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58 St Katharine's Way Devon House
London E1W 1LB
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 020 7423 4500

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Basic Info

Core Competencies: Market Research/Consulting, Media Buying/Planning, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Packaging/Design

Founded in: 1988

Employees: 75

Awards: 16

Clients: 40

CST The Gate

58 St Katharine's Way Devon House
London E1W 1LB
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 020 7423 4500

Paul Anderson

Executive Creative Director

Phone: (+44) 020 7282 8100

Jeremy Baker

Creative Director

Phone: (+44) 020 7282 8152

Philip Gregory

Chairman & CEO

Phone: (+44) 020 7282 8124

Phillip Hawkins

Managing Director

Phone: (+44) 020 7423 4560

Fiona Hughes

Finance Director

Phone: (+44) 020 7282 8160

Robert Mitchelmore

Media Director

Phone: (+44) 020 7282 8116

John Paterson

Vice Chairman

Phone: (+44) 020 7282 8158

Piers Pollock

Director, Strategy and Planning

Phone: (+44) 020 7282 8034

Jeremy Prescott

Client Services Director

Phone: (+44) 020 7282 8168

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About CST The Gate

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Chinese, English, German
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
We have an approach that has been driven by experience of working in difficult and highly regulated areas, that we call 'a specialist way of thinking'. A specialist way of thinking manifests itself as an uncompromising determination, fuelled by hard work and inspiration in equal measure, to produce solutions that not only make a positive impact, but deliver results. It's not a barrier to creativity, but it prevents creativity for creativity's sake. It guarantees creative relevance and relevant creativity. Because of the added value we believe this approach can bring to any client, we endeavour to adopt a specialist approach to everything we do. Also, because of the complex products and services we have experience of, we thrive on challenges other agencies shy away from.
Network Description
Citigate Albert Frank is a member of Incepta Group plc, the international marketing and communications Group that creates a genuine business environment in which its companies' cleverness, creativity and passion can thrive.
Incepta Group plc is represented by 44 companies employing 2000 staff, servicing over 3000 clients from 76 offices worldwide.
Citigate Albert Frank is represented in 4 countries with 7 agencies in Europe, 2 in America, 3 in Africa and 3 in Asia & the Middle East.
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