Press Releases - J. Walter Thompson London - J. Walter Thompson London Press Releases at en-us Copyright 2017 OXO shows off Dad’s cooking skills in new TVC release OXO returns to British TV screens with another heart-warming and entertaining ad created by J. Walter Thompson London, that continues to follow a-day-in-the-life of the new modern-day OXO Family.

This time Dad is cooking up a storm for his quiet night in, as Mum heads out for a girl’s night and the kids head off to judo practice.

As chance would have it, Judo and girl’s night is cancelled, so the family settle in and bond over another OXO pot special at the kitchen table. 

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NESPRESSO REVEALS NEW BRAND CAMPAIGN STARRING THE REAL FARMERS BEHIND ITS EXCEPTIONAL COFFEES Discover how Nespresso’s choices lead to amazing consequences for farmers and their communities

Today, Nespresso released its latest integrated brand campaign, sharing the personal stories of the farmers behind the exceptional coffees Nespresso is known for. The brand invites all coffee lovers to discover the heart-warming stories that have been made possible thanks to Nespresso’s uncompromising choices.

The integrated brand campaign will launch on September 12th, 2017 with a 60 second TV film, digital assets and print adverts. Four short online films and a new content hub have also been created to share the personal stories of the farmers behind the exceptional coffee.

Alfonso Gonzalez, Nespresso Chief Marketing Officer explains “Sustainability has always been at the heart of what we do at Nespresso and we wanted to use this new campaign approach to help coffee drinkers learn what is behind the coffee they enjoy every day. All of the stories in this campaign showcase how our choice to find and cultivate the best quality coffee can have amazing consequences on the people who grow and nurture it. In the end, we believe that we are the choices we make.”


The new campaign, shot for four days in Jardin (Colombia) by Italian directors Davide Mardegan and Clemente De Muro (CRIC) focuses on one specific choice Nespresso has made: creating a Community Mill with the local cooperative where all farmers could bring their coffee beans to be  processed in the most qualitative way. While it was created to help preserve the high quality coffee of the region, it did much more than that.  Farmers were able to generate more revenue by selling higher quality coffee but were also saving precious time. Farmers can save up to 5 hours a day during picking season – time and energy they are able to reinvest in their families, communities and personal passions.


  • Meet Humberto, a passionate coffee farmer benefiting from the Community Mill. He has been able to support his daughter’s passion for butterflies all the way to University where she is studying biology, thanks to the time and resources he has saved by processing his coffee centrally.  
  • Meet Esteban, who used to process his coffee on his father’s farm but now benefits from the Community Mill. A young father of two, he also has time to volunteer as a fireman for his community and spend more time with his sons. “I got into firefighting to help people” Esteban explains before talking about his family “This is all for my sons, all my work is for them and one day it will be theirs. I couldn’t be happier with the Community Mill. As long as Nespresso will buy my coffee, I’ll keep selling it to them.”
  • Meet Luis, who can now pass on his passion for fishing to his son Mathias, spending much more time outside together. The Community Mill has also enabled better water management and cleaner rivers in the region: “Before, if you wanted to go swimming in the river, you had to leave your shoes on, that’s how polluted it was. The Community Mill has had great impact on the community, we’re helping to keep rivers clean and preserve the environment as a whole.”

Nespresso believes quality does not come by chance but by choice. The search for the highest quality coffee has led to a series of choices, like the one to create the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program coffee. Created in 2003 the program works directly with farmers to create sustainable coffee farming practices that increase the quality, productivity and longevity of their coffee farms. 

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HSBC UK LAUNCHES INTEGRATED CYCLING PARTNERSHIP CAMPAIGN HSBC UK today announces the launch of an integrated campaign as part of its eight-year partnership deal with British Cycling, the largest cycling organisation in Britain.

Created as part of an integrated effort with Mindshare Worldwide, J. Walter Thompson London, Hill+Knowlton Strategies and Geometry London – forming Team Peloton for HSBC UK – the campaign aims to inspire two million people to get on their bikes by 2020 and make cycling the UK’s most popular activity and sport of choice.

The launch of the integrated campaign will see a commercial content partnership with RDF Television, the producers of Channel 4’s ‘The Secret Life of 4, 5 and 6 Year Olds’, a beautiful online film, branded content, a social campaign, and supporting in-branch creatives.

The campaign aims to unify people and communities and encourage them to take up, or return to, cycling and ensure that anyone, anywhere in the UK has the opportunity and inspiration to cycle: for travel, for fitness or for fun.

The integrated campaign will feature a cycling special made in the style of ‘The Secret Life of 4, 5 and 6 Year Olds’, which sees the children from the hit show discover the joys of cycling and remind the nation of the magic of learning to ride a bike for the first time.

The Secret Life of New Cyclists’ will air on the 7th July during the ad break of Gogglesprogs, the kids’ spinoff of Channel 4’s Gogglebox. Users on All 4 will receive an interactive ad unit that gives them the opportunity to watch a longer five minute hero piece. The video will also be available to view online at  

A hero online film created by J. Walter Thompson London, called ‘Life Cycle’ will also launch through VOD and HSBC social channels on the 10th July. Directed by Jesper Ericstam, the online film is aimed at connecting lapsed cyclists with what they loved about cycling to begin with. The video depicts the joys of cycling, including a boy riding the streets with his friends, a young man cycling his date home, to a father carrying his little girl across a bridge on the back of his bike.

Giles Morgan, HSBC Global Head of Sponsorship and Events said: “Drawing upon the combined resources and expertise of the group, we have brought together a perfectly formed peloton to help deliver the ambition of our partnership with British Cycling. The four agencies have demonstrated perceptive insight, skill and expertise to help us get two million people to get on their bikes.”

Julie Harrington, CEO of British Cycling said: “The partnership we have with HSBC UK is much more than just a sponsorship. More people cycling will lead to a healthier, greener and happier nation. Whether it’s the online film or ‘The Secret Life of New Cyclists’ special, we hope that they can serve as an inspiration – as well as reminder – that everyone can rediscover that feeling of getting on your bike for the first time.”

Joe Petyan, WPP’s teamHSBC lead said: “Just as HSBC inspires progress, cycling encourages rediscovery and creates joy. The content and the online film is a nostalgic display of the elation and wellbeing cycling brings to many lives. It tells the story of how this partnership completes the mission of both brands for a healthier and happier Britain with the aim of encouraging more people to rediscover that sense of freedom and adventure from cycling.”  

HSBC UK is the lead partner of British Cycling. Over the course of the next eight years, the partnership seeks to embrace communities nationwide with cycling. For more information visit

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J. Walter Thompson London creates Wi-Fi router to hi-jack public Wi-Fi signal with domestic abuse film and saveable helpline number J. Walter Thompson London creatives have been travelling the country to domestic violence problem areas plugging in a Wi-Fi router which instead of offering internet connection delivers the unsuspecting public an apparent Facetime call with a woman who is about to become the victim of domestic abuse.
“Signal for Help” works by offering the public Wi-Fi that appears as an unlocked signal ‘Free_Public_Wi-Fi’ but when they connect, instead of a login page the user is served a powerful dramatic short film of a woman pleading for help before being cut off.
A statistic then says: “Only 16% of suspected domestic abuse is reported to the police.” As the film ends the user is given the opportunity to save the non-emergency police number 101 to their phone so if they are ever concerned about domestic abuse they have the number to call.
J. Walter Thompson London creatives Will Wright and James Lucking created the router that holds the film and phone number. They then travelled around the country specifically targeting towns and cities which have the highest reported incidents of domestic abuse and plugged the router in at high footfall areas.
Called “Signal for Help” the campaign was created for the Bede House, a Southwark-based charity that supports local people by helping them create better lives for themselves, their families and their communities and will be running as long as the charity feel it is effective.
Lucas Peon, the Executive Creative Director of J. Walter Thompson London, said: “It’s a deeply shocking statistic we feel needs to be tackled putting our best thinking to work. It was vital that we found a solution that went beyond just raising awareness and actively empowered people to act. After watching something so shocking, the action we’re asking for is so simple I can’t imagine who wouldn’t do it. It’s a serious solution, for a serious problem.
“Using free Wi-Fi as the hook allowed us to unexpectedly deliver the message and gave us the ability to be targeted in our approach. The film feel is purposely disruptive and personal which suits the mobile format and motivates viewers to save the number to their contacts.”
Nick Dunne, Director of Bede House, said: “Bede was founded in 1938, so we have deep roots in this community. As society changes, we continue to seek new ways to reach those most in need. This project interests us because it explores the potential of modern communication methods to “break the silence” that surrounds domestic abuse and enable more people to find effective help to live safely.” 

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J. Walter Thompson London drives debate and awareness around the gender pay gap by showing how offensive the world can seem with 25% missing To drive awareness and debate on International Women’s Day about how women are paid on average 25% less than men, J. Walter Thompson London has created a provocative outdoor campaign using clever word play to drive home just how offensive the world can seem with 25% missing

The ads will appear on more than 800 digital poster sites across the UK with media delivered for free by Maxus Global.


James Whitehead, Chief Executive of J. Walter Thompson London, said: “This is an important opportunity to shine a light on a really important topic in society and culture. This work is a catalyst for debate and behaviour change and true to #BeBoldForChange on International Women’s day.”


Rachel Pashley, creator of Female Tribes and Global Planner at J. Walter Thompson, said: “Removing 25% of anything can fundamentally change the meaning, and underpaying women confers an implicit or even explicit message to women as to how much they are valued in society.”


Research from our Female Tribes’ global Women’s Index study also shows that 53% of women felt they were paid less than men for the same job, and 53% felt it was harder to ask for a pay rise as a woman. 

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New Study shows women will turn off a film or TV show if too stereotyped or lacking female characters. They want more female lead characters to be politicians, corporate leaders and scientists and not “attractive ditsy blondes.”

London and Los Angeles, 23 February, 2017:
 As the Oscars approach, research carried out by J. Walter Thompson and the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media shows that 85% of women said “sometimes I feel media and culture are blind to how much they stereotype women.”

66% said they have actively switched off films or TV shows if they felt they were negatively stereotyping them, while 1 in 4 women said that they had stopped watching a film/ TV show because there weren’t enough female characters, rising to nearly half (46%) of US Millennials.

