessica Lovell and Martin Beverley, Executive Strategy Directors at adam&eveDDB commented: “We are absolutely delighted to have won the APG Stephen King Strategy Agency of the Year. It takes a full team to create great work, and this is a brilliant recognition of all of the dedication, creativity and smart thinking that fuels the work we produce.”
Planner Min-Hyung also got a commendation for her young strategist essay. 

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adam&eveDDB and EA SPORTS create innovative new skill move to show why FIFA 18 is ‘More Than A Game’ To mark the worldwide launch of FIFA 18 on 29 September, adam&eveDDB and EA SPORTS have developed a new and innovative skill move that is unique to the game. ‘El Tornado’, starring Cristiano Ronaldo is set to permeate the culture of football, video games, and sport. The move is a seamless dragback, flick, and spinning volley (like a tornado) that has never been attempted in a real professional game - yet.

The commercial showcases how skills and ideas flow from EA SPORTS FIFA into both football and culture. Beginning with a player performing the ‘El Tornado’ move in FIFA 18 for the first time, they upload it for the review of the FIFA 18 community where it gathers traction from influencers around the world, spawning countless attempts and spin-offs as it ricochets through culture.

From in-the-game to on-the-pitch and across the globe, Antoine Griezmann, Dele Alli, and NBA superstar James Harden give us their take on the move after witnessing it first performed in-game and then on the pitch of the Santiago Bernabéu by FIFA 18 cover star Cristiano Ronaldo.

‘El Tornado’ is then picked up by brands such as adidas and Coke, who developed their own versions of ‘El Tornado’ content, as well as inspiring Run the Jewels to create their own bespoke track; “Mean Demeanor (El Tornado Mix)”. Dele even showcases his own ‘El Tornado’ Facebook Camera Lens.

And the advert is just the start, with top FIFA 18 players, world class footballers, brands and artists already being inspired by their first glimpses of ‘El Tornado’ - the real cultural impact of this new skill move is playing out on training pitches right now. If professional players prove that they can replicate the move in training, EA SPORTS can unlock the skill move for their virtual likeness in the game (virtual players and likeness must already be available in FIFA 18).

The campaign is launching with a longform online film supported by 90s, 30s, 15s, social story formats, and TV globally.

Mat Goff, CEO of adam&eveDDB says: “EA SPORTS FIFA is an iconic gaming and entertainment franchise. The chance to build a new skill into a game so embedded in culture is a rare opportunity. It’s been fantastic working with EA, the best footballing talent on the planet and the FIFA gaming community and we can’t wait to see El Tornado take the world by storm.” 

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the famous five star in new campaign for great western railway Great Western Railway is launching a new brand campaign that aims to re-ignite people’s love of rail travel by reminding them that adventures start as soon as they step onto a GWR train.

The animated campaign, created by adam&eveDDB, features Enid Blyton’s Famous Five – that quintessentially British quintet with an uncanny knack of finding adventures wherever they travel. The launch film sees The Famous Five embark on an unexpected adventure across the GWR network when the gang is accidentally separated from Timmy the dog. The ensuing romp sees Julian, George, Dick and Anne taking advantage of GWR’s new high-speed Intercity Express trains as they chase Timmy on an adventure that takes them all across the stunning scenery of the South-West.

Enid Blyton’s much-loved characters have been re-imagined and brought to life by award-winning animator, Pete Candeland (Friends Electric), in partnership with Enid Blyton Entertainment, part of Hachette Children’s Group.

The integrated campaign is supported by Cinema, OOH, Print, Radio, Social and Digital media and launches on September 23rd.

Paul Billingsley, Head of Client Services at adam&eveDDB, comments: ‘We could all do with re-discovering that spirit of adventure we had when we were younger; The Famous Five are the perfect gang to remind us that there are incredible destinations just beyond our doorstep, and an incredible way to discover them.’

Amanda Burns, Head of Marketing at GWR, explains: ‘As part of our modernisation programme and commitment to revaluing rail in the hearts and minds of the travelling public, we wanted a campaign that would focus on inspiring journeys and a more inspiring way to travel.  GWR have an incredible new fleet coming into service over the next 18 months, with more capacity than ever, so we want to showcase our great product and the wonderful destinations on our network, to encourage more customers to travel with us and reconsider the benefits of rail travel with GWR.’

Karen Lawler, Senior Licensing Manager at Hachette Children’s Group, comments: ‘The South West of England held a special place in Enid Blyton’s heart. It was a region she would regularly visit on holiday and was the inspiration for the setting of her Famous Five stories. A campaign where her characters explore the stunning landscape on Great Western Railway is the perfect fit for The Famous Five, especially in their 75th anniversary year.’

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Love it or Hate it: it’s in the genes. adam&eveDDB discovers people’s love or hate for marmite is in their genes.

Ever wondered why some people love Marmite and why some people hate it?

Adam&eveDDB has been working with leading fitness and nutrition genetics company DNAFit, to conduct a clinical trial to determine whether there is a genetic link to people’s taste preference for loving or hating Marmite. In the study of 261 adults, participants provided a DNA sample for analysis. The genetic material then was analysed to identify SNPs[1] associated with Marmite taste preference. The scientific study has scientifically shown that people are born genetically more likely to be lovers or more likely to be haters of Marmite and shows that there is a genetic contribution to Marmite taste preference.

The news of the discovery will go public on the 7th September through the publication of a scientific white paper written by Thomas Roos, principle investigator from DNAFit, detailing the findings, as well as a short film of him, explaining the discovery.

The campaign will encourage consumers to test it for themselves, by trying Marmite, to find out whether they are likely to be lovers or haters. Marmite Gene Test Kits will also be available to buy through the Marmite website so people can discover for themselves whether they were born marmite lovers or haters.

The campaign will then launch on September 9th with a 90” TVC during X-Factor and a simultaneous ‘road block’ media buy across 120 channels. The film, shot by James Rouse, shows families reactions to receiving their results. The campaign continues through the autumn on TVC, Online and Social.

Philippa Atkinson, Marmite Brand Manager

“We’ve always celebrated the fact that people either love or hate Marmite, but we’ve never known why. Now, for the first time, we‘re able to understand the role of genetics in influencing peoples taste preference for Marmite and this has some really exciting implications for the future of the brand. Our intention is that the discovery will encourage families across Britain to try Marmite, to find out if they are likely to be born lovers or haters.”


Ben Tollett, ECD adam&eveDDB

“Engaging the pioneering genetics team at DNAFit has been a fascinating journey into understanding why people love or hate Marmite. While it’s an innovative campaign working at the frontier of science, it’s still routed in the enduring truth of the nation’s love or hate of Marmite.”



[1] single nucleotide polymorphisms

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In a landmark scientific study, Marmite has discovered the reason why we love it or hate it – proving that the answer is in our genes. Over the past 12 months, Marmite has worked with one of the UK’s leading genetic testing centres – DNAFit – to conduct a clinical trial to determine whether there is a biological link to people’s taste preference for loving or hating Marmite.

Coined ‘The Marmite Gene Project’, the ground-breaking study has scientifically shown that people are born genetically more likely to be lovers or more likely to be haters of Marmite and conclusively shows that there is a genetic foundation to Marmite taste preference.

Cementing its reputation as the most loved and hated product of our generation, the genetic study recruited more than 260 healthy adults, with an equal split of men and women taking part across the UK.

Study participants were first asked to taste a 2g serving of Marmite on their tongue for 10 seconds, filling out a questionnaire to identify their assumed ‘love or hate’ Marmite taste preference and their reaction to Marmite once tasted.

Saliva cheek swabs were then taken from each participant to obtain DNA samples that were sent for genetic analysis to identify SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms) associated with Marmite taste preference. More commonly known as ‘snips’, SNPs are single DNA building blocks that have an impact on specific traits.

A whopping 8,760 hours were spent swabbing, analysing and interpreting results. The Marmite Gene Project has identified 15 candidate SNPs that are linked to Marmite taste preference.

Thomas Roos (MSc Biology & MSc Clinical Research, Stanford University), Principal Investigator of The Marmite Gene Project at DNAFit, said: “Our research indicates that Marmite taste preference can in large parts be attributed to our genetic blueprint, which shows that each of us is born with a tendency to be either a ‘lover’ or a ‘hater’. Our data reveals that there are multiple genes that contribute towards this, and it is a really exciting discovery.”

However, Roos also offers hope for all Marmite lovers hoping to convert friends and families to the ‘love’ side of the spectrum.

 “Like anything in genetics, taste preference is dictated by both nature and nurture. Our environment can impact our taste preference as much as the genes we are born with.”

A scientific White Paper will be available from Thursday 7th September at detailing the full findings. The same day, Gene Test Kits will be available to buy from so people can discover for themselves whether they were born Marmite lovers or haters.  

Philippa Atkinson, Marmite Brand Manager, said: “For over a century we too have been questioning why the nation are so clearly divided between love or hate for Marmite. Finally, we have the answers. The DNA data provides a glimpse into our taste preferences. While it’s fascinating looking at the data on this scale, the fun really starts when you test your own DNA and begin to delve into your own genetic make-up and see if you were born a lover or hater of Marmite.”

Avi Lasarow, CEO of DNAFit, said: “Advancing technology means we live in a world of increased appetite for highly personalised food and fitness information. These fascinating findings show again how each day we are understanding more and more about the role that genetics play in our daily lives. The mystery around Marmite is one of the great British food debates, and we are proud to have led this exciting research project.”

Find out more about the science behind The Marmite Gene Project in our short film and join the conversation using #MarmiteGene.

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Feel the confidence of the Volkswagen SUV range. On the 13th April 2017 Jorden Oldham was the Best Man at his best friend’s wedding. However, his speech went wrong. Badly wrong. He froze and was eventually forced to ask an usher to read out his speech for him.

As part of their new 'Confidence' content series, Jorden was tracked down by Volkswagen. We put him behind the wheel of a new Tiguan, reunited him with the disgruntled bride and groom and gave him the opportunity to make a Second Speech.

The idea was dreamt up by adam&eveDDB creatives Jonas Roth and Rasmus Smith Bech and captured superbly by Max Fisher from Outsider.

Ben Priest, Founding Partner and Group Chief Creative Officer at adam&eveDDB, comments: ‘This was a great job and also a great experience. Helping Jorden to face up to the past and put right something that had gone so badly wrong and hung over him for so long. It's a lovely, lateral take on confidence.”

Sweta Dusara, Communications Manager at Volkswagen UK, explains: “Authenticity was key to expressing the insight that Volkswagen SUVs instill confidence in our drivers, so finding the right story to tell was critical. Jorden’s story was perfect, real-to-life and relatable. I’m delighted that Jorden’s redemption was so wonderfully enabled by Volkswagen.” 


About adam&eveDDB
adam&eveDDB is a creative agency based in London who work with a range of clients including Volkswagen, John Lewis, Google, Marmite, the FT, Waitrose, Foster’s, Mulberry, Lloyds Bank, Harvey Nichols and Save the Children.

For more information: Sam Le Coeur: 

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Think! and AA Charitable Trust campaign against distracted driving Driving along and your phone pings with a new text alert. Quick read of the message; maybe a one-word
reply; and your eyes are back on the road. No harm done…
Since 2011 the number of casualties* caused by drivers who are distracted by their mobile phone has
increased by a quarter (24%). In light of this, the AA Charitable Trust is raising awareness of the dangers of distracted driving with a new spot by adam&eveDDB to be shown in cinema and online.
The commercial highlights the underrated danger of texting whilst driving with a narrative that follows a couple leaving a nightclub: the woman, who is the designated driver for her intoxicated boyfriend, starts to
reply to a text as they start their journey. The boyfriend notices and suggests they swap places, in a move that makes a bold statement on the dangers of using a mobile phone whilst driving.
The spot is supported by the Department for Transport’s Think! campaign, who create road safety information and campaigns to reduce road deaths. The new ad coincides with new stricter penalties being introduced today (1 March) for those caught using hand-held phones whilst driving.
The ad was directed by James Rouse from Outsider. It launches online on 1st March and will be in cinema
from 3rd March.
Edmund King OBE, AA president, said: “There has been much rhetoric about making text driving as socially
unacceptable as drink driving. We have seen excellent drink drive campaigns over the decades that have
changed attitudes. We believe that adam&eveDDB brilliantly interpreted the brief and have come up with a
clever treatment that builds on the drink drive campaigns and makes text driving as socially unacceptable as drink driving.