In a survey of 1,000 women in the UK and US respondents also called for films to have better and more diverse representation, deliver better pay for women in Hollywood and said that the reel world needs to “catch up with” the real world.

Figures from the research, part of the Female Tribes “Women’s Index” study, showed that 51% of women in the US and 38% in the UK said that they make a point to watch a film, ad or TV show that presents a lot of female characters while 74% of US Millennials make a point of watching films / TV shows that have complex female characters. 

It is also vital that those female characters have significant roles: 79% of US and 73% of UK respondents stated they strongly agreed they are “tired of seeing the attractive, ditsy female character.”


The research also highlighted the impact and influence of seeing women in diverse and powerful roles, underlining the philosophy of the Geena Davis Institute that “if she can see it, she can be it.”

  • 71% of US and 63% of UK respondents said: 'If we saw more women onscreen as corporate leaders, it would make it easier for women to become corporate leaders.”


  • 67% US and 66% UK stated: “If we saw more women onscreen as scientists, it would be easier for women to become scientists.”


  • 64% of both US and UK respondents said: “If we saw more women onscreen as politicians, it would be easier for women to become politicians.”


In fact, 84% also said that they wished they heard more about female achievements on a regular basis and less about the latest beauty or fashion trend.


Finally, the research shows that women want to see equal pay for female movie stars with 89% of US and 87% of UK respondents strongly agreeing that, “It sends a negative message to young girls/women when female actors don’t receive the same pay as men in their industry.”




Geena Davis, Founder and Chair, the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media said: 

“My Institute’s motto has always been ‘If She Can See It, She Can Be It.’ Media images can have a powerful influence on girls to inspire them to pursue certain careers by identifying with a great female character on TV or in a Film; boys will come to see women in these careers as the norm and not the exception.”


Rachel Pashley, Global Planner at J. Walter Thompson, said: 

“The film world or ‘reel world’ shapes our perception of the real world, informing our unconscious bias of what a leader, or a scientist looks like. The fact is, it’s out of step with women’s role and influence in society, literally serving up ‘fake news’ and making it even harder for women to progress. If we can see it, she can be it.

“Films like Hidden Figures not only challenge our perceptions of what a mathematician ‘should’ look like, they have demonstrable commercial success - positive proof that we want to hear these stories.”

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HSBC UK celebrates optimism and progress in new multi-channel campaign by J. Walter Thompson London The latest HSBC UK campaign created by J. Walter Thompson London, demonstrates how HSBC’s products and services seamlessly enable progress, keeping its customers moving onwards with their lives.
The four specific offerings are: a one day mortgage approval service, Voice ID for telephone banking, Fast Balance (checking your balance without logging in on mobile) and personal loan top-ups available on your mobile.
The integrated campaign includes outdoor, press, social, digital and a TV spot – all dramatising the idea of progress by following individuals on their onwards journeys – such as a poster showing a man on a motor bike travelling across America with the line: “Broken engine this morning. Back on the road this afternoon”.
The 60” TVC set in New Zealand, uses Kate Winslet as the VO artist, and demonstrates the bank’s new Voice ID technology. The plot is based on a heart-warming story of a young boy who is trying to gain access into a group of friends’ mysterious den. After a few unsuccessful attempts to provide the right password, he receives a text telling him to use just his voice to gain entry; and the secret den turns out to be even better than imagined.
Chris Pitt, HSBC UK Head of Marketing (Retail Banking and Wealth Management) said, “Whilst our audience is diverse in approach to their personal finances, HSBC aims to unite them by a common desire to progress, to be optimistic in the face of obstacles, and regardless of their circumstances, to keep moving forwards in their life.”
Russell Ramsey, J. Walter Thompson London Executive Creative Director, said “We wanted to promote the new HSBC Voice ID technology through an analogy that speaks to access and acceptance. It's true to the international equity of the brand.” 

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WWF-UK gives everyone the chance to become Tiger Protectors in new Christmas campaign featuring CGI Tiger and personalised book WWF-UK brings the plight of wild tigers home in the latest ad to hit screens during this festive season, featuring a CGI enhanced injured Tiger with a doting family. The launch will also include a personalised book for children by award winning kids author Jeanne Willis and illustrator Jenni Desmond, which will be sent to donators after they have made their contribution.  

Created by J. Walter Thompson London and called #iProtectTigers, the strategy moves away from the traditional “adopt a” mechanic where the charity protects the animal with money from donations and puts the power in the people’s hands by offering them the chance to do the protecting themselves as Tiger Protectors. WWF-UK’s touching ad launches at a critical time, less than one week from the mid-point of a 12-year global goal to double wild tiger numbers by 2022.

You can sign up to become a Tiger Protector and get the personalized book here:

The J. Walter Thompson London creation, directed by the award winning Martin Stirling and using CGI from MPC, who have produced films including Disney’s Jungle Book, WWF-UK’s ‘Tiger in Suburbia’ will preview on E4 this weekend (19th) during Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Jasper Shelbourne, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson London, comments:

 “By making people Tiger Protectors we are bringing the audience much closer to the action, something manifested in the book, film and print. And, executionally there is something uniquely engaging about a 700lb Tiger in a small bedroom in suburbia.”

Highlighting the devastating impacts of the illegal wildlife trade, ‘Tiger in Suburbia’ features a CGI wild tiger which appears in need of urgent care after being caught in a poacher’s snare. The family nurse the tiger back to health in their home before it disappears back into the forest, sending a message that we in the UK can help protect wild tigers. Viewers are encouraged to sign up to be ‘Tiger Protectors’ as part of an integrated campaign #iProtectTigers.

Designed as a gift for children, the book can be fully personalised with the child’s name, gender, skin and hair colour. The parent role can also be personalised. It was written by Jeanne Willis, author of such titles as Chicken Clicking and the Penguin Pandemonium series and illustrated by Jenni Desmond, award winning creator of The Blue Whale. The pair have worked on a number of books together previously, including The First Slodge.



Kerry Blackstock, Director of Public Fundraising at WWF-UK, comments:

“During the last century over 95% of the world's wild tiger population has been lost, with as few as 3,200 estimated in 2010 – an all-time low. Now their numbers have begun to increase, and we need to take this chance to secure their future. Protecting wild tigers and tackling the illegal wildlife trade is a topic close to the hearts of many people here in the UK. This advert acts as a stark reminder that although we may feel a million miles away from this issue, we can help. We can make a difference.

This Christmas campaign is a first for WWF-UK, using the power and magic of CGI to illustrate the plight of this endangered species. ”

WWF-UK’s #iProtectTigers campaign is part of the wider Tx2 goal to double the number of wild tigers by 2022. By donating £5 a month to become a ‘Tiger Protector,’ supporters can receive a personalised storybook along with updates throughout the year.

In 2010, governments of the 13 tiger range countries, together with organisations including WWF, set an ambitious and visionary conservation goal, to double the number of wild tigers by 2022 – the next Chinese year of the tiger. This goal is called Tx2.

Earlier this year conservationists worldwide celebrated a small victory as global wild tiger numbers were reported to have increased for the first time in conservation history. Yet with only around 3,900 tigers left in the wild, it is vital efforts are increased. NGOs, governments and local communities must build on this momentum to secure and increase wild tiger populations across Asian tiger range states. 

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Debenhams launches Presents with Personality Found It 2016 launches with celebrity voices Debenhams launches its 2016 Christmas marketing campaign with the evolution of ‘Found It’, the successful campaign platform which has featured as the basis of its seasonal activity for the last two years. For 2016 the campaign evolves to showcase premium gifts with personality, with a host of celebrity voices enlisted to bring them to life.

The multi-million pound cross-channel campaign, designed to highlight the brand’s gifting credentials sees talent such as Jennifer Saunders, Ewan McGregor, Billie Piper, Bruno Tonioli and Mel Giedroyc recruited as the voices of a selection of key gifts including handbags, lingerie, kidswear, men’s bags and a coffee machine.

The campaign, which runs across TV, Radio, Outdoor, Digital and print kicks off with six TV ad concepts broadcast as 10” and 20” executions. The first 20” airing of the campaign is set to take place during a prime iTV break on Monday 14th November. Radio ads are set to run across stations including Heart, Smooth and Capital at key times to target gift-buying customers.

Outdoor comprises of 48 sheet and six sheet executions, with over 5,000 outdoor panels nationwide. Print ads will appear in titles including Metro, Sunday Times Style, You, Fabulous, Grazia, Stylist, Marie Claire and Red.

A 160 page gift guide with a 2.2million print run showcases the gift offering featuring almost 6,000 ideas. In addition, bespoke 40 and 16 page ‘You’ve got the invite, we’ve got the outfit’ fashion brochures have been inserted into Sunday Times Style, Grazia and Stylist, promoting party wear for men, women and kids as well as beauty and lingerie.

In-store theatre has also been dialled up for 2016 with the transformation of the brand’s flagship, Oxford Street, into the ‘Found It Gift Factory’ for the season. The iconic building will feature a window scheme that extends throughout the exterior façade and roof complete with pipes, cogs, wheels and funnels which give the appearance of a factory setting. The window scheme includes a ‘Sequinator’ transforming fashion with Christmas glitz and a conveyor belt shrinking enormous fragrance bottles down to real-size. Meantime, a ‘Gift-a-Tron’ reads people's minds to reveal their perfect present – and bubbles will decorate the entire street for a dramatic rooftop display.

Debenhams has also upweighted investment into delivering Christmas atmosphere across its entire store estate, with over 1.9million metres of glitter ribbon, 160,000 baubles, 722,200 twinkle tree light and 55,000 stars set to decorate stores. ‘Found It’ is extended to branded carrier bags and also 330,000 canvas ‘Found It’ gift bags will be available at till points, to carriage home gifts as well as be used when transporting gifts over the Festive period. In addition all Debenhams online orders will be boxed and bagged in red ‘Found It’ packages – perfect for Santa’s deliveries!

Debenhams’ army of 200 personal shoppers will become ‘Gift Finders’ for the season. Through an online reservation service customers will be able to book an appointment and delegate their Christmas shopping.

Debenhams Marketing Director Richard Cristofoli says: “’Found It’ was developed as a 360 degree campaign to highlight our position as a gifting destination. It was always conceived as a campaign that had longevity; celebrating the joy of finding the perfect present for a loved one. The campaign has evolved over the past three years and started to become a part of consumer consciousness.

“We are delighted to be evolving the ‘Found It’ for 2016 and believe the new roster of famous voices and humorous scripts and the joined up campaign across all channels will help ensure we deliver cut-through and resonance during a cluttered time of year.”
Russell Ramsey Executive Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson London, said: “The “Found It” campaign evolves every Christmas. This year we’re focusing on the different personalities of each present. It’s product centric, fun and entertaining.”
Retained agency J. Walter Thompson London devised the Found It ad campaign, TV executions were directed by Chris Floyd from Ultd. Print, in-store and other executions were all created by the Debenhams in house marketing and creative teams.

A range of territories from across Debenhams’ 70+ international store estate will also be implementing the ‘Found It’ campaign, including Malta, Cyprus, Latvia, Malaysia and Gibraltar. 

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OXO returns to screens with new 21st Century Family OXO is coming back to British TV screens with two heart-warmingly entertaining ads following the lives of a modern-day family, created by J. Walter Thompson London.

In this new take on the classic work, famous for reflecting contemporary family life, the ads introduce a whole new family - mum, dad, three children and their beloved pet rabbit, Mr Jefferson – all of whom have distinct personalities and active roles in the family group.

Both ads were directed by BAFTA & Emmy award winning Declan Lowney who not only directed some of the BT “family” ads but also was the original lead director of Cold Feet, Father Ted and Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.

The first ad sees teenage daughter Lucy bring home Tiana, the coolest girl in school, for dinner. However, when she sees Meatballs on the menu Lucy is mortified – until mum adds OXO. Tiana gives her seal of approval by sharing a picture of the dish on social media - confirming what mum knew all along.

The second sees a rush to get dinner ready for Jan and Rob, two friends who they forgot were coming.

The campaign builds on the concept of Team Family. The modern family unit sometimes gets a bad rap, with technology, broken homes and longer working hours all making life more fragmented.

However, our research paints a much more positive picture of how things are. More informal parenting styles and more chaotic schedules mean that we're more involved in our kids’ lives than ever before. Dads are increasingly joining mums at the emotional heart of the family and Mum and Dad increasingly share the work and domestic duties.

Almost one in three of today’s dads (29 per cent) take on sole responsibility for cooking and 87 per cent take on at least some responsibility for preparing meals*.

James Whitehead, J. Walter Thompson London Executive Partner, said: "It’s great to be able to modernise the OXO family for today’s Britain. Our new family are a real team: chaotic and imperfect, there's teasing and the occasional strop, but there's also a lot of life, energy, love and getting things done as a real family.”

Helen Touchais, Brand Director Flavourings and Seasonings at Premier Foods, said: “OXO aims to help families who are looking to prepare meals that are quick to cook, but that are also wholesome and delicious. As an ingredient intrinsic to British households, OXO has historically portrayed the ins and outs of family life - evolving from Katie’s family in the 1960s through to Lynda Bellingham’s family reign through the 1980s and 1990s.”

The OXO family was made famous in the 80s and 90s when the late Lynda Bellingham was the nation’s favourite ‘OXO mum’ and Michael Redfern the dad. The emotional final instalment of that family series was shown in 1999 when the family moved out of the house.

* An Immediate Media Survey conducted in April 2015 for BBC Good Food

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Holiday Inn Express celebrates the real reasons guests stay with them in ‘We Know What Matters’ campaign by J. Walter Thompson London J. Walter Thompson London has launched a fully integrated creative campaign for Holiday Inn Express, which refreshingly acknowledges that, when it comes to a short stay, the hotel takes second place to the reason guests are visiting –whether that be seeing a relative, attending a wedding or travelling on business.

This emotive campaign, which will be launched on Saturday the 1st of October during X-Factor, is led by a series of uplifting 30 second ads. Each TVC dramatises the true reasons why guests stay. Place names such as Slough, Droitwich and Swansea are celebrated as an emotional metaphor for what those places mean to their guests, before showing how the hotel plays a supporting role in the occasion, by providing more where it matters to help make their stay as smooth as possible - from breakfast, to power showers and free Wi-Fi.

The campaign is summarised through the supporting tagline “At Holiday Inn Express we take care of what matters inside the hotel, so that you can enjoy what matters outside if it.”

J. Walter Thompson London has also created a series of radio, paid digital, cinema and video on demand ads highlighting key inclusions like breakfast and free Wi-Fi. In addition, the in-hotel marketing posters use clever copy design around these premium offerings – please see example attached.

Mike Greenup, Vice President, Brand Management Upscale & Midscale Hotels (Europe), said: “Our job at Holiday Inn Express is to focus on what matters inside the hotel, providing a great night’s sleep and friendly, efficient service, so our guests can make the most of what happens outside of it”.

David Masterman, Creative Director at J Walter Thompson London, said: “We’re looking at this the way guests do; it’s not the Holiday Inn Express in Slough, it’s the Holiday Inn Express near Grandad’s.” 

2016-09-29 00:00:00
J. Walter Thompson London creates online game for Freshers in latest HSBC Campaign As hundreds and thousands of school-leavers prepare to fly the nest and become full-time students in the whirlwind of Freshers’ Week, J. Walter Thompson London has created a fun and playable online game for HSBC delivering the benefits of its student current account.

As well as the obvious debts, hangovers and living with complete strangers, there are a lot of unseen hurdles to overcome for students starting at University– everything from a broken phone or mum’s birthday to the dreaded not having enough money to go out.

Called “Freshers’ Fortune” and reminiscent of Sonic and Mario, but with a bearded and backpack wearing student, the game is based on the classic side scrolling computer game where the object is to collect coins.

However, the coins are replaced by benefits of the HSBC Student account all, of which can be used to overcome these unforeseen hurdles. These include an overdraft for the phone, credit card for mum’s present and Amazon Prime vouchers to alleviate the boredom of an enforced night in.

A player’s success in gaining these benefits is measured in degree classifications, from 3rd (worst) to 1st (best). The game will be playable on the HSBC Facebook page on both desktop and mobile. The game can be played here:

Russell Ramsey, Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson London, said: “Freshers’ Week is a frenetic time for students so we needed a way to cut through the noise and engage them while also fitting into that hectic fun-packed schedule.”
Chris Pitt, Head of RBWM UK Marketing at HSBC, said: “We know that while starting University, and especially Freshers’ Week, can be great fun, there are also a lot of concerns for new students and the HSBC Student account can alleviate many of these – and “Freshers Fortune” allows us to do this in a modern engaging way.” 

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IFAW and J. Walter Thompson London create Suzy Puppy to be the star of campaign targeting cruel UK puppy trade The UK is facing an epidemic of breeders and smugglers producing puppies solely for profit, so J. Walter Thompson London and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) have created Suzy Puppy, a toy dog who may not be all she seems, as the star of a multi-faceted campaign raising awareness of the issue.

Centred around an online mock-advert for a children’s toy, the campaign also features a real world element where the toy will be displayed in selected animal-based stores as well as being introduced to MPs at a Parliamentary launch on September 14th, with a Suzy Puppy toy being sent to every single MP. At the Westminster event IFAW will be calling on the Government to introduce new laws that protect dogs and their puppies in the UK.

The short film is set up like a bright, flashy and energetic toy ad and depicts a young girl’s delight in getting her new Suzy Puppy. However, mirroring the grim reality of the puppy industry the ad takes a dark turn as she quickly discovers that her seemingly perfect pup is in fact suffering a great deal from problems such as conjunctivitis and parvovirus.

The climax of the spot serves to warn those looking to buy a puppy, and offers a useful guide (P.U.P.S.) to ensure potential buyers know the signs to look out for:

  • Parent - Is the puppy with its mum?
  • Underage - Has the puppy reached the legal age for sale?
  • Papers - Are all of the puppy’s papers available and in order?
  • Sickness - Is the puppy healthy and energetic?

Suzy Puppy will also appear in the windows of selected Independent toy stores, vets and pet groomers in Covent Garden, Dulwich and Richmond.

Breeders from the UK, and puppy smugglers from across Europe, are producing puppies solely for profit, with little, if any, consideration for the animals’ needs or health. All too often, puppies are taken from their mothers too soon (before eight weeks of age) and transported on long journeys to be sold by unscrupulous dealers. These puppies regularly suffer from preventable illness, sometimes death, and can have behavioural issues later on in life. Many people and puppies have fallen victim to the trade because they are not aware of the issues at play.

Philip Mansbridge, IFAW UK Regional Director, said: “IFAW stands firmly against the large-scale, low welfare commercial breeding of puppies for profit. We want to see an end to third-party sales and the introduction of tougher and better enforced licensing to tackle this cruel trade. We also urge members of the public to remember P.U.P.S and spread the message to others.”

David Masterman, J. Walter Thompson London Creative Director, said: “We need legislative change, so a cute, flea-ridden pup with parvovirus and conjunctivitis is the perfect lobbyist."

J. Walter Thompson London and IFAW are working to inform the public about the shocking truth around puppy breeding and encourage responsible pet buying choices. We believe that once the general public possesses the knowledge and tools to make responsible decisions on this issue, the demand for irresponsibly bred and sold puppies will naturally reduce.

IFAW will also be partnering with NGOs to work with online platforms selling dogs to improve selling standards, protecting buyers and puppies alike.

2016-09-13 00:00:00
Canon invites smart phone users to immerse themselves in City Surfing in latest “Come and See” campaign by J. Walter Thompson London Canon today unveils a new brand campaign that looks to open the eyes of smartphone users to the virtues of real image quality at moments where it truly matters.

Created by J. Walter Thompson London and entitled City Surfing, the campaign is the latest story in Canon’s 'Come and See' campaign series, which invites consumers to explore and interact with the unique technology and products that make Canon, Canon.

Shot on the Eisbach River in 180° video the campaign follows the stories of three urban river surfers as they embark on a night-time surfing session in the heart of Munich.

Viewers can use their smartphone to browse scenes in 180° whilst simulating the experience of shooting a fast moving subject for themselves in a different scene before saving their shots directly to their device and sharing online, without losing any of that distinct Canon quality.

Users can also get up close to the action and watch the surfing spectacle at three different zoom levels, alongside learning about different camera techniques and technologies throughout the film via interactive hotspots.