* Statistical backing:
2011: Table RAS50007: Contributory factors: Casualties in reported accidents by severity: GB 2011 – “Driver using mobile phone”
= 571 (all accidents)
011-complete.pdf PAGE 85
2015: Table RAS50007: Casualties in reported accidents by contributory factor severity, Great Britain, 2015 – “Driver using
mobile phone” = 706 (all accidents)
b-2015.pdf PAGE 312 

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Like Wow! Scooby-Doo revealed as new star of Halifax TV commercial  Halifax’s new TV advert features Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. Gang

  • Halifax and adam&eveDDB have teamed up with Warner Bros. Consumer Products again to launch the latest campaign
  • The new advert will first air on Sunday 8 January 2017 

Halifax has today (Sunday 8 January) unveiled Scooby-Doo as the latest iconic character to feature in its  new TV advertising campaign.


Following the success of its Top Cat campaign which made Halifax the only bank to feature in Adwatch’s most memorable ads of 2016,* 
it has teamed up with adam&eveDBB for the latest ad which sees Scooby-Doo and the Gang escaping the clutches of a mummy by scooting in to a Halifax branch.


The hapless heroes find out how Halifax rewards its customers with money back through everyday purchases.


As they enjoy a pizza after a trip to the shops, Scooby-Doo hands over his Halifax debit card to pick up the tab when he’s confronted by the villain. Scooby-Doo then captures the mummy, before being congratulated by the rest of his mystery-solving Gang.


The advert will be broadcast first on Sunday 8 January 2017 on Channel 4 at 21:45. Scooby-Doo and the Gang will also feature in branch and online advertising, as well as social media to promote Halifax’s cashback extras campaign.

The advert was filmed in London’s Hanover branch and features Halifax colleagues as extras.


Russell Galley, Managing Director, Halifax said: Scooby-Doo is the third iconic character to feature in our re-energised advertising campaign, dialling up our desire to stand apart from other banks and be on the side of our customers. Our TV ad featuring Top Cat last year generated our biggest ever social media engagement with more than four million views on Facebook and Twitter, so we wanted to follow up this success with another much-loved character.

“Just like the previous stars of our ads, Scooby and the Gang help us demonstrate our commitment to helping customers to be better off, showing that whoever comes through our doors will be welcomed by our friendly, down-to-earth colleagues.”


Catherine Kehoe, Managing Director, Group Brands and Marketing, Halifax, added:

“The campaign is all about getting Halifax back to what it does best with advertising that gets talked about and engages customers. Scooby-Doo is such an iconic character and universally loved – the perfect character to demonstrate how we reward customers who bank with us.”

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Volkswagen campaign by adam&eveDDB proves why the car brand is best supporting independent cinemas, not starring in them Volkswagen UK continues with its final film in the series to promote its long-standing support of independent cinemas throughout the UK.
The series, created by adam&eveDDB, consists of three cinematic short films, each portraying classic Hollywood movie genres with a Volkswagen car taking a lead role.
Each spot shows Volkswagen’s innovative technology take a starring role, only to cause the drama to quickly unravel into farce.
In ‘Alien’ we see how Volkswagen’s Hands-Free Boot Opening comically breaks the suspense of the monster horror genre, and highlights that although it is perfect for real life, it’s not made for Hollywood.
It’s a step on from the previous “Made for real life, not the movies” campaign, continuing the observation that Volkswagen cars are perfect for the needs of everyday life, rather than the make-believe world of Hollywood movies, due to the smart technology they’re equipped with.
Ben Priest, Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer at adam&eveDDB, comments: 'Alien is a stand-out piece of work. A great example of what a superb client Volkswagen are. I can't wait for people to see it at the cinema.’
Glyn Butterworth, National Communications Manager at Volkswagen UK, explains: “To continue our long-running support for independent cinemas we asked adam&eveDDB to create a new set of cinema mini films. Like the last series, we wanted the car and our technology to be the hero of the ads, adding a level of humour and reality to these wellknown Hollywood genres. We hope audiences enjoy them.”
Alien launches online on 10th November and will also be showing in independent cinemas around the country. ‘Alien’ goes live along side ‘Finding Yourself’ to complete the set of three. 

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John Lewis Launches 2016 Christmas Advertising Campaign ‘Buster The Boxer’
  • Advert set to a cover version of ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’, performed by British band Vaults
  • The Wildlife Trusts are this year’s charity partner
  • Today at 8am, John Lewis launches its 2016 Christmas advertising campaign ‘Buster The Boxer’ on, its social media channels and on Sky in an exclusive partnership.


    The first terrestrial TV airing will be this evening at around 9:15PM on ITV. The advert will launch with the hashtag #BusterTheBoxer. The ad can also be viewed on and on John Lewis’s YouTube channel


    Set to a cover version of the song ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’, recorded by the British band Vaults, the two minute advert tells a magical, make-believe story of Buster the Boxer dog and his family at Christmas. 


    The advert tells the story of a little girl called Bridget who loves to jump. Her Mum and Dad buy her a trampoline for Christmas and hide it in the garden to surprise her with on Christmas Day.   However, after dark, in a magical world observed only by Buster, a cast of wildlife animals emerges – two foxes, a badger, a squirrel, and a hedgehog – who discover the trampoline and have fun jumping. On Christmas morning, Bridget excitedly runs out into the garden to discover her present however Buster bounds past her and starts bouncing on her trampoline - she watches him wide-eyed.


    As the story brings to life some of Britain’s most-loved wildlife, John Lewis has chosen The Wildlife Trusts to be this year’s Christmas campaign charity partner.


    Craig Inglis, Customer Director at John Lewis said; "2016 has certainly been quite a year, so we hope our advert will make people smile. It really embraces a sense of fun and magic, reminding everyone what it feels to give the perfect gift at Christmas.


    “Each year we work with a charity which fits our ad, and we hope this year’s campaign will encourage more children to discover a love of British wildlife and encourage support of The Wildlife Trusts.”


    John Lewis will make a donation to The Wildlife Trusts from the sale of soft toys of the characters which feature in the advert.  The retailer has also worked with the charity on a number of fun, educational tools which will be available online, to encourage more children to develop an interest in British wildlife. 


    Commenting on the charity partnership, Stephanie Hilborne OBE, Chief Executive, The Wildlife Trusts said; “The Wildlife Trusts believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of wildlife and wild places in their daily lives.  So John Lewis putting some of our most beautiful British wild animals at the centre of their Christmas advert and making The Wildlife Trusts their charity of choice this Christmas is great news.  With this support we will be able to inspire thousands more children about the wonders of the natural world.”


    Blythe Pepino, lead singer of Vaults said; "We were approached about doing a version of ‘One Day I'll Fly Away’ for the iconic John Lewis Christmas ad and loved the song choice.  It’s such a powerful and beautiful song, made famous by the amazing Randy Crawford. Recording it at the Abbey Road studios with the talented, producer Chris Hill, and a 70 piece choir and 66 piece orchestra, was a truly incredible experience.”


    In-store activity


    The retailer’s flagship shop on Oxford Street will offer an exciting virtual reality experience using Oculus Rift that will bring to life the magical world of Buster and his friends.  There will also be a 360 film experience available using Google Cardboard in Oxford Street and accessible on and YouTube. 


    Social media


    In a first for the retailer, John Lewis will be partnering with Snapchat to create a bespoke Snapchat lense, which is available until midnight tonight, that will transform users into Buster the Dog. Plus, throughout December, customers visiting any of John Lewis’s 48 shops will also be able to apply a  Snapchat filter to any of their pictures taken while in store.


    Until Sunday 13 November, customers will also be able to use bespoke Twitter stickers so they can personalise their own photos with Buster and his friends.


    Sky Partnership


    This year, in a unique partnership with Sky, in addition to the advert, a ‘making of the ad’ film and bespoke content about British Wildlife, presented by Wildlife TV presenter Patrick Aryee will be exclusively available to Sky’s 12 million customers via the On Demand homepage and Sky Go.


    Production details


    Buster the Boxer has been created by advertising agency adam&eveDDB with media planning and buying by Manning Gottlieb OMD. It was directed by Dougal Wilson who also directed  three previous John Lewis Christmas adverts including 2011’s The Long Wait, 2012’s The Journey, and 2014’s ‘Monty’s Christmas’

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    Harvey Nichols launches Emergency Services radio campaign Harvey Nichols’ new Beauty Lounge is now open but we have a problem... The services on offer are so damn good you will literally leave Knightsbridge unrecognisable.

    To celebrate the launch of Harvey Nichols’ new Beauty Lounge in Knightsbridge, adam&eveDDB have created a hilarious radio campaign, ‘Emergency Services’, in the brand’s signature fearlessly stylish way.

    Each spot starts off with a desperate call to report an emergency. As each caller goes on to describe the suspected criminals, it soon becomes obvious that all is not what it seems… the supposed perpetrators are in fact loved ones well known to our callers who are simply now unrecognisable after a trip to the Beauty Lounge. 

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    Volkswagen campaign by adam&eveDDB proves why the car brand is best supporting independent cinemas, not starring in them 2016-09-16 00:00:00 Virgin Atlantic collaborates with TripAdvisor for immersive online campaign Virgin Atlantic has collaborated with TripAdvisor on a new online advertising campaign launching on the TripAdvisor website today, entitled ‘The Ultimate Review from The Ultimate Reviewer’ by adam&eveDDB. Using 360 degree immersive film with spatial sound, the online campaign brings to life TripAdvisor reviews from some of the UK’s most prolific reviewers. Set in San Francisco and Miami, ‘The Ultimate Review from The Ultimate Reviewer’ takes its audience on a tour of three of each city’s hotspots, set to a narration of TripAdvisor reviewers’ recommendations. Shot using a third person point-of-view, the tour goes from jet skiing along Miami beach to passing under the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The campaign is the winner of the 2016 TripAdvisor Creative Challenge, which invited brands to showcase their creativity and talent through the interactive medium of online advertising display. Combining Virgin Atlantic’s brand attitude of 'Life doesn’t come to you, so go to it' with TripAdvisor’s unrivalled traveller insight, ‘The Ultimate Review from The Ultimate Reviewer’ is part of a drive in the airline’s digital and social activity aimed at those with an adventurous and impulsive spirit, following the successful ‘One Day’ campaign launched in May 2016. Ben Peterson, Group Head of Display for UK & MEA at TripAdvisor, says; “The Virgin Atlantic campaign really stood out among the entries for the 2016 TripAdvisor Creative Challenge with its innovative use of 360 degree video that brought TripAdvisor reviews to life in a new and unique way. With travellers planning their trips on multiple devices and at all times of day, we’re excited that this campaign will enable Virgin Atlantic to inspire those travellers by aligning the brand with great content in our unique environment.” Hamish Rickman, Vice President, Marketing at Virgin Atlantic, comments; “We were really excited to work with TripAdvisor to deliver this campaign, many elements of which are media firsts for their site. As a brand, we wanted to make the most of today’s fast moving technology to deliver a truly interactive and engaging experience both visually and aurally, putting people and their experiences at the heart of the idea. We also wanted to give consumers a flavour of what was possible beyond their Virgin Atlantic flight, by showcasing the fantastic culture and vibrancy that both destinations have to offer.”

    2016-09-08 00:00:00
    Virgin Atlantic tells Britain to #GetOutOfOffice Virgin Atlantic is encouraging the British working population to #GetOutOfOffice in a new campaign by adam&eveDDB.
    Studies show that a third of the British working population are not taking their total annual leave allowance*, making the office the country’s most popular holiday destination. To launch the #GetOutOfOffice campaign, Virgin Atlantic asked Judith Chalmers, star of the iconic holiday television programme ‘Wish You Were Here…?’ to present a tongue-in-cheek film taking viewers through a destination guide of an office.
    Directed by The Bobbsey Twins From Homicide, the film sings the praises of the canteen’s offerings, the car park views and the wide variety of activities on offer. The #GetOutOfOffice activity also encompasses outdoor, press, digital and social. Virgin Atlantic is concurrently running its worldwide sale offering discounted flights to a range of destinations for a limited time only.
    Fuelled by Virgin Atlantic’s brand attitude of 'Life doesn’t come to you, so go to it', #GetOutOfOffice is part of a drive in the airline’s digital and social activity aimed at those with an adventurous and impulsive spirit and follows the successful ‘One Day’ campaign launched in May 2016. 

    2016-09-06 00:00:00


    Today, TEMPTATIONS™ Brand launched a new online media campaign encouraging cat owners to remember their feline friends and “Treat Them Too” with America’s No. 1 cat treat.

    Created by Adam & Eve/DDB London, the campaign’s first digital content release features a 1980s-style music video starring the Electric Furs – a fictitious band made up of real cats “singing” and “playing” instruments – performing a feline rendition of “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Ninian Doff, the entertaining video takes a tongue-in-cheek look into how cats may try to convince their human counterparts to remember to treat them too.

    “With only half of cat owners treating their cats[1], the TEMPTATIONS™ brand always looks for fun, creative ways to bring attention to the cat treating category, said Arren Beach, TEMPTATIONS™ Brand Manager.  “The ‘Treat Them Too’ campaign uses entertaining digital content – like this music video – to showcase TEMPTATIONS™ treats and encourage cat owners to treat their cats when they treat themselves.”

    “Cat videos are brilliant fun, and millions of people watch them every day,” said Richard Brim, executive creative director at Adam & Eve/DDB London. “In order to reach that audience, we made a music video starring the Electric Furs, with one simple message – reminding cat owners to ‘Treat Them Too.”

    Live now on TEMPTATIONS Brand’s Facebook and YouTube channels, the “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” remake includes the full music video and one 30-second spot, and will have shorter video cut downs for release on TEMPTATIONS™ Brand’s social channels in the coming weeks. The video will be supported by a number of integrated marketing efforts, including creative digital content, social media posts and partnerships on popular platforms such as the Snapchat Discovery and BuzzFeed.   

    For more information on TEMPTATIONS™ treats and the “Treat Them Too” campaign, visit or

    [1] July 2016 Nielsen Homescan Panel (Within 52 weeks ending July 16, 2016, 54.4% of Cat Owning households fed cat treats)

    2016-08-08 00:00:00
    The school run – Volkswagen style Volkswagen has launched a major campaign for its forthcoming new Tiguan SUV showing that with its new styling, features and cutting edge technology it is possible to make even the school run cool.

    ‘The Big Arrival’, created by adam&eveDDB, features a typical drive-to-school trip – perhaps the quintessentially humdrum everyday drive.  But in the new ad, the trip receives a major injection of excitement courtesy of the new second generation Tiguan.

    Running under the strapline: ‘The new Tiguan. Cool. Calm. Connected.’ the campaign broke at the weekend across major terrestrial and digital TV channels and is supported by a digital and outdoor campaign, including an IMAX takeover.

    Glyn Butterworth, Volkswagen UK’s National Communications Manager, said: “Volkswagen has a superb heritage of advertising creative, and along with the team at adam&eveDDB, we have worked very hard to ensure this new Tiguan campaign meets those incredibly high standards. Above all, we hope this campaign allows viewers in the UK to continue to enjoy our advertising.”

    Russell Hopson, Group MD, adam&eveDDB, says: “'Volkswagen’s heritage in advertising was recently described as ‘witty, knowing and understated’. I believe we’ve made work here that’s worthy of both this fantastic new car and its brand heritage.”

    The new Tiguan is a compact SUV styled and engineered to challenge not just the best in its class, but also premium-priced rivals from across the market.  It arrives in Volkswagen 191 UK Retailers this month.

    2016-05-23 00:00:00
    Virgin Atlantic seeks out adventurers in ‘One Day’ campaign by adam&eveDDB Virgin Atlantic is gearing up for the launch of a new campaign by adam&eveDDB that encourages travellers to embrace life and make their “one day” aspirations happen.

    Imbued with Virgin Atlantic’s brand attitude of 'Life doesn’t come to you, so go to it', the ‘One Day’ campaign encompasses a host of digital and social activity aimed at those with an adventurous and impulsive spirit.

    A key part of the activity is ‘Claim your tweet’ - an innovative social and digital outdoor campaign that calls for writers of ‘One day I will….’ tweets from years past to claim their tweet to make their dreams a reality.

    Tweeters will need to claim their 'one day' by midnight on the day in order to win Virgin Atlantic flights to help make it a reality. Once claimed, follow up messaging will tell the tweeter what destination they will be taken to, to live out their ‘one day’ for real.

    The ‘One Day’ drive breaks on Monday 16th May and also includes a 30 second online video featuring user-generated images that depict some of the top ‘One Days’ of people in the UK. There will also be Instagram competition giving people the chance to win a ‘One day’ experience, as well as PR and influencer activity.

    The ‘One Day’ campaign encapsulates Virgin Atlantic’s ‘Let it Fly’ brand proposition and demonstrates a shift towards integrated digital and social activity to drive engagement around it.

    Hamish Rickman, Vice President, Marketing at Virgin Atlantic commented: “So many of us say ‘one day I will…’ but all too often we don’t allow that ‘one day’ to happen. With this campaign, we’re not only aiming to motivate and inspire people to achieve that one thing they have always talked about but for a lucky few, actually help make it happen”.

    2016-05-17 00:00:00
    Harvey Nichols campaign features first 100 year old model in Vogue In its truly fearless stylish fashion, Harvey Nichols is launching a campaign featuring the first 100 year-old model to appear in Vogue magazine.

    The campaign, to celebrate Vogue’s 100th Anniversary, features Bo Gilbert, who was born in 1916 and will appear in an exclusive print ad in Vogue’s commemorative June issue. A two minute behind the scenes film will run across Harvey Nichols’ channels and will be supported by editorial on

    The campaign is loaded with Harvey Nichols’ attitude and willingness to do things differently, and aims to tackle ageism in the fashion industry.

    The campaign was shot by world famous fashion photographer Phil Poynter, who founded ‘Dazed’ with Jefferson Hack and Rankin. Vogue’s 100th Anniversary issue will be its biggest ever issue and is on sale in May.

    Ben Tollett, Executive Creative Director, adam&eveDDB, says: ‘ Vogue’s 100th anniversary seemed like such an important moment, so we wanted to celebrate it by doing something symbolic. We’re really proud to be involved in a project, which proves the older generation can be fearlessly stylish too. Ageism is so last century.”

    Shadi Halliwell, Creative and Marketing Director at Harvey Nichols: “We devised a campaign that reflected the playful attitude Harvey Nichols is famous for, celebrating both the 100th Anniversary of British Vogue, and also style in its entirety. It was a privilege to work with Bo, she is a fabulous, independent lady who epitomises timeless style.” 

    2016-04-29 00:00:00
    adam&eveDDB creates TEMPTATIONS CATTERBOX™, the world’s first talking cat collar The TEMPTATIONS™ brand together with leading creative communications agency adam&eveDDB and renowned creative collective ACNE, today announced the pre-launch of a revolutionary cat collar, TEMPTATIONS CATTERBOX™. 

    TEMPTATIONS CATTERBOX™ houses a microphone, speaker, Bluetooth technology and wifi allowing cats’ meows to be recorded, processed, and then translated into human speech. Resulting in a completely new, breakthrough device that will make interactions with cats highly engaging and fun.

    3D printed and coated in rubber lacquer for the cat’s comfort, the collar comes in four attractive colours. It  also connects to the TEMPTATIONS CATTERBOX™ smartphone app, which allows cat owners to choose their cat’s new human voice from a range of options.

    The cat collar is the first product idea to come out of the newly created THE TEMPTATIONS LAB™ , a research workstream dedicated to the future of fun times with your cat, developed in collaboration with adam&eveDDB.

     “We’re fascinated by cats, so we set out on a mission to get to know them better,” said the TEMPTATIONS™ Global Brand Director, Pete Simmons. “Through research, we learned that an adult cat’s meow is their way to communicate with humans and, by investing in this prototype device, we can start to improve understanding between them both – giving cats a voice for the very first time.”

     “At the TEMPTATIONS™ brand we are passionate about bringing cats and owners together. We have always done this through our treats, but we wanted to go one step further.” Added Pete Simmons, TEMPTATIONS™ Global Brand Director.

    “Cats are often perceived as quite hard to get to know, independent pets, so we set up THE TEMPTATIONS LAB™ to find innovative ways to inject even more fun into a cat and owner’s relationship.” Said Rick Brim, adam&eveDDB Executive Creative Director

    The TEMPATIONS™ brand launches the prototype in the United States and New Zealand on 28th April 2016, to gauge public interest. The launch will be supported by a film, showcasing the product’s development to date.

    2016-04-28 00:00:00
    Save the Children launches Every Last Child campaign with new global TV ad by adam&eveDDB Save the Children is launching a three-year campaign, to ensure millions of children worldwide have an equal opportunity to survive and benefit from access to healthcare and education regardless of who they are or where they live.

    The global campaign will be launched with a TV ad created by adam&eveDDB and media planned by 7Stars, which shows the gritty reality faced by Save the Children workers as they help children around the world who are in desperate need.

    The film, which breaks today, is shot entirely from behind or from the POV of the aid worker, putting the children as the main focus and shows the lengths that Save the Children will go and the dangers they face down to reach every last child.

    Locations include Jordan, Mexico, Bangladesh, Kenya and an Emergency Treatment Centre for Ebola in Sierra Leone – reflecting just some of the countries where Save the Children work on the ground.

    The campaign is being launched with a new Save the Children report, Every Last Child, that warns while progress has been made in reaching the world’s poorest children, those from discriminated groups are consistently overlooked, despite being the most at risk.

    Tanya Steele, Chief Executive, Save the Children, says: “Our new TV ad, created by adam&eveDDB, kick starts the launch of our three year campaign, Every Last Child, which highlights that millions of the world’s poorest children are being denied life-saving services because of who they are and where they live.”

    “As well as hoping to bring in essential income, we want to engage and attract new audiences with this TV ad, so we’ve taken quite a fresh, bold and authentic approach to storytelling. By offering a first-person perspective on the work we do, we are putting the viewers in our shoes and demonstrating what life is like for Save the Children staff. We work in the toughest places at the toughest times and we will do whatever it takes to reach the world's most vulnerable children to ensure that millions of the hardest-to-reach children get an equal opportunity to survive and thrive.”

    Mat Goff, Joint Managing Director, adam&eveDDB, says: “This film is gritty and breathless because it’s real. The work Save the Children does on the ground is dangerous, hard and frightening but that is what it takes to reach the children ignored by governments, ostracised by society and stuck in extreme poverty. Save the Children workers are out there right now doing all of this in countries over the world.”

    2016-04-26 00:00:00
    Halifax brings Top Cat back to TV screens for new advertising campaign Halifax and adam&eveDDB launch new advertising campaign to mark the next chapter of bold and impactful advertising

    • A host of well-known characters will be making a visit to their local Halifax branch over the course of the campaign
    • In the first instalment, Halifax teams up with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, bringing Top Cat out of retirement, helping him to buy a new home
    • The campaign launches on Friday 22nd April with the Top Cat advert first shown during Gogglebox on Channel 4 at 9.00pm.