Lee Bonniface, Marketing Director, EMEA region at Canon Europe, said: “We’ve been able to portray some fascinating and inspiring stories as part of our Come and See brand campaign and we’re proud to bring our latest story to life in an even more engaging way. For the first time, consumers will be able to see and feel the true benefits of using a Canon camera through their smartphones, while exploring the incredibly exciting world of City Surfing. We want to put consumers in the driver’s seat, enable them to view the scene and story as it is told and learn about Canon’s superior imaging quality in the process.”

Barry Christie, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson London, said: “Canon ‘City Surfers’ is an immersive experience that you can really step into and explore. We're not simply storytelling here, but completely involving consumers in a dramatic photographic experience.

Canon launched its three-year ‘Come and See’ communications strategy at Photokina in September 2014, to inspire photography enthusiasts to seek out the unexpected and capture fascinating stories, whilst inviting smartphone users into the world of Canon. City Surfing is the fifth story in the series.

City Surfing will be launches across EMEA markets today and will be hosted on

2016-09-08 00:00:00
J. Walter Thompson London shows how little things can make a big difference in latest HSBC ad J. Walter Thompson Londonhas created a touching, feel-good ad for HSBC celebrating how little things can make a big difference. Demonstrating the small but powerful features of HSBC’s digital current accounts such as Fast Balance and Touch ID.

Called “super rare” the TVC tells the story of a football obsessed young girl who is desperately trying to find the last sticker in her football sticker collection – the wonderfully haired Zumo. After falling foul of a mean boy, bad luck and extortionate sell-on costs her mum gives her the surprise of her life – making her the envy of the playground. 

The OOH, DOOH and Print uses the highly distinctive and extremely popular #combophotos by Stephen Mcmennamy to deliver the Big Little Things strategy in modern interesting way.

The 60-second version broke on Sunday 21st with the 30-second cut breaking tonight.

Russell Ramsey, Executive Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson London, said: “Little things really can make all the difference sometimes – especially if it’s important to someone who’s important to you. This work really emphasises how big an effect doing something little can have.”

2016-08-23 00:00:00
J. Walter Thompson London wins WWF-UK Tiger Campaign James Whitehead, Joint CEO at J. Walter Thompson London, said: “We’re at a point where global tiger numbers are increasing for the first time in conservation history. But we still have a long way to go before their future is secure. We’re delighted to be able to work on such an ambitious project and help protect the future of this iconic species.” Kerry Blackstock, Director of Public Fundraising at WWF-UK, said: “We’re extremely excited about working with JWT on this vital campaign. Their strategy and creative work were just what we were looking for and the campaign fits perfectly into our overall brand positioning.” ]]> 2016-07-08 00:00:00 “WE TRAVEL NOT TO ESCAPE LIFE, BUT FOR LIFE NOT TO ESCAPE US.” J. Walter Thompson London has created a sumptuous new global advertising campaign for InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts encouraging consumers to “Live the InterContinental life”.

Aimed at international frequent travellers the campaign delivers the message that InterContinental hotels are the doorway to luxury travel as it should be.

The different campaign executions share the InterContinental brand’s philosophy on travel. They include:

  • We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us
  • One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things
  • Discover parts of the world that really should be mythical
  • Who lives sees much. Who travels sees more.

This is a 360 integrated campaign supported by paid, owned and earned media, including stature out of home placements in several key international gateway airports, as well as digital and social content.

David Masterman, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson London, said: “The aim of this campaign is to bring back the allure of luxury travel and capture the philosophy that InterContinental shares with its guests about luxury travel as it should be.”

Simon Scoot, Vice President Global Brand Strategy, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, said: “We’ve been a leader in luxury travel for the last 70 years, helping our guests enjoy international travel and the lifestyle that it brings. This campaign will inspire international travellers to live the InterContinental life.” 

2016-06-09 00:00:00
JWT Team Up With Bang TV to Create Tense Bridgestone Campaign Bang TV’s Brian Williams directs European-wide campaign showcasing DriveGuard’s

breakthrough technology

Bang TV has partnered with JWT International to create Bridgestone’s European-wide

DriveGuard campaign, showcasing the latest breakthrough in tyre technology.

The campaign, directed by Brian Williams, demonstrates the DriveGuard tyre’s ability to

perform for up to 50 miles after being punctured by placing it into a trio of hazardous

situations, featuring a nail, glass, and kerb.

Shot across four days in Slovenia, the films see a mother embarking on a journey through

mountainous terrain in treacherous conditions. With her children in the back facing a

potentially fatal situation, tension mounts as the family continues driving through the

desolate area until the car collides with one of the hazards.

Following a moment of deathly silence, the family continues driving towards the safety of

home thanks to Bridgestone’s cutting-edge tyre technology.

Briefed with keeping the films from straying into ‘horror movie’ territory, Williams developed

an atmospheric problem-solution narrative without becoming alarmist. Williams explains:

“The ‘how do we avoid horror?’ idea was important from the pitch through to the edit, and I

was confident from a very early point that we could achieve a fight or flight feeling from the

viewer. We wanted the adrenaline rush, rather than the fear.”

Two crucial elements were integral to the final film; a drone and, unexpectedly, a cocktail

glass. Having used a small hobby drone to scope out the locations ahead of the shoot,

Williams edited the rushes to create a mock-up of the final film before using a Red-equipped

drone for the main shoot. “We edited the film down to the specific shots to show the drone

team what we were aiming to achieve. They were brilliant, filming exactly what we needed in

pretty much two takes, making the film look fantastic.”

The cocktail glass was placed in front of the lens to generate an in-camera effect. Williams

explains: “We used the cocktail glass experimentally to give this slightly ‘off’ feeling. The

diffraction of the light indicated that something was wrong with the situation and the tension

ratcheted up through the commercial.

“Both the drone and cocktail glass had such a fabulous effect on the final outcome. That’s

what I love the most; whether you’re using something as sophisticated as a drone or as

simple as a bit of glass, you can still achieve great results.”

For the ‘Nail’ film, Williams made the decision to film the puncture practically, without CGI.

He explains: “There were so many variables in terms of how we were going to execute the

LBB/Lab, 62 Dean Street, London, W1D 4QF

t 44 (0)20 7 439 9184 e

shot. The tyres were incredibly hard to puncture, so building the rigs and ensuring we could

get the right shot was quite a complicated procedure – in the end we used a concrete nail

gun to pierce the tyre. We basically had this mad scientist’s experimental room set up

because, ultimately, nobody knew how it was going to go! We must’ve got through twenty

tyres in total but I’m incredibly proud of how it finally turned out.”

DriveGuard is the latest Bridgestone project that Bang, Brian and JWTI have collaborated

on, following on from 2013’s ‘Everywhere’ campaign. Ian Thomas, ECD of JWTI, comments:

“I’ve worked with Bang for a long time, having shot with them a dozen or so times, and,

frankly, they take my scripts and make them better. Working with people I trust, like Jeremy

(McWilliams, Executive Producer at Bang), makes life a lot easier as I know I’ll get

something of it that I’ll enjoy producing and being a part of. I’ve shot with Brian a number of

times and he’ll always bring something extra to a film. They’re so easy to work with; they

take all the pressure off, and you know you’re going to get something special. Not only do

you get professionalism, they put a lot of heart and soul into it and they’re just fantastic.”

Williams concludes: “I really enjoy working with Ian (Thomas, ECD, JWTI), he’s one of the

best creative directors I’ve ever worked with and he always pushes us for a really good piece

of film. It sounds corny but it spurs you on to do better work. Hopefully, in the future we can

get more innovative.” 

2016-05-29 00:00:00
Bepanthen shines a light on new mums in a new global campaign by J. Walter Thompson London Bepanthen looks to support mums with new online content hubs and to refocus the attention on them with an emotional documentary style film which interviews women who just gave birth. 

In a new global campaign called “10th month”, Bepanthen, the Bayer skin care brand, aims to speak to new mums and bring them the support and attention they need in the critical post-birth period.  

The campaign is based on the insight that the minute a woman gives birth, society refocuses attention from the mother to the new born baby. The first month after birth – the tenth month – is a time that will challenge them physically and emotionally and when they might need validation and support.  

10th Month is a distinctive and powerful communication platform that translates Bepanthen’s commitment to actively helping new mums step out of the invisibility. It wishes to create a movement that recognises and celebrates new mums but also a call-to-arms by reminding them how amazing they are. Visit, and  

In this powerful new campaign, Bepanthen shines a light back on new mums with an online film directed by Bafta nominated documentary maker, Elizabeth Stopford, which provides a rare and intimate glimpse into the lives of new mums as they adjust to their new roles. The film is also intended to drive traffic to the online platform, which provides new mums with practical advice and guidance through online editorial content, created and curated by journalists such as medical writers and clinical psychologists.  

World-renown photographer Jade Beall created the beautifully intimate yet potent portrayals of post-natal women for online, outdoor and print communications.

The campaign, which also includes a children book written for new mums to bring the focus back on their feelings and needs, has launched in France and Brazil. It has soft‑launched in Italy and will launch this month in the UK, followed by Turkey and other South American markets.

Paul Waddup, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson London, said: “New mums are often forgotten. We believe this needs to change. We have created 10th Month to engage and support new mothers at this critical time, when they need help most.”

Sandra Kauffmann, Global Brand Manager for Bepanthen at Bayer, said: “With most online resources mainly focussing on the development of the baby, new mums are often left alone in the early stages of motherhood, which is the time when they need validation and support the most. We’re committed to supporting new mums, which is why we’ve created the 10th Month platform. Through generating awareness and conversation around the physical and emotional needs of new mums, we are trying to empower every woman in her 10th month to be the mum she’s meant to be.”

Jade Beall, Photographer, said: “I feel incredibly privileged to be part of this initiative aimed at helping women at a time when so many feel raw, emotional and filled with joy and wonder. There is a belief in society that women simply ‘bounce back’ and slot into their new roles after giving birth and that is simply dis-empowering for millions of women who feel they fall short of that expectation. It is crucial for the self-esteem of women and their children to celebrate women in all variations of motherhood and help her feel beautiful and supported just the way she is, in the chaos of those first few weeks and months”

2016-05-17 00:00:00
J. Walter Thompson London creates real-life Crossy Road game for KitKat YouTube Stars Miniminter and Tbjzl traverse a full-size Crossy Road game in latest KitKat campaign.

J. Walter Thompson London has created a full-size real-life version of the smash hit online game Crossy Road for the latest KitKat campaign.

The 3 minute film sees Miniminter and Tbjzl, part of the Sidemen group of YouTube stars, dressed up as characters from the hugely addictive game and challenged to get across an actual Crossy Road - created from scratch and featuring cars, water traps and even the pesky bird, all famous from the game.

The set was built by Live J. Walter Thompson's experiential division, and it was filmed and edited by J. Walter Thompson London's in-house content department.

The film begins with Miniminter and Tbjzl introducing the game and the concept as well as chucking out the friendly banter. They then appear dressed as the Chicken and Frog and race each other across the huge set while the non-racer tries to put the other one off.

The film will be posted on the Sidemen's page, Trueview and Facebook on Monday.

The ad is aimed specifically at the gaming community and is designed to drive awareness of new KitKat packs that have a QR code on driving consumers to the best videos on YouTube.

Fernando Barbella, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, said: "Bringing the online world to life is always entertaining, but dressing up Miniminter and Tbjzl and throwing them into the mix, sometimes literally, makes for a really fun and engaging spot."

Live, the most awarded experiential agency in the country in 2015, has created a host of award winning campaigns including the Shell "Make the Future" football pitch in Brazil and HSBC's "Living River" sound installation on the Gatwick Skybridge.

J. Walter Thompson's content division has created a number of ads including last year's Debenhamss 'Match Made in Heaven' work.


2016-05-09 00:00:00
As part of its Female TribesTM initiative, J. Walter Thompson Company is launching 20 New Female TribesTM and the Women’s Index, a global proprietary research giving its clients an unrivalled understanding of today’s women With 76% of women saying there’s never been a better time to be a women, 86% saying femininity is a strength and 73% saying they make the majority of financial decisions Female TribesTM allows the agency and its clients to unlock the potential of Female Capital

The Women’s Index is a “living breathing” global proprietary research into today’s women from global creative agency J. Walter Thompson. It examines women’s attitudes to almost everything from career, ambition, religion and finance to sexuality, looks, attractiveness, parenting and health.

The research shows that women are now often on equal terms with men when it comes to providing for themselves and their family or making decisions in the house. They are also more complex than ever to engage with and can no longer be defined through the narrow lens of parental responsibility.

J. Walter Thompson has used the Women’s Index research to create 20 new Female TribesTM, characterising the key trends and facets of female progress around the world. The Women’s Index spans 9 countries – US, China, Australia, Brazil, UK, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India and South Africa – and gathers answers from more than 4,300 women.


Key statistics from the women’s Index include:

  • 84% believed that it is important for women to step up as mentors for younger women
  • 61% said female role models in film and TV have been influential in their lives
  • 73% said they made the majority of financial decisions in their house
  • 68% felt ‘confident’ that they will achieve their goals
  • 43% felt that their opinion is less valued because they’re a woman

*More stats included below. All above stats are for women globally.


By delivering a deeper understanding of today’s women’s wants, needs, desires and attitudes J. Walter Thompson Company wants to drive the message of Female Capital, the worth women bring to the world as women by celebrating their aspirations and achievements.


Rachel Pashley, Global Planner at J. Walter Thompson, said: “Whilst the world is familiar with the idea of women as consumers, we witness women as wealth creators in their own right. We believe the concept of Female Capital will be transformative not just for business but for society as a whole.”

“We feel that culturally we’re still not reflecting women’s true status and influence in society, we view women through a narrow lens of parental responsibility, when we could be and should be celebrating women’s achievements and aspirations- and this opens up a world of possibilities.

“When you consider that onscreen role models influence not just women’s career decisions but their life decisions: so 1 in 4 women in Brazil have left an abusive relationship just through the influence of what they see on screen - then it becomes harder to dismiss advertising as trivial, and that changing the cultural narrative around women could be game changing.”



Asian Alphas - Modern Asian women are shedding the docile home-maker stereotype to become an economic powerhouse. Asia is home to the highest ratio of female to male CEOs in the world, and two thirds of the female self-made billionaires are Chinese. In China, women are much more likely in their youth to prioritise education and a career over friendships and fun. 50% of women in China aspire to be ‘aggressive’ and ‘maternal and 63% say they use their femininity as a means of power and influence.


Teen Activist - One of the interesting contradictions with the Teen Activists is on the one hand how level headed and mature they are - more likely to conform – but also how passionate they are about changing the world around them. However, growing up in a hostile world has given them a desire to change it, and armed with idealism and social media connectivity they’re making their voices heard.
In our Generation Z report based on a survey of 1,000 12- to 19-year-olds we asked them what they worried about. 61% mentioned terrorism and 60% said wars around the world. This was followed by fears about the state of the planet (57%) and the economy (53%). Just 56% thought men and women were treated equally in the workplace and 87% said racial discrimination still exists

Cultural Icons - Hollywood has predicted 2016 as the era of the female hero, with more attention devoted to female actresses, female led storylines and female directors than ever before. No doubt the specter of female led films out earning male led films at the Box Office by up to 30% having something to do with the increased screen time devoted to women. In fact in our Women’s Index Research 80% felt that women should have a louder voice in terms of cultural influence.

James Whitehead, Executive Partner, J. Walter Thompson London, said: “By creating this proprietary research and the 20 Female TribesTM we can deliver true insight into modern women around the world. This allows us to offer better creative, consultancy and pioneering services to our clients, helping their businesses better serve the biggest consumer group in the world.”    

As a global repository of female insight, Female TribesTM aims at defining Female Capital: the value that women bring to the world, as women and helping brands and business unlock the true economic value of women as consumers, leaders, inventors, and wealth creators allowing J. Walter Thompson to create better products and services that truly reflect women’s needs while changing the cultural conversation.


Full list of statistics


  • 56% believed that they are more ambitious than their spouse/significant other
  • 84% believed that it is important for women to step up as mentors for younger women
  • 57% said they felt sexually empowered 
  • 19% found manage the expectations they have for themselves challenging
  • 78% of Baby Boomers agreed that sexual fulfilment isn’t just for the young
  • 74% agreed that their work is linked to who they are.
  • 79% agreed that having children has made them work in a more productive and focused way
  • 56% believed that I am more ambitious than my spouse/significant other
  • 44% agreed that they’d delay having children or getting married to focus on their career
  • 76% felt it had never been a better time to be a woman.
  • 59% believed that they have a more senior/responsible role than their spouse/significant other
2016-05-06 00:00:00
J. Walter Thompson revives the Philadelphia Angels for new European campaign For its first campaign since renewing its Philadelphia relationship, J. Walter Thompson has revived and modernised its famous Angels characters for a pan‐European push.
The cheeky characters first flew onto TV screens in 1994 and successfully ran in a series of humorous ads in a number of countries around the world for 12 more years, helping Philadelphia become one the world’s best‐selling soft cheese brands.
By modernising the much‐loved Angels for a new generation Philadelphia is delivering an inherently female personality with light and witty humour, creating an easy way to interact with both the brand and contemporary cultural topics important to its consumers.
The campaign will leverage Philadelphia’s inherent strengths and heritage of a product which delivers a cool and creamy taste that everyone loves while modernising the messaging and subject matter for its target audience. An audience who love sharing light hearted moments over food, enjoying
themselves and don’t want brands to take themselves too seriously. For example, in one execution two angels take a ‘food selfie’ of their Philadelphia on toast and upload the photo. The spot ends with the angels finally eating the food and preparing for a reshoot.

Toby Hoare, CEO J. Walter Thompson Europe said: “We are bringing back an iconic idea with a  modern twist and introducing Philadelphia’s witty and fun angels to a new generation.”

Greta Hammel, Marketing Director EU Meals, Mondelez International, said: “We are excited about making our angels relevant for today’s audience, Philadelphia is a product where friends and family
have enjoyed its rich and creamy taste over generations, and we believe this new campaign  leverages the strengths inherent in the brand’s heritage but retains the wit, charm and warmth of the original characters and allows us to remind our consumers of the simple pleasure of Philadelphia.”
The campaign has first launched on the 14th of April in Portugal, Austria and Denmark and will run in a total of 11 countries on TV with support on digital, social and instore.

2016-04-25 00:00:00
J. Walter Thompson’s “Smile Factory” campaign introduces Rowntree’s as a master brand for the first time London, xx April 2016: J. Walter Thompson London creates first-ever master brand

campaign for Rowntree’s, also making it the first confectionary brand to use Facebook’s


The campaign, which also includes TV, interactive mobile banner ads and VOD, brings

Rowntrees’ much loved brands Fruit Pastilles, Randoms, Jelly Tots, Tooty Frooties and Fruit

Gums together into one big happy fruity family by creating the Smile Factory – a sneak peak

inside the inner workings of the sweets themselves.

The TV focusses on each of the three sweets by showing the front opening and revealing a

playful fun production line staffed by miniature workers toiling away inside. In the Randoms

sweet there are roller skates, slides, unicycles, a giant foot and a randomiser machine.

The social strategy uses Facebook’s anthology platform to serve a sequence of posts telling

the Rowntree’s Smile Factory story and giving users a deeper and more engaging

experience inside the factories.

The first are dynamic cut downs of the main TVC introducing viewers to the Smile Factory.

Post two uses an immersive Facebook Canvas post – the first time a confectionary brand

has used it - and gives users the chance to look at the inner workings of the Smile Factory.

The final is a carousel with playful mini animations showing the sweets pinging from one

frame to the next highlighting the range and encouraging trial.

An immersive version of the Smile Factory will also come to life in an interactive mobile

display ad, which – with a swipe of a finger – allows smartphone users to open up the door

to the factory. Once inside users can control the machinery themselves, turning it on and off,

playing with the speed of production and feeling the vibrations of the chomping chewing


David Masterman, creative director at J. Walter Thompson, said: “Every one of these

sweets is a self-contained smile factory. We tried to find interesting ways for Rowntree’s

lovers to look inside and explore.

Jemma Handley, Senior Brand Manager at Rowntree’s, said: “At Rowntree’s we are all

about firsts, so it was important that our first master brand ad had a category first as well.