    Halifax is returning to TV screens this Friday with a new advertising campaign created by adam&eveDDB.

    Halifax is famous for giving extra and the new heavyweight campaign, which includes TV, outdoor, digital and social media, celebrates how its down to earth and friendly colleagues give “extra” to every single customer - illustrated by a range of surprising and charming characters.

    For the launch of the campaign, Halifax has joined forces with Warner Bros. Consumer Products.  The first ad in the series features an iconic childhood favourite - Top Cat, the famous animated American feline who will be making his first appearance on TV since retirement in the 1980s. 

    The ad tells the story of what happened when Top Cat is moved on from his trash can home by Officer DibbleTop Cat visits a Halifax branch to get help and advice from colleagues.

    The campaign launches on Friday 22nd April with the Top Cat advert first shown during Gogglebox on Channel 4 at 9.00pm.

    adam&eveDDB, famous for their John Lewis adverts, is behind the new creative strategy.

    To mark the launch of the new advert, Halifax have, for the first time, commissioned ‘Global Street Art’ to create a Top Cat mural on an ‘epic’ wall in Old Street, Clerkenwell, London.  Artists will begin on the evening of Monday 25th April over 3 days and the mural will be on display until 8th May.


    Russell Galley, Managing Director, Halifax said:

    “At Halifax we pride ourselves on doing things a little differently and giving extra to our customers. The idea is very simple – at Halifax, no matter who you are, we’re here to help.  We’re very proud that our colleagues give a friendly, down to earth and enthusiastic welcome to everyone.” 

    “We’re moving into a new era; Halifax has a clear purpose to make customers better off and can stand apart as fresh, different and re-energised – we’re totally on the side of our customers.”


    Catherine Kehoe, Managing Director Group Brands and Marketing, Halifax said:

    “No other bank could run this new campaign.  It reflects perfectly our personality and is a real celebration of how our friendly and down to earth colleagues support everyone - showing Halifax as the uniquely human face of banking.”


    Mat Goff, Managing Director, adam&eveDDB, said:

    “We were delighted to be given the opportunity to take Halifax back to their roots: to create genuinely entertaining advertising, and to really bring to life the populist spirit of the bank and its colleagues.  We needed to find a fresh way to portray the down to earth, friendly nature of Halifax colleagues and the way they give extra to every customer no matter who they are. And what a joy to be able to bring back Top Cat to our screens. Who knows who’ll walk through the doors next time.”

    2016-04-22 00:00:00
    Waitrose launches industry first ad campaign to show where good food comes from Waitrose is launching an innovative new brand campaign featuring live footage from its farms, in an industry first.

    The campaign, created by adam&eveDDB and Manning Gottlieb OMD, uses a selection of cameras including Go Pros to take viewers into its dairy and free range hen farms, showing their customers where their food comes from.

    The campaign, which encompasses TV, print and digital display, marks a step change for the retailer. Highlighting the quality of its food is not new for Waitrose, but the use of innovative technology means the supermarket can now demonstrate its sourcing credentials in a new and contemporary way.

    Waitrose recently became the only supermarket able to guarantee that all the cows that provide its milk and cream have access to grazing. The campaign is in response to the demand Waitrose is seeing for quality food and shoppers wanting to be reassured about its provenance.

    The campaign breaks on 11th April with 10 second teasers, followed by the first same day live TV ad from one of Waitrose’s dairy farms near Newbury on the 15th April. One of the dairy cows will take centre stage in the ad by wearing a small, lightweight camera giving customers the opportunity to see the benefits of their environment for themselves.

    The next same day TV will be filmed at one of Waitrose’s free-range hen farms near Marlborough. Footage will be recorded and aired the same day for TV and marks the first time a UK food retailer has streamed same day live content in its advertising.

    A supporting digital OOH at the UK’s major train stations (including Waterloo Motion) and display campaign will 'live stream' footage from three different locations at the Waitrose Leckford Farm, including beehives, rapeseed and panoramic views of the countryside. The print campaign will only use images of real Waitrose farms that have been taken within 24 hours of publication**. A digital banner campaign will ‘live stream’ footage into a YouTube Masthead Takeover on Monday 18th April.

    Rupert Thomas, Marketing Director, Waitrose, said: “We've always been proud of where our food comes from, and the care and commitment our farmers and suppliers put into producing it. We have never compromised on quality, and never will - but rather than telling customers what we do, we've decided to show them.”

    Tammy Einav, Managing Director, adam&eveDDB, said: “The quality sourcing of Waitrose food speaks for itself. We wanted to let it do just that.”

    Katherine Charalambous, Executive Director, Joint Head of Retail Manning Gottlieb OMD, said: “We have pushed media boundaries to bring the campaign message to life. Collaboration has been at the heart of this, making a logistically challenging campaign possible across multiple channels.” 

    2016-04-12 00:00:00
    Harvey Nichols provides solution for ‘Gift Face’ in new Christmas campaign by adam&eveDDB

    Gift Face

    Noun 1. The contortion of one’s face when feigning excitement, happiness or gratitude for a terrible, terrible Christmas gift.  

    Today adam&eveDDB unveils a new Christmas campaign for luxury fashion retailer, Harvey Nichols. The tongue-in-cheek campaign highlights the perils of ‘Gift Face’ – the all-too-familiar expression of feigned delight that accompanies the opening of many a misjudged present on Christmas Day. The campaign launches with an online film that follows the plight of a young woman desperately trying to maintain her ‘Gift Face’ as she opens a series of underwhelming presents from her well-intentioned but tragically misguided family. The film ends with the simple solution to her familiar plight: ‘Avoid #Gift Face. Give Harvey Nichols’.


    The film, directed by Tim Bullock (Blink), is part of an integrated campaign written by Jo Cresswell and Sian Coole of adam&eveDDB that includes print, instore activation and digital. Stills were shot by Aitken Jolly (Serlin Jolly). Harvey Nichols is also using social channels to help customers recognise the tell-tale signs of #Gift Face, and suggesting gifting options to help ensure they avoid it this Christmas. Customers are even encouraged to show their support by using the grimacing emoji as their very own version of #Gift Face.


    Ben Tollett, Executive Creative Directors of adam&eveDDB, commented: “Brace yourself Oxford English Dictionary, Harvey Nichols is updating the lexicon. We hope #GIFT FACE will become as much a part of people's Christmas vocabulary as, "I'm stuffed" and "Does anyone have any batteries?"

    Shadi Halliwell, Group Creative & Marketing Director of Harvey Nichols, commented: “This year we wanted to help people Avoid #Gift Face and ensure our customers give their special somebody a gift that truly hits the mark. We worked closely with adam&eveDDB to create yet another compelling and comical campaign that we know the British public can relate to. We’ve all been there! So this season shop with us for guaranteed satisfaction – Avoid #Gift Face, Give Harvey Nichols.”

    About adam&eveDDB

    We are a creative communications agency made up of people from the worlds of advertising, design, content, digital, media and social strategy. We have the hunger and energy of a start up with the resource and reach of a network. We work with a range of clients including Foster’s, Google, Marmite, John Lewis, Waitrose, Mulberry, Volkswagen, Harvey Nichols and Save the Children. 

    For more information: Jemima Monies, Head of PR & New Business:

    2015-11-09 00:00:00
    PLAYING DRESS-UP WITH KITTY THIS HOLIDAY? #SAYSORRY WITH TEMPTATIONS™ Ad campaign features festive albeit unamused cats in video set to iconic Elton John track 

    Nashville, Tenn. (November 9, 2015) – During the holiday season, we think dressing our cats as one of Santa’s little helpers is the funniest thing ever. They don’t. To help them forgive and forget, the TEMPTATIONS™ Brand launched a new online media and print campaign, #SaySorry, that invites cat owners everywhere to apologize with America’s No. 1 cat treat, TEMPTATIONS™ treats. The video is set to Elton John’s “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word,” tugging at the heart strings, while the featured cats go right for the funny bone.

    “Pet owners spend more than $5 billion on their pets during the holidays.  They want to give them a little extra love with treats and toys.  And, they might even choose to dress them in their holiday best – even if their furry friend isn’t crazy about the choice of wardrobe,” said Arren Beach, TEMPTATIONS™ Brand Manager. “The #SaySorry campaign pokes lighthearted fun at cat owners who lovingly embrace the holidays to the fullest with their cats.”


    The #SaySorry campaign, created by adam&eveDDB in London, includes 30- and 60-second video spots featuring perturbed cats, outfitted in everything from elf costumes to Christmas sweaters, with voiceover and copy that suggests a sincere apology is in order – and TEMPTATIONS™ Treats as the “sorry” sure to make things right.

    Each spot is set to Elton John’s “Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word,” which perfectly sets up TEMPTATIONS™ Treats as an even better way to apologize without saying a word. Full page print ads will run in women’s interest magazines through the end of the year. Fans can find the video online.


    In the cat treat category, TEMPTATIONS™ Brand continues to create a stir with unexpected marketing  and creativity in product innovation like TEMPTATIONS SNACKY MOUSE™, which makes playtime irresistible by providing a fun, bobble toy that dispenses TEMPTATIONS™ Treats as your cat plays with it.

    TEMPTATIONS™ Treats are irresistible due to their unique dual texture (crunchy outside and soft meaty inside) that cats love. The brand continues to offer a wide variety of different flavor combinations that will satisfy the most finicky of felines.

    To learn more about the TEMPTATIONS™ Brand, visit or

    # # #

    About the TEMPTATIONS® Brand

    TEMPTATIONS® are America’s favorite cat treat*, with more than 25 flavor varieties, many that offer health benefits specific to cats’ needs. TEMPTATIONS® have a one of a kind, patented treat that’s crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. In addition, TEMPTATIONS® MixUps items were awarded Product of the Year in the 2011 Consumer Survey of Product Innovation. Look for TEMPTATIONS® Treats for cats where pet food is sold. For more information, please visit

    About Mars Petcare US

    Mars Petcare US is the U.S. operations of the world’s largest petcare company at the privately-held Mars, Incorporated. Mars Petcare US produces some of the world’s most beloved pet care brands, including PEDIGREE® Food for Dogs, CESAR® Canine Cuisine, IAMS® Pet Food, SHEBA® Entrée for Cats, WHISKAS® Food for Cats, GOODLIFE® Food for Cats , and TEMPTATIONS® Treats for Cats, as well as exclusive brands products for some of the leading retailers in the U.S. Headquartered in Franklin, Tenn., more than 3,000 Mars Petcare US associates make, sell and distribute its high-quality pet food from 17 manufacturing facilities located in communities across the U.S. For more information, please visit

    ®/™ Trademarks © Mars, Incorporated and its affiliates 2015.

    *Based on sales data.

    2015-11-09 00:00:00
    John Lewis Christmas Advertising Campaign Launches 6th November, 2015: John Lewis today launched its 2015 Christmas advertising campaign - Man on The Moon. Set to the Oasis track ‘Half The World Away’, recorded by 19-year-old rising music star, Aurora, the retailer’s Christmas advert tells the story of a magical and unexpected connection between a little girl, Lily, and a Man who lives on the Moon. At its heart the narrative demonstrates the power of connection and thoughtfulness at Christmas - a time of great joy, but also a time when some might find themselves alone. The advert ends with the strapline ‘Show someone they’re loved this Christmas’.

    The advert launches on the retailer’s social media channels on Friday 6th November and it will then feature on TV for the first time that evening during the first advert break of Gogglebox on Channel 4. This follows a teaser campaign using #OnTheMoon, on television and social media which began last Sunday (1st).

    John Lewis has partnered with Age UK to drive awareness and support for some of the million older people who can go for a month without speaking to anyone. Throughout November and December, the retailer will be supporting Age UK in a number of ways, including in store and online activity, a text to donate mechanism and through the sales of selected Christmas merchandise.