When the mundane and serious parts of life get in the way, our sweets have always made

people smile so giving them a way to see where that happiness comes from through Canvas

seemed like a great idea.” 

2016-04-15 00:00:00
J. Walter Thompson's Innovation Group releases the Promise of Cuba The report is the first of its kind to examine opportunities for private enterprise, independent media and digital advertising created by this uniquely unplugged marketplace The Innovation Group, the futurism and trend forecasting consultancy of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, and Mirum, the global digital agency, today released The Promise of Cuba, the first major agency report since the normalization of US‐Cuba diplomatic relations to explore emerging opportunities for North American brands in the country. The report will be presented today in a panel at South by Southwest Interactive. In addition to a 78‐page PDF, the report includes a 20‐minute video shot in Cuba, which premieres today on The video, also called The Promise of Cuba, covers the nation’s economy, focusing on growth opportunities in tourism and technology, and will be excerpted at SXSW. The Promise of Cuba comes at a time when the general US public has never been more interested in the island, with President Barack Obama planning a historic visit to Cuba on March 21st and 22nd. Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group, said, “One of our interviewees told us that ‘Cuba, for Americans, is like a full moon for werewolves. They’re drawn here and they don’t know why.’ Much depends on whether the US Congress keeps its embargo on Cuba in place, but this is not stopping far‐sighted brands from Airbnb to American Airlines as they prepare to reap future profits in an emerging market like no other.” With support from the Mirum Agency, in January a team of five agency researchers spent 10 days in Cuba interviewing more than 40 Cubans about their lives, the economy, and opportunities as relations with the United States improve. Interviews were conducted both in English and Spanish, using translators when necessary, and form the basis of the insights in the report. The Promise of Cuba includes special sections on:
  • Generation Upstart: The emergence of a new Cuban generation under 30, defined by their entrepreneurialism, sophisticated understanding of consumer culture and determination to succeed despite restrictions on information and business activities in their country.
  • El Paquete: The “weekly package” — Cuba’s “offline internet” — and how it allows digital advertising
to thrive even in a country that officially outlaws advertising.
  • Media Renaissance: A new crop of independent youth magazines chronicling the country’s
underground arts and emerging commercial culture.
  • Key Growth Sectors: Information on key sectors of the economy that are expected to grow if trade
relations with the US are normalized. The report also explores the following topics in depth with dedicated sections:
  • The Economy: An executive summary on Cuba’s current economic situation, how it got there and the chance for rapid growth.
  • Tourism: A deep dive into tourism, which offers the most immediate opportunities for profits among US companies as US‐Cuba economic and political relations are normalized. Includes reasons why Cuba may become a vacation paradise for millennials in the coming years and decades.
  • The New Cuban Consumer: The emergence of a class society in Cuba and how this is reflected in consumer culture, which includes strong awareness of US brands.
  • Technology: How Cubans have hacked their way into the 21st century, with smartphones that work without WiFi, and digital culture that thrives away from internet connections. Including thoughts on how US brands could benefit from this educated population of digital innovators.
To access the full report, which retails for $1,000, see the Trend Reports section of Find a free executive summary of the report on the J. Walter Thompson Intelligence SlideShare. ]]>
2016-03-15 00:00:00
Tactical Valentine’s Day KitKat ads As part of its successful Moment Marketing strategy for KitKat J. Walter Thompson has created 2 tactical radio ads designed to point the brand’s witty and observational look at the world directly at the most romantic of holidays. And possibly make people a little nauseous.

The first, called “I’ll get her” to be released on [insert date], [insert number] days before Valentine’s Day features a man deliberating with himself on what to buy for his partner, reeling off idea after idea without any success before the volume is turned down on him and the VO says “Have a break, have a KitKat”.

The second, called “You More” (the nauseating one) will be released on Valentine’s Day and features a love sick couple having one of those toe curlingly embarrassing “no I love you more”, “no I love you more” conversations for the entire 30” duration before the VO thankfully gives us all a break and cuts them off.

Haseeb Rahman, Business Unit Head, Biscuits, said: “Valentine’s Day can be a stressful experience for many people, either struggling with a gift idea or wishing that lovesick couple next to you would just disappear, and they all deserve a break. I have to say I love these ads.”

Russell Ramsey, Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, 

2016-02-11 00:00:00
KITKAT ‘The Break Off’ Nestle’s latest KitKat campaign, directed by Jack Whiteley at Rattling Stick, launched online this week, with

almost two million views on facebook in its first two days.

The weird and wonderful film shows each member of this chocolate-loving family enjoying their KitKat’s in

their individual styles, by snapping, dunking, stirring and nibbling to celebrate some of the unique ways

customers take their snack break.

Jack says of the process “I instantly fell in love with the script, it was full of humour, quirk and charm, and I

loved the process of bringing the eccentric characters and their oddball world to life. I had the pleasure of

working with a dream team cast and crew including director of photography Marc Gómez del Moral,

production designer Morgan Kennedy, costume designer Bex Crofton-Atkins and editor Mark Burnett. It

was so much fun to make and hopefully that shows in the finished film!”

Grand Central's Miles Kempton, who created the sound design and mix for the spot said “Jack had a good

idea from the start of how he wanted the sound scape for this spot. There was a good bed of sound effects in

place from the offline - a template which steered me in the right direction. To get the ‘KitKat’ sound just

right, we took a quick break, bought a couple of KitKats and recorded them very close mic'd!” 

2016-01-31 00:00:00
Quality Street signals the official end of festive season with new campaign You may remember the Christmas ad last year where we placed Quality Street as the real start of Christmas, well our latest work shows that as a result, Quality Street also signals the end of Christmas and everyone returning to normal life.

Based on the insight that once the last chocolate has gone, people use the tins to store their everyday objects, we’ve created a series of beautiful posters on underground escalators and a 15 second film showing some of the many and varied uses for an empty Quality Street tin. The film will run on a loop on Quality Street’s Facebook page and goes live this afternoon.

David Masterman, creative director at J. Walter Thompson, said: “Now that the last toffee penny has been eaten and we say goodbye to Christmas for another year, Quality Street celebrates the role the tin plays for the other 11 months of the year; home to our favourite things.”

Rob Brown, Marketing Manager at Nestlé, said: “For our consumers Christmas starts when they open their first QUALITY STREET, and the closing of the lid symbolises the end of the festive season. However this is only the beginning of the next chapter of the tin’s life. We love seeing the creative ways people reuse their empty QUALITY STREET tins, and we were excited to celebrate that with this short film.”

Please find a link to the images here: 

2016-01-12 00:00:00
J. Walter Thompson London crafts takeover of dating app Happn for Plan UK to raise awareness of child marriage J. Walter Thompson London brought together global children’s charity Plan UK and popular dating app Happn to raise awareness of the massive number of girls who are married before their 18th birthday J. Walter Thompson London approached Plan UK with the idea of teaming with Happn and taking over their feed for a day.

Today, instead of seeing lots of other single people to potentially connect with, over 400,000 Happn users in London will be presented with just one dating choice called Mark, repeated throughout their timeline.

When users connect with Plan’s stunt profile they will see a message that reads: “When we’re free to date whoever we like, it’s hard to imagine only having one option. So whether you like Mark or not, he’s sticking around.”

The stunt aims to shine a light on the fact that while most girls in the UK get to choose if, who and when they marry, millions of girls around the world have that choice taken away from them.

Child marriage currently affects 15 million girls globally every year. Child brides are forced to drop out of school, have children before they are ready and are often subjected to violence and abuse. Plan orks tirelessly to stop child marriage through the world’s biggest girls’ rights campaign, ‘Because I am a Girl’.

Will Brookwell and Will Helm, creative at J. Walter Thompson London, said: “When we first read about the issue, we were surprised and shocked as it wasn’t really something we knew much about, but had a real effect on us. The more we read about the issue the more we wanted to find a way to reach others. We realised that the best way to talk to people about lack of choice would be in the place where they have the most freedom, modern dating apps.”

Tanya Barron, CEO of Plan UK, said: “We’re delighted to work with Happn on this innovative stunt. We’re inviting Happn users to join us in the fight to end child marriage by signing up to the ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign. Through collective action, we can bring an end child marriage and empower girls to fulfil their  own potential.” 

Marie Cosnard, Head of Trends at Happn, said: “We’re very happy to be supporting Plan UK in a cause that deeply resonates with our values. We’re proud to offer our users choice – the choice to rediscover people they’ve passed in the street or in their favourite coffee shop, the choice to date if they connect with someone, or the choice to say no and meet someone else and we believe everyone should have that right.” 

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HSBC and J. Walter Thompson create the world’s largest sound experience in an airport The ground breaking and interactive audio installation brings China’s 6,300km Yangtze River to the 194m long Gatwick Skybridge using actual sounds recorded on the river.

It celebrates the work of HSBC’s Water Programme and 15 year partnership with WWF.


London, 11 November 2015: J. Walter Thompson and HSBC have brought one of the world’s longest rivers to the sky by creating ambitious and unique soundscape activation in Gatwick Airport’s never before used Sky Bridge, called ‘A Living River’.

The installation, the world’s longest and most advanced soundscape in an airport, gives travellers the chance to experience the authentic sounds of the 6,300 km river in rich detail as they head on their journey.

In the Skybridge, just like along the Yangtze River, the sounds react to the time of the day, the weather on the Yangtze and even the movements of the travellers. It is designed to give a unique journey no matter how many times you travel down the Skybridge.

The installation features over a 100 of hours of authentic sounds taken directly from 35 locations on the Yangtze. The sounds ebb and flow across the Skybridge, transmitted by 160 speakers through 80 channels to immerse travellers in 3D sound. The installation is made possible by over 60,000m of speaker cable - the length of 584 football pitches.

The idea for the installation and eventual sound experience were both created by J. Walter Thompson London in collaboration with JWT Live, the in-house event and experiential team.

The wall of colourful imagery, shot along the Yangtze River, compliments the sounds travellers hear as they travel from one side of China to the other - from the First Bend of the Yangtze to the mouth near Shanghai and showcases the beautiful wildlife, nature and the millions of people who call the river home.  