    Craig Inglis, Customer Director at John Lewis said "Our Christmas advert is once again all about going the extra mile to give someone the perfect gift. This year though, the story is told in a uniquely creative and engaging way as we see Lily, our heroine, go to great lengths to connect with the Man on the Moon.

    “We hope it inspires people to find really special gifts for their loved ones and through our partnership with Age UK, raises awareness of the issue of loneliness amongst older people and encourages others to support in any way they can.”

    This message will be amplified beyond the TV campaign through a range of channels: moon pop-ups will land in 11 John Lewis shops - providing the opportunity to take photos with the moon back drop, learn about the moon and find out more about this Christmas's Age UK partnership.

    The retailer has also created a Man On The Moon App that uses augmented reality to bring the moon to life. By pointing a phone at the Man on the Moon image - found on posters, John Lewis shopping bags, click and collect boxes and many more places; or simply by holding the device up towards the moon itself, users can unlock a 3D interactive moon that releases daily facts and animations in the countdown to Christmas Day’s full moon. The app also features a Man on the Moon themed game in which the player has to avoid obstacles, and collect power ups in a bid to get a chosen object all the way up to the Man on the Moon.

    Man On The Moon has been created by advertising agency adam&eveDDB. It is directed by KimGehrig through Somesuch, with post production at The Mill.

    The campaign with media planning and buying by Manning Gottlieb OMD begins with two 120 second TV spots on the 6th & 7th November and is supported by a combination of three shorter versions for six weeks.

    2015-11-06 00:00:00
    ‘Whatever makes your Christmas, make it with Waitrose’ says new campaign by adam&eveDDB Waitrose is gearing up for its first Christmas campaign by adam&eveDDB. Featuring an array of delicious festive products available at Waitrose, the advert is a celebration of the diverse and unique ways we celebrate the festive season, showing that no matter what makes Christmas special for you, always make it with Waitrose.

    From Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar and Signature Spice Christmas Pudding, to Heston from Waitrose Chocolate Buck's Fizz Swirl and Turkey Breast Parcel with Pork, Gingerbread & Apricot Stuffing, each scene is filled with delicious festive food available in stores this Christmas. The ad also features a cameo from Heston Blumenthal, whose famous Christmas range is back in stores this season.

    The ad was written by Patrick McClelland and Feargal Ballance and directed by Simon Ratigan at HLA, who also directed the brand’s recent Autumn at Waitrose campaign. It is set to Cab Calloway’s 1940’s Jazz classic ‘Everybody eats when they come to my house.’

    The 60” spot will break online on the 4th of November and on TV on 8th November. The campaign also includes 10” ‘moments’, 20” product spots, a press campaign, as well as innovative interactive digital display.

    Waitrose will also be celebrating all of the special and individual moments that symbolise Christmas on its social channels by encouraging people to share what really #MakesChristmas for them.

    Rupert Thomas, Marketing Director, Waitrose, says: “We celebrate with food, we unwind with food, we get to know each other with food. Delicious things to eat make the moments that matter even more memorable, especially at Christmas”. 

    Richard Brim, Executive Creative Director, adam&eveDDB, says: “Our ad for Waitrose celebrates all those little moments that make Christmas, Christmas, and that’s 9 times out of ten all about the food.”

    2015-11-04 00:00:00
    adam&eveDDB creates a Miracle for Mulberry this Christmas adam&eveDDB has launched their second Christmas campaign for British lifestyle brand, Mulberry to remind customers that a Mulberry bag is a gift unlike any other. The two minute online film is a playful take on the Nativity Story featuring a very British ensemble of characters who come from far and wide to witness the ‘Miracle of Mulberry’.

    The film opens innocuously enough, with a woman delightedly unwrapping an iconic Bayswater bag from her husband, only to take an unexpected turn as a series of strangers arrive uninvited to her house to marvel at her new gift. As the scene unfolds, it becomes increasingly familiar until viewers realise that it’s a modern British re-imagining of the Nativity Story, with Mulberry at its heart. The film ends with the thoroughly bemused boyfriend observing amidst all the fuss: ‘It’s just a bag’, before fading to the line: #MulberryMiracle.

    The campaign breaks on 2nd November and encompasses an online film, social activation and a website competition.

    Rick Brim, Executive Creative Director, adam&eveDDB, commented: “I don’t think you can underestimate that joyous moment when you receive the gift of a Mulberry handbag. So with that in mind this idea is simple, funny and couldn’t be more Christmassy if it tried.”

    Anne Marie Verdin, Brand Director, Mulberry, commented: ”Everyone at Mulberry loves Christmas and every year we like to put out an amusing tongue-in-cheek little story about how difficult it is to get Christmas right. Our research shows that men are particularly nervous about the consequences of getting it wrong. We like to make people smile in the run up to their hopefully… perfect Christmas.” 

    2015-11-02 00:00:00
    McCain launches two autumn campaigns championing real family teatimes McCain, the nation’s favourite teatime brand, is launching two multi-million pound marketing initiatives next week that will shine a spotlight on modern, midweek family teas: A week long series of consumer generated content TV ads, and the renewal of McCain’s sponsorship of Emmerdale, with new ident creative.

    Kicking-off on 5th October, ‘The Nation’s Teatime’ will see McCain crowd-source teatime content everyday for a week, from real families across the nation, edited into an ad against the clock and aired on ITV later that same evening. McCain will turn real families into teatime TV stars, all they have to do to participate is share real life video clips of themselves enjoying their tea on the brand’s dedicated hub. The fly-on-the-wall UGC films, created by PHD and adam&eveDDB, will then be edited into a ‘Teatime today’ advert and aired during a teatime ad-break at 8.45pm on ITV that evening. 

    Mark Hodge, Marketing Director at McCain says: “We already use real families in our ads but this Autumn we are taking our focus on real teatimes a step further by asking families across the UK to take part, share their own teatime content for a chance to be on TV that very same day. The campaign will be supported by a heavyweight pre-promotion campaign across broadcast, print, radio and social, and we feel that involving mums in the campaign and asking them to celebrate and share their teatime moments, will help drive reappraisal around teatime.” 

    In a further effort to cement the brand as synonymous with teatime and to champion the good stuff that happens at tea, McCain has renewed its high profile Emmerdale sponsorship to take the collaboration to April 2018. The new deal cements the association between two of the country’s much-loved brands, a relationship that started in 2014.

    For the renewed sponsorship, McCain is launching a fresh new creative treatment which highlights the brand’s continued commitment to championing the nation’s ‘real’ family teatimes, in line with the overarching brand campaign.

    The new Emmerdale idents have been made using real fans of the ITV soap having tea whilst watching the show. The families selected to take part all share the same surnames as the famous cast, including the real Kings (from Croydon), Whites (from Stockport) and Sharmas (from Preston).

    McCain will amplify the real fans of Emmerdale campaign beyond the idents and as part of a wider TTL campaign including; VOD, press partnerships, PR and social media activity.

    Mark Hodge says: “McCain is loving life up in the Dales and we are delighted to be extending our current partnership with Emmerdale. McCain and Emmerdale are the perfect fit and the sponsorship provides us with the opportunity to connect with our core audience and champion those treasured moments that happen in the nation’s homes at teatime.”

    Gary Knight, Commercial Content Director at ITV, says: “ We are delighted to be continuing our relationship with McCain.  Emmerdale is a popular staple of the ITV schedule and as such is a great brand fit with McCain.”

    Mark Hodge, Marketing Director at McCain says: “Both initiatives will help McCain reframe teatime and champion the good stuff that happens in the nation’s homes, and help families across the UK to appreciate the occasion.”

    2015-10-05 00:00:00
    SSE reminds viewers of the wonder of energy in latest ad campaign featuring Maya Leading energy supplier SSE has unveiled a national advertising campaign created by adam&eveDDB aimed at re-engaging people with energy and reminding them that it has amazing deals for all its customers – not just the new ones.
    This next installment in SSE’s multi-award-winning ‘Proud to Make a Difference’ campaign continues to feature the CGI orang-utan, Maya, as she discovers a funfair on a seaside pier and experiences the wonder of energy in all its manifestations. The film presents viewers with a wonderland of light, sound and movement, and was directed by Frederic Planchon of Academy Films, with CGI by The Mill.

    Written by adam&eveDDB’s Graham Cappi and James Gillham, the campaign is complemented by outdoor, radio and digital executions which draw attention to SSE’s range of deals, from 6 months free broadband and line rental with 18 month packages, to 6 months free on annual boiler cover.

    Stephen Knight, Acting Chief Marketing Officer at SSE, commented: ‘We’re always trying to do more for our customers. That’s why, at this time of year, when the cost of running your home can start to rise, we wanted to communicate that SSE have a range of great deals for all our customers, not just the new ones.’

    James Arnold, SSE Director of Brand and Brand Experience, stated: ‘At SSE we want to engage with customers and this campaign is a prime example of that aim. Since the re-launch of the SSE brand a year ago the advertising has received a phenomenal response both professionally and from customers. We are delighted by the results to date. The latest campaign showcases new propositions across all of our categories as we continue to build on the work of the last 12 months.’

    Ben Priest, Chief Creative Officer of adam&eveDDB remarked: ‘This is the next chapter in our brand journey with SSE. Looking at our world through Maya’s eyes is a great way of reminding ourselves of the wonder of energy, in all its guises.’ 

    2015-10-05 00:00:00
    Waitrose’s first campaign by adam&eveDDB injects a little warmth into homes this Autumn With the first day of Autumn truly behind us, Waitrose injects a little warmth into British homes this week with its first campaign by adam&eveDDB.

    Featuring an array of delicious seasonal foods available at Waitrose, ‘The Warmest Season’ campaign, is a celebration of a traditional British Autumn.

    It launches with a TV ad featuring Waitrose’s own suppliers and producers battling with the all too familiar British weather to bring only the best seasonal produce into the nation’s homes this Autumn. It is set to the soundtrack from the original 1968 Disney feature, 'Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day'.

    The campaign was written by Patrick McClelland and Feargal Ballance and directed by Simon Ratigan at HLA, and will launch on TV with 60”and 40” spots on 2nd October. It also encompasses a press campaign with a brand new art direction for the brand and innovative interactive digital display.

    Rupert Thomas, Marketing Director, Waitrose, says: "As we welcome back the cold, crisp weather we wanted to bring out the warmth of autumnal food - from Sunday roasts to fish pie to apple crumble, especially highlighting quality British ingredients. We are very proud of our trusted relationships with our suppliers and know our customers appreciate the care we take producing the best quality food."

    Richard Brim, ECD, adam&eveDDB, says: ‘‘Our first ad for Waitrose is a true celebration of autumn - that feeling of shutting the door, turning the fire on, pouring yourself a glass of red wine and tucking into something hearty.” 

    2015-10-01 00:00:00
    Marmite spreads the love this summer with new campaign Marmite, the iconic British brand from Unilever UK , is set to roll out an integrated advertising campaign including a limited edition summer spread, available to buy until September. 

    Kicking off on 27th July, ‘The Summer of Love Not Hate' campaign, created by adam&eveDDB, takes design inspiration from Woodstock summer of love in 1967 and aims to encourage the nation to spread the love this summer. The campaign will include an animated online film featuring a music battle between a colourful kitten and a crazed rock monster vying for supremacy over the new summer jars. The film will be available to watch on YouTube and Facebook. More Summer of Love and Hate characters can be seen on three paradoxical outdoor poster pairs in the London underground. 

    In addition to the advertising campaign, Marmite is launching a Marmite Love Café - the world’s first ‘payment by social sentiment’ restaurant, open to consumers on Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th August. The aim of the Marmite Love Café is to reward those who are lovers not haters. 

    Philippa Atkinson, Assistant Brand Manager for Marmite, said: “With an innate ability to create talkability and buzz, Marmite owns a unique territory and we aim to build on this with the launch of our integrated advertising campaign and the Marmite Love Café. This summer, we want to encourage the British public to be lovers, not haters.” 

    Ben Tollett, Executive Creative Director at adam&eveDDB, said: “What was wrong with the First Summer of Love in 1967, the Second Summer of Love in 1988 and the Third Summer of Love in 2004? Not enough recreational Marmite use. But things are about to change. Welcome to Marmite's Summer of Love not Hate 2015. It's just like your standard Summer of Love. But with a little bit of hate thrown in. Groovy.” 

    Made with 100% lager yeast for a lighter summery blend, the new limited edition variant is a delicately flavoured adaptation of the traditional recipe that has been loved (and hated) by consumers for many years. In keeping with Marmite’s opinion splitting ways, the new summer flavour will come in two beautifully illustrated ‘Summer of Love’ and ‘Summer of Hate’ jars. 

    2015-07-27 00:00:00
    Foster’s Celebrate Aussie Philosophy With ‘Why The Hell Not?’ Campaign This Friday (24th July), Foster’s will launch their brand new ‘Why The Hell Not?’ campaign. Following the hugely successful Good Call campaign featuring Brad and Dan, the new campaign is inspired by the famous ‘can do’ Aussie ingenuity and attitude to life.

    ‘Why The Hell Not?’ represents a marked shift in brand strategy for Foster’s, replacing Brad and Dan’s ‘no worries’ advice with a more proactive approach, encouraging audiences to ‘give life a go’.

    The first instalment of the campaign, created by adam&eveDDB, features a character who exemplifies that ‘can do’ attitude and defies the cynics to become Australia’s first male rugby cheerleader. The advert will premiere on Friday 24th July during Channel 4’s 8 Out of 10 Cats and across social channels with the supporting hashtag #whythehellnot. Further extended content illustrating the hero’s ‘can-do’ nature will also be available on social media.

    Ifeoma Dozie, beer brand director for Foster’s, HEINEKEN, says: “Consumers’ outlooks on life have changed – people want to give things a go and share experiences leading to a richer life. The ‘Why The Hell Not?’ campaign taps into this thinking. The campaign maintains the brand’s long association with comedy and complements the wider changes we’ve been making to the brand. We’re expecting to see the new campaign really drive excitement, interest and ultimately sales for Foster’s.”

    2015-07-24 00:00:00
    Harvey Nichols Uses Real CCTV Footage of Shoplifters to Promote New Rewards App Harvey Nichols is unveiling a campaign to promote its new loyalty app which rewards customers with complimentary services and exclusive perks with every point spent instore or online.

    The ‘Shoplifters’ campaign launches with an online film, which uses CCTV footage from its stores of real shoplifters getting caught in the act. The faces of the shoplifters have been disguised with animated characters produced by the Layzell Brothers at Blink, and the film finishes with a reminder that there’s now a better way to get a freebie – with the new rewards app from Harvey Nichols.

    Shadi Halliwell, Group Creative & Marketing Director of Harvey Nichols, said:
    “We wanted to create a campaign which plays on the universal truth that everybody loves a freebie. By downloading ‘Rewards by Harvey Nichols’, our customers are sure to be spoilt, the legal way, with fabulously stylish treats.”

    Ben Tollett, ECD at adam&eveDDB, said:
    "This campaign is designed to send a clear warning to the nation's shoplifters. The only free thing they'll get when they steal from Harvey Nichols is a day trip to the local police station."

    All elements of the campaign carry the endline, ‘Love Freebies? Get them legally. The new Rewards App from Harvey Nichols’:

    The campaign was written by Ben Stilitz and Colin Booth of adam&eveDDB, and is supported with print executions showing stylish shoplifters being caught red-handed (photographer, Marcelo Krasilcic) and instore activity reminding potential shoplifters that there’s now a legal way to get a freebie. 

    2015-07-13 00:00:00
    Harvey Nichols seeks style fanatics in recruitment campaign with a twist Harvey Nichols is launching a recruitment campaign, created by adam&eveDDB, which humorously tests prospective employee’s suitability for the its new Birmingham store.

    In typical tongue-in-cheek style, the ‘Fantatics Wanted’ campaign, poses multiple-choice questions to find out whether applicants have what it takes to work at Harvey Nichols. Only true style, beauty, food and wine fanatics need apply.

    The campaign breaks on the 6th June and comprises press, digital and social. 

    2015-06-04 00:00:00
    McCain launches major new TTL campaign to champion real British family teatimes McCain is challenging conventions of British family teatimes with a heavyweight £8 million marketing campaign. Launching on 6th April ‘Real Teatimes with McCain’ has been designed with the sole objective to reframe teatime and champion the good stuff that happens in the nation’s homes.

    With the functional nature of teatime often meaning precious family moments are overlooked, research by McCain has revealed that teatime is actually when the best family moments take place – jokes are told, new things are learnt, bonds are strengthened.

    In a bold new approach to create standout and help mums reappraise the occasion McCain enlisted ten real families from across the UK to appear in the campaign. Unscripted, McCain captured the families in their own homes having tea to truly reflect the realness around the occasion. From kids roller-skating around the kitchen, to dogs sat at the table, to dinner on the sofa and the oldest sibling stealing the last chip, the fly-on-the-wall concept brings to life the real everyday joys at teatime in all of their wonderful forms that are often overlooked when times are busy.

    Mark Hodge, Marketing Director, McCain, said: “McCain has been a family favourite for 50 years; not only do we know a few things about potatoes, but we also know a lot about family teatimes. We have listened to mums and we know that teatime has become a functional occasion; it’s busy, over in a flash and often goes by unappreciated. In reality, teatime is where much of the good stuff happens and the joy of teatime can be found at every table up and down the country.

    “Our aim is to create excitement around teatime amongst new and existing shoppers. We are keen to help families across the UK appreciate the occasion, enjoy the good stuff and relish the simple joy of connecting over food as well as offering quality, value and convenience from our product portfolio.”

    The brand new through-the-line campaign is the first piece of creative work for McCain by newly appointed adam&eveDDB and will run for eight weeks. The campaign also features outdoor, PR, radio, in-store, VOD and social media activity in a bid to drive volume and value growth in the frozen food sector. The TV spot was created in partnership with director Neil Gorringe (Channel 4, Skins) and Moxie Pictures.

    The above-the-line will be supported by a strategic PR campaign designed to elevate and amplify the real teatime occasion. A big impact competition mechanic will give consumers a once in a lifetime chance to win tea with their favourite celebrity.

    2015-04-02 00:00:00
    adam&eveDDB inspires you to ‘Let it Fly’ with dynamic web experience for Virgin Atlantic adam&eveDDB and Virgin Atlantic have created a truly dynamic web and mobile web experience to serve customers personalised inspiration films, encouraging them to ‘Let It Fly’.

    Based on an innovative bag-packing tool developed by adam&eveDDB, the experience ( asks users what they would pack for their dream trip by choosing from hundreds of items.

    From that individual preference, the app infers a huge amount about the user from which it crafts a personalised experience with a beautiful and unique snapshot of their tastes.

    Each film recommends a personal itinerary including the destination, a restaurant and specific dish, a way to spend an afternoon and evening, and a ‘Let it Fly’ hero activity to really gets the most out of the location.

    Films are further personalised by dynamically incorporating the user’s location and weather, as well as live tweets and Flickr images from the venues and attractions. A dynamic personal endframe then allows users to see the places they’ve been recommended on a map, read a city guide to their destination, and book their flights.

    Users can also share their personal bag on social channels and also enter a competition for a chance to win flights to the destination they’ve been recommended.

    The activation is part of Virgin Atlantic’s new brand campaign, created by adam&eveDDB, which launched last month. The new campaign takes the airline in a new direction with a focus on its customers, encouraging them to ‘Let it Fly’.

    Alex Hesz, Director of Digital, adam&eveDDB: ‘We’re really excited about what we’ve worked with Virgin Atlantic to create; a truly innovative, dynamic experience that will serve as a longstanding inspiration tool on VA's website showcasing what ‘Let it fly’ can mean for any individual. It shows how the brand idea can carry seamlessly into interactive experiences.’

    Hamish Rickman, Head of Brand Engagement at Virgin Atlantic commented, “By creating this online tool, we’re looking to inspire our customers to discover our destinations in a fun and engaging way. We’re aiming to bring our new campaign “Let it fly” to life by encouraging people to share their dream destination and also offering the chance to win flights.”

    2015-02-27 00:00:00
    adam&eveDDB launches new VW Commercial Vehicles TV ad This week sees the launch of a new Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles TVC. Launched during Broadchurch on Monday evening, the spot shows that great bosses and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles have an important characteristic in common - they both go beyond the call of duty when looking out for the people they work with.

    The film focuses on Bill, a middle-aged family man who runs a business with a reliable and well-loved fleet of Volkswagen vans. He is a boss who goes above and beyond in every way possible, caring about the smallest details of his business, looking out for those around him and always doing everything necessary to get the job done just right.

    Thankfully, at the end of a long day, Bill’s endeavours are rewarded at his local Volkswagen Van Centre, where he is treated with the same level of dedication and care that he offers all his customers.

    The film was directed by Pete Riski through Rattling Stick, written by Graham Cappi and James Gillham and creative directed by Matt Woolner and Steve Wioland.

    Kirsten Stagg, Head of Marketing for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles said: 'This ad brings to life the thought that drives our business - 'Working with you'. The relationship between our Van Centres and their customers is at the heart of our business. The story of Bill shows in a warm, human way how we work with our customers.'

    Jonathan Hill, Managing Partner at adam&eveDDB, said: ‘In this ad we dramatise the key differentiator for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles - the relationships its Van Centres have with their customers. Through the life of Bill, the MD of an SME, we see how the man who does everything to make his business a success gets the support he really needs from his Volkswagen Van Centre.'

    2015-02-16 00:00:00’s cheeky new valentine’s campaign encourages lovers to book a #lustminute weekend away is seducing lovers to enjoy the sexy delights of Europe this Valentine’s Day through a cheeky and bold video. It’s positioning the brand as the go-to site for #lustminute city breaks and gifts, and will be sure to make viewers never look at art or bakers in the same way again.

    Launching on 9th February on’s YouTube channel, the video sits at the heart of a wider Valentine’s Day campaign and aims to connect with the big annual day for lovers in a fun and provocative way, to generate a spike of buzz around the date. The delights of Europe will also be passionately embraced by’s social media channels, PR, press ads, CRM, content and naughty hotel recommendations across the site.

    The film, created by adam&eveDDB, is not your usual love fest around chocolates and roses. Instead, it showcases a series of suggestive images of famous art, monuments and delicacies from across Europe. Whilst offering cultural inspiration, it sums up perfectly what a Valentine’s weekend break should really be all about. Those who dare to view are taken on a journey with glimpses of Le Pedrera in Barcelona, Europe’s master-bakers in action, winding canals of Venice and a hot ancient sculpture – with exquisite classical music orchestrating the action.

    Amanda Cumine, Brand and Communications Director at, explains: “Who would have thought Europe is such a sensually enticing place. With our video we want to put a smile on people’s face or pink flush on their cheeks and reinforce our irreverent brand personality: Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to remind everyone of how fun spontaneity is and the reasons to love living last minute – doing this in a bit of a cheeky way sits at the heart of everything we do.

    ‘In the past year we’ve created some very successful, hilarious videos and we’ve got quite a crush on them now. It fits our passion to let the unexpected happen more often and it’s a great way of showcasing our playful and quirky traits through various channels.”

    2015-02-09 00:00:00
    adam&eveDDB Awarded AdAge "International Agency of the Year" As a result of an amazing performance both creatively and new business wise, adam&eveDDB took home the Adage “International Agency of the Year” in the recent A-List issue. James Murphy co-funder and CEO of the agency said the key for its success was their small-agency mentality: "Too many big agencies appear to believe they work in a very different industry than small startups and challenger agencies. We are in the same industry, and you have to maintain the appetite for the fight and the healthy paranoia of the startup--otherwise they are going to have your lunch."