HSBC and WWF have been working together to tackle conservation challenges across the world by helping to support communities, businesses and nature. The HSBC Water Programme is the latest phase of the partnership between WWF and HSBC, helping to safeguard freshwater resources across Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The soundscape was created in partnership with sound designer Nick Ryan. Nick is widely recognised as a leading thinker on sound creation and performance. He has won multiple awards including a Clio Gold for Nike 360 'Control' and a BAFTA for 'The Dark House' BBC Interactive Radio Drama.

To construct this soundscape an innovative recording approach was used. Instead of just recording individual components such as wildlife or human sounds and then creating a soundscape, we captured multi-channel spatial recordings on the Yangtze in 35 locations. Microphone arrays were also used to capture incredible detail and match how we recorded the sounds to how it would be heard on the Skybridge.

It will run from 12th November 2015.

Chris Clark, HSBC Group Head of Marketing:"Our popular jet bridge advertising in airports has been a powerful medium for our Brand. Our new Gatwick Skybridge installation pushes the boundaries of our Brand experience at the airports further. It's a chance for us to share some of the investment and initiatives we've undertaken as part of our HSBC Water Programme, this is a cornerstone of our Sustainability commitments and involves thousands of people at HSBC around the world who demonstrate our commitment to the environment and the communities that we serve.’

John Barker, Head of WWF-UK’s India and China Programmes, said:“This installation is a spectacular celebration of the Yangtze and the huge impact WWF has had in protecting the river since 2002, with the support of HSBC. We hope people will be inspired to learn more about the Yangtze’s rich natural heritage, its unique biodiversity and the hundreds of millions of people who depend on a healthy river for their livelihoods.”

Jonathan Terry, Head of JWT Live, said: “HSBC has been synonymous with airports for many years; we looked to airports to bring to Life HSBC’s water programme, pushing the boundaries of HSBC’s airside advertising, and current technology. How best to tell the story of a 6000 km river and millions of people, in an airport? With sound.”

Nick Ryan, Sound Designer, said:"I believe that sound, and the act of listening, can entirely transform our sense of 'place' and thus, ourselves. I wanted to design a highly immersive audio installation that could 'relocate' listeners, for an instant, to the banks of the Yangtze River, with a tangible, 'first person' sensory experience of its pace, beauty and diversity. Using ground breaking technical and creative approaches to audio, and audio technology, we’ve created a spellbinding journey down an evolving, responsive and ‘Living River’."

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HSBC encourages people to act on their ambitions with a new Brand film and Airports campaign by J. Walter Thompson The new film, called ‘The Museum of Procrastination’, breaks Online today. This supports the roll out of HSBC’s new global brand positioning, ‘Supporting Human Ambition’.

HSBC seeks to inspire people to realise their hopes, dreams and ambitions, and be a natural partner to support them on their journey. This reinvigoration of the brand is being supported by a global jet-bridge print campaign that is currently being rolled out around the world.

The light-hearted and playful film features a group of people being shown round the awe-inspiring ‘The Museum of Procrastination’ by a charismatic guide. It is a strange place of wondrous rooms and magical displays, symbolising good intentions that were never realised. From unused gym membership cards and unfinished novels, to musical instruments barely played. The Museum stands as a testament to all those pursuits, ideas and inventions that were never explored, or never given the chance of coming to fruition.

The focus of the film is on a young woman, Ellie, who after being guided round the Museum has a moment of reflection about the ambitions she never pursued. From the dream-like museum we suddenly cut to her at her desk at home seemingly inspired, she picks a previously discarded idea out of the waste paper bin, as if about to start turning her dreams into reality.

The film is also running on in-flight media across 7 major international airlines, complementing the new Airport print campaign which is currently rolling out in 20 airports worldwide.

With 24 creative executions, the print campaign sets out to capture ‘the story of human ambition’, and re-awaken the valuable insights behind ‘ambition’ which are fundamentally, and distinguishably, human. The triptych-style executions explore different themes and perspectives on what ambition means to different people in different places; from where ideas come from, to what drives them, to how visionaries see the world. The tone of the creative is warm, inclusive and thought-provoking.

Andrea Newman, Global Head of Marketing - Wealth & Brand Communications at HSBC said: “HSBC’s refreshed brand positioning of Supporting Human Ambition is borne out of what we have always done for our customers – connecting them to opportunities and helping them to achieve their ambitions. It is a specific type of ambition that we want to recognise and champion; with values, purpose and customer understanding at the heart of it. With this campaign we want to poke or nudge our customers to stop and think about their own broader ambitions and reflect on where they are going in life.”

Axel Chaldecott, Global Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, said: “Across cultures, ambition is a word that has lost its meaning - in some countries it is over-used and in others it is seen as an unattractive trait. This campaign seeks to show HSBC believe we all have ambitions for ourselves and our families, that they are a very positive thing, and shouldn’t become drowned out by the noise and pressure of everyday life.”

Joe Petyan, Executive Partner at J. Walter Thompson London and Global Account Director, said: “15 years ago, airport jet bridges were an unchartered media space. J. Walter Thompson has helped make them a unique communications channel associated with one brand: HSBC. This campaign marks a new chapter in that story, making this space even more engaging.” 

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J. Walter Thompson introduces Skijoring and asks consumers to explore the harsher side of winter in its latest Canon ad J. Walter Thompson introduces Skijoring and asks consumers to explore the harsher side of winter in its latest Canon ad 

Exploding out of a frozen swirling blizzard of snow, ice and sub-zero winds a galloping horse - a creation of pure sinew, muscle and primeval power - bursts into a lonely ice landscape of white peaked distant mountains and forever expanding lonely blue skies.

Clinging on behind, a man protected by only the lightest all-weather gear and his belief in his skill and prowess skis behind the rider-less horse manipulating the raw power at a breath-taking 50km/h. He is 55-year old Franco Moro, self-confessed speed freak and snow chaser and the Skijoring World Champion.
It the latest instalment of the “Come and See” campaign for Canon, J. Walter Thompson took a range of Canon cameras and some intrepid bearded crew to the unstable winter of Argentina’s mountains to film Franco’s preparation for the Skijoring World Championships.
As with the past four executions in the “Come and See” series the content not only introduces the viewer to a new world of fascinating experiences and authentic stories but entices them to get involved and share their own.
By showing the viewer that not everyone’s Christmas is about expansive tables groaning with food, warm fireplaces and smiling ice skaters, Canon asks camera users to go out and explore their own unique perspective of Winter and Christmas.
The film will sit on the Canon “Come and See” online hub alongside behind-the-scenes footage, technique videos and hints and tips – all helping users capture their own stories. The massive array of content on the hub is designed to accommodate all consumer mind-sets and experience levels, from amateur photographers to the most experienced camera operators.
The film is also designed to highlight specific features of the Canon range, such as the ability to crisply capture subjects moving at breath-taking speed. The camera market has faced tough times with the proliferation of high quality camera phones. Canon’s answer has been to embrace the surge of interest in the category, and showcase the benefits of taking the next step in their photograpic journey with them.
Adam Scholes, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, said: “The “Come and See” campaign is all about delivering something new and exciting, but also inspiring people to get their camera out and teaching them how to get the best out of it – and Skijoring gave us the ideal way to do this.
“Also, by eschewing the storyboard and following a brief of exploration and reactivity the crew were able to continue filming during an abrupt and almost incapacitating snowstorm, allowing us to capture some of the most beautiful shots in the film. It also gave us a chance to really put the camera through its paces.”
Nigel Taylor, EMEA Consumer Imaging Marketing Communications Director, said: “We want consumers to have fun, be creative and share the everyday in their own way. Storytelling is at the heart of the “Come and See Campaign. Through the Canon online hub we can deliver inspiration, education and all the tools they need to tell their own authentic stories. They have the story and idea, Canon is the enabler.” 

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J. Walter Thompson builds a house in a day for HSBC One Day Mortgage campaign J. Walter Thompson has created a touching spot for HSBC to promote its new One Day Mortgage approval service and demonstrate just how much can be achieved in a single day with the right amount of ambition and help.

Calles “the Invitation”, the ad begins with the parents of a little girl who have bought an empty spot of land in a Nova Scotian fishing village. They send her out around the community to deliver cute hand-written invitations for a house warming that evening to all the residents of the village.

As she hands out the invites the guests deliver wry-smiles and cynical chuckles. However, as the day progresses, so does the building and the house takes shape. As the Sun dips into the ocean and night falls the roof goes on and the house is finished, just in time for the party.

The ad is designed to communicate HSBC’s brand new One Day Mortgage service that sees the bank being able to offer a mortgage approval in as little as 24 hours.

The ad is another execution in its Human Ambitions brand positioning which seeks to inspire people to realise their hopes, dreams and ambitions, by placing themselves as a natural partner to support them on their journey.

The ad breaks on 28th October and will run until the 30th of November. 

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Tactical KitKat James Bond poster arches an eyebrow at Bond's illustrious past To mark the launch of Spectre, the hugely anticipated Bond Film, we have created this tactical Campaign for KitKat set to appear on Monday 26th of October, the day the film is released.

It will appear in press, on a 48 sheet poster site in Camden and on a digital projector display on the platform at Oxford Circus tube station next to an official poster for the film.

Alex Ball, creative, said: “As the champion of ‘breaks’, KitKat felt it only right to offer one of the world’s longest serving spies a little break from the arduous and often physically exhausting tasks he is forced to undertake for Queen and country.”

The poster lists all of the main Bond girls and suggests, with a Moore-era Bond arch eyebrow, that he might need to take a (short) break, playing on KitKat’s 80 year old end line of “Have a break, have a KitKat”. 

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Consumers say modern TV advertising is more creative than the past, but still struggles with sexism and stereotyping GoCompare's Gio Compario campaign voted ad people most "love to Hate" in the 60-year history of TV advertising

70% of consumers believe advertising is more creative than in the past while more than half think it is more entertaining (56%), funny (58%), sophisticated (53%) and high quality (63%).

More than half (56%) of people also agreed with the statement "sometimes a great ad can be better than the TV programme".

However, 24% also think TV advertising is more sexist and 33% believe it is more stereotyped than in the past, according to figures from J. Walter Thompson.

Anecdotal comments supporting this idea include "ads were less sexist and more original in the past" and "there were less ads and they were less sexist in the past".