    Aside from the creative recognition which came with multiple Grand Prix for Harvey Nichols “Sorry I Spent It on Myself” at Cannes Lions, Epica and Clios, and the most anticipated Christmas ad of 2014 for John Lewis “Monty the Penguin”, the agency also launched a first ever use of Google Hangout outside of Google’s own channels for the Manchester United “Front Row” event. But the success didn’t end there – the agency also added a new content division with Cain&Abel, which went from nine to 25 clients in only one year. In addition, high profile brands such as Virgin Atlantic, Unilever Walls, Sony and Diaego appointed the agency to manage some of their most prominent global business.

    This marks the 13th(!) Agency of the Year title for adam&eveDDB who also took home the following titles: Campaign Agency of the Year, Cannes Agency of the Year, IPA Effectiveness Grand Prix, British Arrows Agency of the Year, Clio Top UK Agency, Shots Agency of the Year, More About Advertising Agency of the Year, Epica Awards Agency of the Year, Eurobest Agency of the Year, LIA agency of the Year, Marketing Week Agency of the Year and The Drum Agency of the Year.

    Full article is available here:

    2015-02-03 00:00:00
    adam&eveDDB unveils new creative leadership team adam&eveDDB, Campaign’s Agency of the Year, has unveiled a new creative leadership team as it promotes two of its star Creative Directors.

    Richard Brim and Daniel Fisher, the creative team behind the multi-awarding winning 2013 Harvey Nichols Christmas campaign and Monty’s Christmas for John Lewis, have been promoted to Executive Creative Director and Deputy Executive Creative Director, respectively.

    Rick will lead the creative department with Executive Creative Director, Ben Tollett, and will join the agency’s new generation of management. He will work alongside Tammy Einav and Mat Goff, who were promoted to Joint Managing Directors last year, as well as Alex Hesz who was named the agency’s first Director of Digital and Xavier Rees who was elevated to Group Managing Director.

    Meanwhile Ben Priest, Founder & Executive Creative Director, will assume the role of Chief Creative Officer.
    Emer Stamp, Executive Creative Director, who has been with the agency with partner Ben Tollett since the early days of Adam & Eve will step down this summer to focus on her burgeoning writing career. Emer has had huge success with her children’s book series, The Unbelievable Top Secret Diary of Pig.

    2015-01-22 00:00:00
    Virgin Atlantic encourages travellers to ‘Let it Fly’ with new global brand campaign Virgin Atlantic is encouraging travellers to follow their dreams and inspirations and “Let it Fly” this January with the launch of its new global brand proposition.

    The new campaign, created by adam&eveDDB takes the airline in a new direction with a focus on its customers, encouraging them to “Let it Fly”. The new customer centric proposition has a clear message – the world doesn’t come to you, so go to it. It captures the airline’s passion for service and demonstrates how Virgin Atlantic goes beyond the norm to deliver unforgettable experiences for its customers.

    Hamish Rickman, Head of Brand Engagement at Virgin Atlantic commented, “Virgin Atlantic naturally attracts customers who are passionate about seeking new experiences and this campaign throws down the gauntlet to them to turn their ideas and dreams into reality.”

    “This campaign is a real step change in how we express ourselves creatively. We’ll always be a challenger brand but for this campaign, instead of challenging the competition, we are challenging ourselves and the customer to “Let it Fly”.

    Tammy Einav, Managing Director, adam&eveDDB commented, “‘Let it Fly’ captures the pioneering spirit and entrepreneurial essence of Virgin Atlantic perfectly and positions them as a customer centric airline focused on providing unique experiences.”

    The new brand proposition kicks off with a global TV advertising campaign in 30”, 60”& 80” TV and cinema edits. The ad breaks in the UK on the 3rd January on Sky Atlantic during Without a Trace.

    In the TV ad adam&eveDDB invites viewers on a high energy journey which follows a passenger on his way to pitch an idea. Set to Depeche Mode’s ‘Personal Jesus’ the film is intended to capture the spirit and vision of Virgin Atlantic as the airline for people who share a similar mindset and want to make their ideas happen, whatever those ideas are.

    The campaign includes print, digital, out of home and social media showcasing the iconic destinations that Virgin Atlantic flies to and the experiences available in each. This is complemented by a digital platform where customers are encouraged to pack their virtual suitcase and a bespoke itinerary will be generated for their ideal destination.

    To Let it Fly with Virgin Atlantic this January and to watch the ad please visit

    2015-01-05 00:00:00
    adam&eveDDB creates new ‘Could I Be Any Clearer?’ Christmas Card Range to help shoppers get exactly what they want from Harvey Nichols this Christmas Today adam&eveDDB unveils a new Christmas campaign for luxury fashion retailer, Harvey Nichols. The campaign promotes a range of greetings cards that have been designed to help people avoid the disappointment of receiving unwanted gifts on Christmas Day.

    The ‘Could I Be Any Clearer?’ Christmas Card Collection allows people to customise traditional greetings messages with their own not-too-subtle hint about what they want from Harvey Nichols for Christmas. For example…

    ‘Seasons Greetings…

    …will be very awkward if you don’t get me a pair of Charlotte Olympia silver Octavia sandals. They’re the platform ones with the 6” heel. Size 4 ½, or a 5, if that’s all they’ve got.’

    Customers can select from a range of cards instore or design their own at where the ‘Could I Be Any Clearer?’ Christmas Card app creates a personalised card featuring whatever lusted-after item they have selected from the website. The unique card can then be printed, e-mailed or shared via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ensure that your nearest and dearest are left in no doubt as to what you really want for Christmas.

    Harvey Nichols is promoting the new range of cards with a multi-media campaign that includes instore activation, digital, and an online film directed by Eric Lynne (Partizan). The ‘Could I Be Any Clearer?’ Christmas Cards and accompanying campaign were created by Jon Farley and Alex Lucas of adam&eveDDB.

    Ben Tollett and Emer Stamp, Executive Creative Directors of adam&eveDDB, commented: “We all want our Christmas presents to be a nice surprise but they invariably end up being a crashing disappointment. The ‘Could I Be Any Clearer’ Christmas Cards solve that problem in one fell (and easily customisable) swoop!”

    Shadi Halliwell, Group Creative & Marketing Director of Harvey Nichols, commented:

    “This year, we want our customers to wake up on Christmas morning and love the presents they get from their nearest and dearest. We all secretly want wonderful gifts and Harvey Nichols this year is there to help make your Christmas dreams come true.

    With our 'Could I be any Clearer' app, you can cheekily spell out that stylish gift you've always wanted, making sure you end up with that Lanvin silk dress rather than the iron to steam it with!"

    2014-12-02 00:00:00
    Be a memorable guest for the right reason this Christmas with Maille mustard Maille, the Unilever-owned premium French food brand, is launching a campaign encouraging people to be a memorable guest for the right reason this Christmas.

    The online film, created by adam&eveDDB, depicts a dinner party conversation between a young man and a woman which takes a turn for the worse as she starts to proudly over-share details of her ‘love-making’ whilst on holiday in Greece. The moral of the story is: give a gift of gourmet Maille mustard this Christmas and you’ll be remembered for the right reason.

    The film, which breaks tomorrow on YouTube and features a voiceover by Joanna Lumley, was directed by James Rouse (who the agency worked with on End Marmite Neglect and Harvey Nichols ‘Sorry, I spent it on myself’) It is being seeded online and supported by in-store activity.

    David Lowes, Senior Vice President, Dressings, Unilever said: ‘We believe gifting Maille is so special and truly appreciated for its thoughtfulness that more people should do it.’

    Glen Lomas, Global Business Director, Unilever, DDB said: ‘Only James Rouse could deliver something so excruciating and yet hilarious.’

    The Maille Boutiques, located in Dijon, Paris and London and eBoutiques sell the brand’s premium range of fresh mustard on tap served in stoneware jars such as Mustard with Chablis White Wine and Black Truffles and Wholegrain with Chardonnay Wine, along with its range of gourmet flavours.

    Maille is currently gearing up to open its first boutique in the US with a store in New York’s Upper West Side later this year.

    2014-11-27 00:00:00
    adam&eveDDB partners with Mulberry for first time in new #WinChristmas campaign Everyone knows that gift-giving at Christmas is secretly a game of family one up-manship; there’s nothing worse than realising your sister has got mum a better present than you did.

    The integrated campaign, created by adam&eveDDB breaks on the 10th November, includes a 90 second online film directed by Andy McLeod, showing a young woman opening presents from her nearest and dearest, each new present trumping the one that preceded it… a portrait painted by her sister is immediately bettered by a (waving) puppy from her parents, only to in turn be trumped by a unicorn from her boyfriend. Just when it seems the bar can’t be raised any higher, grandma delivers the present to eclipse all presents – a Mulberry Bayswater bag (in Hibiscus pink, of course).

    A spokesperson from Mulberry commented: “Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the ones you love is always a difficult task; we wanted to find a light-hearted way of reminding people that you can never go far wrong with Mulberry. Our new gift collection of bags and leather goods means there is a perfect gift for every taste and budget.’

    The activity also encompasses press, digital, in-store window displays, visual merchandising, social competitions and a website app featuring a Christmas gift finder.

    2014-11-11 00:00:00
    Monty’s Christmas · John Lewis Christmas advertising campaign reminds us of the magic of Christmas seen through a child’s eyes

    · Advert set to Tom Odell’s cover of John Lennon’s ‘Real Love’

    · Retailer incorporates technology firsts to create innovative in-store experience

    6th November, 2014: John Lewis today revealed its 2014 Christmas advertising campaign, which evokes the magic of make-believe at Christmas through a child’s eyes.

    Set to the track 'Real Love', sung by Tom Odell and originally written and recorded by John Lennon, the heartwarming advert tells the tale of an unlikely friendship between a little boy, Sam, and his penguin friend, Monty.

    Monty and Sam do everything together and the advert follows them playing happily through the year, from hide and seek to football. However as the winter months draw in, Sam begins to notice that Monty is sad and realises that he is longing for a companion. Knowing his friend so well, on Christmas Day Sam gives Monty the gift he has been dreaming of – a new penguin friend called Mabel.

    Featuring the strapline ‘Give someone the Christmas they’ve been dreaming of’, Monty and Mabel have been created using complex CGI technology to look and behave exactly like real life Adélie penguins.

    The advert launches on the retailer’s social media channels on Thursday 6th November and it will then feature on TV for the first time on Friday 7th November during the first advert break in Gogglebox on Channel 4. This follows a teaser campaign using #MontyThePenguin, on digital outdoor advertising sites and on Channel 4, where the broadcaster’s iconic ‘idents’ have been transformed to feature Monty.

    Craig Inglis, Marketing Director at John Lewis, said: “At John Lewis, this time of year is all about helping our customers create their dream Christmas. We hope this uplifting tale of Sam’s love for his friend Monty will remind people of the magic of Christmas through a child’s eyes and inspire them to think how they can make the festive season extra special for their friends and loved ones.”

    This message will be amplified beyond the TV campaign through an in-store space called Monty’s Den. In partnership with Samsung, Monty’s Den uses a series of technology-firsts to harness the power of children’s imagination. This includes ‘Monty’s Magical Toy Machine’ which enables children to bring their favourite toys to life through innovative Microsoft technology and ‘Monty’s Goggles’, which use Google Cardboard to allow children to enter a 360o virtual world and interact with Sam and Monty. During the campaign, children will also be able to create their very own Monty Christmas card on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S.

    Merchandise inspired by Monty and Mabel will also be available, including a children’s book called ‘Monty’s Christmas’ of which a proportion of the proceeds will go to Barnardo’s, John Lewis’s 150thanniversary charity. An audio app version of the book narrated by Dermot O’Leary will also be available on iTunes from today, along with the Real Love single by Tom Odell.

    Craig Inglis, Marketing Director, John Lewis, added: “We hope our customers will love Monty and Mabel and they will have more chances than ever to interact with them through some genuinely exciting technology firsts.”

    Monty’s Christmas has been created by advertising agency Adam&Eve/DDB and the Channel 4 teaser campaign by 4Creative and MPC.

    The campaign with media planning and buying by Manning Gottlieb OMD begins with a 120 second TV advert on the 7th November and is supported by a combination of three shorter versions for six weeks. The advert cost £1m to make and is part of John Lewis’s overall £7m investment in its Christmas campaign.

    The ad can be viewed on and on the John Lewis YouTube channel from Thursday 6th November.

    2014-11-06 00:00:00
    Sony captures unique natural phenomenon of bubbles freezing in the all glory of 4K Shot in the snowy Canadian mountains, the stunning new TV ad from Sony is set to take viewers’ breath away

    • Showcasing the incredible picture quality of Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs, the new film allows the public to understand the wonder of 4K in true-to-life detail and colour
    • Watch bubbles freeze in unparalleled detail as they hit the icy Canadian air and create natural crystal-like structures – with no special effects used
    • The beautiful, natural effect is complimented with a mesmerising soundtrack by Sony Music artist Josef Salvat’s version of Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’

    On 1st November, Sony will launch its latest TV advertising campaign featuring the message ‘our most beautiful picture ever’ – to promote its range of award winning BRAVIA™ 4K Ultra HD TVs from the affordable X85 to the breath-taking X9 to the curved S90.

    The ad, made by directors Leila and Damien de Blinkk with creative agency adam&eveDDB, sets out to capture the natural phenomenon and hypnotic beauty of blown bubbles freezing as they hit icy temperatures. The film is set in the snowy forests near Whistler, Canada, and records the bubbles in 4K showing four times the detail of HD, so viewers can see the crystal-like structures of ice form in beautiful patterns across the surface of the bubbles before they shatter in stunning clarity.

    Like snowflakes, no two bubbles – or the structures of ice they form as they freeze – are the same, so each is totally different to the one before. Even more remarkably, no special effects were added to the forming of the ice crystals, as the striking film was shot in real-life.

    Director, Leila de Blinkk commented, “We were blown away by the beauty of the intricate patterns that the freezing of the bubbles’ surface was creating at very low temperature. The feather, flower and star ice shapes were so delicate and mesmerising when they reflected light.

    “To bring out all these details in 4K was to almost discover a new world, that we didn’t suspect existed.”

    Gildas Pelliet, Head of Marketing, Sony Europe, also said, “These new films from Sony follow a long line of iconic adverts for the brand.

    “This time we wanted to create something beautiful that truly reflects the experience of watching a Sony 4K Ultra HD TV – being able to put these fleeting moments of natural beauty on film felt like a fitting successor to all we’ve done before.

    “I hope that, when people watch the new ad on our Sony 4K TVs they will be able to see for themselves the level of detail and contrast boosted by 4K X-Reality PRO™ combined with the fantastic vividness in colour thanks to our exclusive TRILUMINOS Display™ technology. I also think that the soundtrack that has been made for us captures the emotion of the film itself through music – showing that Sony 4K is not just about incredible picture quality, but also sound quality.”

    The ad officially launches on Saturday 1st November. The TV, cinema, OOO, press, digital and search campaign will run on air from 1st November until the end of December 2014.

    The soundtrack to the Sony Ultra HD 4K TV advert comes from Josef Salvat’s unique performance of Rihanna’s song ‘Diamonds’. The Sony Music recording artist, whose debut EP ‘In Your Prime’ was released on Colombia Records on 22nd September to critical acclaim, relished the opportunity to cover the song.

    Speaking about the soundtrack, Josef Salvat says “The track Diamonds is a really beautiful song. It is a favourite of mine, and having the opportunity to put my own spin on it was fantastic. I really loved singing it, I loved playing it.” The delicacy of his beautiful version of the song perfectly mirrors the stunning crystallisation of the bubbles themselves.

    Experience the ad in all its splendour by watching it on a Sony 4K Ultra HD TV. Feel the snow underfoot, sense the movement of the cold air and hear the playful emotion through the superior sound quality existing on the 2014 4K Ultra HD Line-up. Witness the amazing detail of 4K by visiting your local Sony centre or nearest retailer.

    2014-10-24 00:00:00
    SSE launches ‘Proud to Make a Difference’ campaign Leading energy supplier SSE has launched a national advertising campaign aimed at re-engaging customers with energy and highlighting the actions that SSE is taking to make a difference and earn customers’ trust.

    The multi-channel campaign launched with a 90” spot in TV, cinema and online on Saturday night. The film features a Computer Generated Image (CGI) orangutan who visits a city and experiences energy in all its manifestations, discovering an amazing wonderland of light, heat and sound. It aims to capture the wonderful things energy enables us to do in our lives.

    The campaign is complemented by outdoor, press and digital executions which highlight SSE’s ‘actions to make a difference’ – its commitments to making energy more affordable, simple and rewarding for customers.

    SSE is the only UK energy company to freeze standard prices until 2016. It also has award-winning customer service, with its call centres based exclusively in the UK, and offers market-leading sales and customer service guarantees.

    SSE will also use the campaign to highlight why it is proud to make a difference to the UK economy, from its ongoing multi-billion investment in energy infrastructure to being the only energy company to pay at least the Living Wage to its 19,000 plus employees based across Great Britain and Ireland.

    The campaign was developed in partnership with creative agency adam&eveDDB and media agency OMD UK. The film was written by James Gillham and Graham Cappi (adam&eveDDB), directed by Frederic Planchon (Academy Films), and the orangutan was created entirely in CGI by The Mill.

    Will Morris, Group Managing Director, Retail, said: "SSE is proud to power more than five million homes and businesses across the UK. We strive to make a difference to people’s lives every day.

    "We are taking bold steps - we are the only major UK energy supplier to freeze standard prices until 2016, giving our customers peace of mind through this winter and into next.

    "Every year we make an Olympic sized contribution - £9.1 billion - to the UK economy, employing more than 19,000 people.

    "We want to communicate with our current and prospective customers in a way that’s engaging and this campaign seeks to do that.

    "It captures the wonderful things energy enables us to do in our lives and highlights SSE’s actions to make a difference for customers and the UK energy sector as a whole - making it more affordable, simple and rewarding."

    2014-10-06 00:00:00
    ‘Don’t settle for good. Demand great.’ – Sony Mobile launches Xperia™ Z3 Series with integrated global campaign As Sony Mobile’s Xperia™ Z3 and Xperia™ Z3 Compact starts rolling out globally this week, Sony Mobile Communications Inc. (“Sony Mobile”) is today launching an integrated global campaign encouraging consumers to ‘Demand Great.’

    “Sony Mobile’s Xperia Z3 series is for people for whom ‘good’ just isn’t good enough,”says Louise Forbes, Director of Product Marketing Creation, Sony Mobile Communications. “This campaign taps into the passion of those people who refuse to settle, and ‘demand great’ from their smartphone or tablet.”

    The campaign encourages consumers not to compromise when it comes to their purchase decision, showcasing the details that make the difference between a ‘good’ smartphone and a truly great one. The line ‘Don’t settle for good. Demand great.’ is used across all media to highlight a range of different product benefits found in the new Xperia Z3 series.

    Spanning TV, print and digital advertising, online engagement, social, retail and beyond, the campaign is developed in collaboration with leading communications agency adam&eveDDB and global marketing and technology agency DigitasLBi, and is designed to promote Sony Mobile’s range of Xperia Z3 smartphones and tablets, as well as its SmartWear.

    A 60-second film, created by adam&eveDDB, heroes Xperia Z3’s ability to take incredible photos in low-light conditions. To dramatise this, the film follows a group of snowboarders as they descend a mountain in complete darkness, performing an incredible light-show. Shot in Argentina by Peter Thwaites, the film opens on droplets of light as they fall through darkness, only to reveal they are colourfully lit snowboarders creating beautiful trails of light as they glide down a mountain. All this is captured perfectly with Xperia Z3, thanks to its low-light camera capability.

    The light-show technology was designed and produced by Legacy, a special effects studio based in LA. The ad features the track Night Call by London Grammar.

    The film premieres on YouTube today and will roll out globally across more than 20 markets throughout October. It will be supported with various shorter length films and print media - each highlighting specific product benefits of the Xperia Z3 series.

    As part of the integrated campaign, global marketing and technology agency DigitasLBi has developed a branded content initiative featuring real life stories of inspirational individuals who use the Xperia Z3 to help them ‘Demand Great’. The series of films will be distributed via social channels across more than 30 markets, with a particular focus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    2014-09-29 00:00:00
    adam&eveDDB launch campaign for Google’s £3.2m UK Impact Challenge Today sees the return of the Google Impact Challenge in the UK, and adam&eveDDB have
    worked with Google to created an integrated campaign including a 60” online spot, online media
    and website.
    Supported by Nesta, the Google Impact Challenge asked UK-based charities how they would
    change the world through innovative technology. The 10 finalists, announced today, were selected
    from hundreds of applications. They are all guaranteed to receive a £200,000 grant, as well as
    mentorship and training from both Google and Nesta, but the public now has the chance to vote for
    which four projects should receive the full £500,000 funding and support.
    The campaign launches online with a 60” film, directed by Noah Harris at Blink Ink, featuring
    updates on the four winners from last year’s Impact Challenge. The online display highlights the
    innovative projects that make up this year’s Challenge finalists, featuring models from Ben Millar
    and Hattie Newman, photographed by Stephen Lenthall. The voting website has been designed by
    adam&eveDDB and developed by Psycle.
    Entrepreneur and star of BBC’s Dragon’s Den Peter Jones this morning revealed the 10 British
    nonprofits selected to compete for four top charitable grants of £500,000, as well as the 60” spot
    designed to drive the public vote.
    The ten finalists, revealed this morning, are:
    Finalist Project Overview
    The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Tackling malaria through the use of acoustic sensors
    Royal National Institute of Blind Enhancing the sight of the blind and partiallysighted through
    People (RNIB) smart glasses
    Carr Gomm Helping social support users to self-direct their care through an app
    We Are What We Do Improving young people's mental health through gaming
    WeFarm Connecting smallhold farmers in the developing world with
    access to agricultural information
    Virunga Foundation Reporting security and conservation threats in Virunga National
    Park in The DRC
    Catch22 Charity Limited Guiding young people through social enterprise projects and
    increasing their employability
    Relate Resolving family disputes through an online tool
    Centrepoint Tackling youth homelessness through data analysis
    St Giles Trust Supporting reintegration of former offenders through social connections
    Members of the public can learn about all of the finalists and cast their votes at until 30th July.
    The grand final, which will take place at Google’s London headquarters on Thursday 31st July, will
    see three of four grand prize winners selected by a judging panel featuring entrepreneur and BBC
    Dragon Peter Jones CBE, inventor of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales, broadcaster and director of Red
    Nose Day Emma Freud, Nesta’s Innovation Lab Executive Director Helen Goulden and Google’s
    Matt Brittin and Jacquelline Fuller. The winner of the public vote will also be named, and will
    receive the final £500,000 grant.
    2014-07-21 00:00:00
    adam&eveDDB goes Back to the Future in latest campaign for Phones 4u adam&eveDDB has launched a new campaign for Phones 4u to demonstrate that the retailer can help find the right phone for your future. The new campaign, 'For the future you', shows Phones 4u staff helping customers check that their phones will still be relevant in the future, with the aid of the much¬‐loved DeLorean Time Machine from the cult classic Back to the Future films.

    The first 60” TV ad breaks Saturday with teasers running on 17th and 18th across mobile, social and TV. The campaign also includes print and digital, and a social campaign where the retailer promises to improve customers' futures at #FutureYou, and an online experience where fans can take a ride in the DeLorean Time Machine. Mat Goff, Joint Managing Director, adam&eveDDB: “It's the DeLorean from Back to the Future in a Phones 4u ad. If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour... you're gonna see some serious shit.”

    2014-07-18 00:00:00