Joe Petyan, Executive Partner at J. Walter Thompson, said: "It's great to know the public still loves and cares so much about TV advertising. It's been through golden times, variable times and tough times - but it would appear consumers are enjoying what we're doing now more than ever. By continuing to deliver pioneering solutions in television we can continue to wow viewers and buid enduring brands and businesses."

James Whitehead, Executive Partner at J. Walter Thompson , said: "With TV advertising playing such an influential role in culture and our society, the industry has a responsibility to ensure that the work is not sexist and is representative of both genders."

September 22 marks the 60th anniversary of ITV, and with it the birth of commercial TV advertising in the UK, To celebrate this J. Walter Thompson Intelligence commisionned a survey of 1018 18+ UK residents measuring consumers' feelings on how TV advertising has changed in that time.

As well as being more creative, the research found that consumers thought moden advertising was also more effective with 64% agreeing with the statement "Ads are no more effective at selling than the used to be" and 54% agreeing that "companies speak more directly to me through TV ads these days".

The figures also show that most respondents (25%) thought that the current decade was the best for TV advertising when compared to the others. The 70's came second with 20% followed by 90's (16%) 80's (15% a,d 2000's coming joint last with 12%.

However, this surge of support for tje 2010s was pushed by millenials (18-34), who were obviously not alive to experience the earlier decades, with 36% of them saying the modern decade was their favourite.

Millennials also strongly believe the internet has had a positive effect on TV advertising with more than half of them thinking TV advertising has become more creative (59%) more effective (50%), more entertaining (52%), more high-quality (59%) and funnier (53%).

Finally, respondents were given a list of 20 ads and asked to select the one they most loved to hate. 17% of respondents chose GoCompare's Gio Compario ads putting them at number one.

MoneySupermarket's #epicstrut, showing a man in short jorts strutting down a street, came in second with 14%. The respondents were give a shortlist of 20 to choose from.

The top five ads brits "love to hate" were:

1. Gocompare "Gio Compario Opera Singer"

2. MoneySupermarket "#EpicStrut"

3. Cillit Bang "Bang and the Dirt is Gone! with Barry Scott"

4. Muller Yogurt "Muller Corner with Nicole Scherzinger"

5. "Queen of Bing with Barbara Windsor"



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J. Walter Thompson’s content division creates 8 extra online how-to films backing its new Debenhams Autumn campaign J. Walter Thompson’s content division has created eight 30 sec films, from scripting to final product, as part of its latest ‘A Match Made in Debenhams’ Autumn campaign for the retailer. Which launched last week.

The films, which will be backed by short-form Instagram posts (also created by J. Walter Thompson) will be released through the Debenhams owned-channels. The first two have launched September 7th with the last six being uploaded over the next two weeks

They are designed to give shoppers hints, tips and the confidence to piece together on-trend fashion looks from the broad range of Debenhams designers. They showcase some of the season’s key looks from Patrick Grant, designer of Hammond and Co., and Savannah Miller, designer of NINE by Savannah Miller.

Patrick Grant takes viewers through how best to wear his A/W collection and Savannah Miller stars alongside top blogger Kelly Eastwood - writer of fashion and lifestyle blog The London Chatter – to give viewers tips on the key A/W 2015 trends.

The online films are part of the £1.5m ‘A Match Made In Debenhams’ campaign which re-launches the Debenhams fashion offering. The campaign is currently running across all channels in the UK with print, digital and outdoor advertising, direct mail, PR, social media and in-store activation.

Carmen Bekker, Management Partner and Debenhams Account Lead at J. Walter Thompson said: “This sort of scalable and quick turn-around content is something that more and more clients are looking for to help drive sales. These short how-to-wear films provide a perfect vehicle to guide our shoppers through Debenhams’ strong product offering.’

Richard Cristofoli, Debenhams Marketing Director said: “Being able to draw on effective, high quality content has really added depth to the campaign and will bring our customers much closer to our rich mix of brands  and designers.

‘A Match Made In Debenhams’ celebrates that moment when a look comes together perfectly and the video content featuring our designers gives our customers advice and inspiration on how that can be done”.

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J. Walter Thompson explores the future of Food and Drink in its latest trend report The Innovation Group, the innovation and futurism unit of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, reveals the future of food and drink in its latest trend report. As the pace of innovation in food and drink accelerates—driven by digital media, advances in technology and a newly politicised awareness of food among consumers—the report offers a snapshot of today’s innovations and what they reveal about the food and drink consumers of the future.


“Today’s food and drink consumers are more sophisticated than ever before,” said Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group. “Our research shows that both US and UK consumers are placing increasing importance on food and drink as an experiential luxury and reflection of their personal identity. We also found that Millennials, despite their well-documented economic challenges, are demanding higher-quality food, visual stimulation, and technologically enhanced experiences.”


The report includes a statistical introduction based on original data from SONAR™, J. Walter Thompson’s proprietary research unit. Original data highlights include:


  • 74% of US Millennials and 58% of UK Millennials believe that marijuana will become as socially acceptable as alcohol over the next decade.


  • Foodie culture has gone mainstream, as it becomes an increasingly important part of personal identity. 4 out of 5 US Millennials say that they consider going out to eat to be a cultural experience.


  • Ethnically minded consumers want ethnically minded brands. 93% of US Millennials and 79% of UK Millennials would support food brands that help society become healthier.


  • 72% of US and UK Millennials are more likely to purchase gourmet or high-quality food today than they were several years ago.


  • 72% of US and UK Millennials are more likely to share pictures of food and drink if it is different or unique, versus only 22% of boomers.


  • More than half of US and UK Millennials use technology like apps and wearables to maintain a healthy diet.


  • 62% of UK Millennials agree that online food delivery services have made meal preparation much easier for them, versus only 21% of boomers.


The report also features qualitative reporting that delves into the latest future-facing food and drink trends, as well as case studies of the best food and drink innovations. Key trends include:



×           Flexitarians: The new omnivores - Plant-based products are becoming indistinguishable from meat, while small-scale meat producers increasingly market their wares to vegetarians. We are all “flexitarians” now.


×           Delivery futures - Ordering takeaway on smartphones is old news—get ready for curated delivery, delivery-only restaurants and even zero-cost delivery by self-driving car.


×           Fat is back - Discourse around fat is changing. Far from being off the menu, it’s back and is being positively encouraged by brands and chefs in new products and ingredients.


×           Food porn is the new norm - Awash in food imagery on social media, consumers are gravitating towards surprising and compelling images that aim more for the mind than the stomach.




×           Cannabis connoisseurs - A wave of marijuana legalization in the US has freed beverage startups to experiment with THC infusions, as well as non-intoxicating hemp concoctions. The majority of consumers surveyed across Millennials, Gen X and Boomer generations agree that marijuana will be as socially acceptable as alcohol over the next decade.


×           Health meets hedonism - Health-conscious Millennials are having their cake and eating it too when it comes to alcohol, gravitating toward healthier mixers and mashing up exercise with hedonism.


×           Not your mother’s “Tom Collins” - The cloying cocktails of the 1970s and 80s were long considered passé, but they are making a comeback as mixologists reinvent them for sophisticated, modern palates.


×           Virtual sensoria - Experiential marketing for beverages is becoming more immersive as drink brands dip their toes into virtual reality storytelling.


QUOTES – from Lucie Green (J Walter Thompson’s Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group)


“Like most aspects of our lives now, food and drink are being impacted by new strides in technology—from clever kitchens that can create menus for us intuitively based on leftover ingredients on our kitchen table; to image-sensitive apps that can assess the nutritional value of a piece of food from a photo; to a proliferation of food delivery apps that bring gourmet, curated, vegan and personalized menus to our doors within 30 minutes. The digital landscape of social media and sharing platforms meanwhile is providing a rich plethora of instant, detailed information about sourcing and ingredients, meaning that all our food choices will become much more informed and not only that—regulated by the crowd. Brands will have to embrace a new era of ultra-transparency or risk being caught out.”



“After years of over-labored ‘artisan’ and visceral rustic ‘food porn’ imagery, we’re seeing a new modern, playful, quite irreverent approach to food and drink emerging. New environments are moving beyond ‘authentic craft’ visual cues to embrace new clean, futuristic, colourful stylings. Creative food photographers are presenting food in unexpected, graphic and surreal ways. Cocktail classics of yesteryear, long relegated to the dustbin of cheesy nightclubs, are being reinvented with a gourmet twist (unapologetically celebrating the synthetic hues of retro ingredients such as crème de menthe and blue curaçao. Meanwhile, even the wine category is being treated with a wink: See hit Instagrammer The Fat Jew (aka @thefatjewish) and his hit sensation White Girl Rosé, which launched this year.”



“From wanting cocktails that are healthy to craving meat without the guilt, consumers are striving to have it all when it comes to their food and drink habits. The new language around health food is one where indulgence and well-being can coexist—fats (so long as they are pure and unfettered) are good for you. Forget the calories. A splash of cold pressed fruit juice can amply nullify the damaging effect of alcohol. Booze and fitness can also be enjoyed together, as we’re seeing from new after-dark exercise events such as Voga Bonbonniere—one hour of yoga, followed by drinks. Or Equinox’s After Dark events. Marijuana is great—so long as you describe it as ‘gourmet’ and it comes with a sommelier. And meat is fine to eat, so long as you know how it’s been slaughtered—better yet if you’ve done it yourself.“


FOOD 360

“What’s clear is that consumers are viewing their food and drink holistically. It’s not about product or service or ingredients—brands and retailers are being assessed on what a product does to the environment, their supply chain, how they treat their staff from production to service, whether their ingredients are natural, and more. Our survey found that consumers were not only more considerate of environmental impact in their food and drink purchase decisions, but also that they were increasingly open to new alternative sources of protein, such as insects. Food is also taking on a bigger role in our culture in general. Access to affordable healthy food is becoming a political platform. Food conferences and leading chefs are spilling into thought leadership territory. Our survey found that millennials in particular see food experiences as a cultural activity.”



“We’re seeing a big convergence between categories and treatments in food and drink—it’s fueling not only creativity but also inspiring a raft of new hybrid categories. In our Culinary Cocktails trend, we look at how increasingly the mixologist world is borrowing from Michelin starred chefs to innovate—using fat washes and sous vide treatments. Beauty and food categories are also borrowing from each other. Hemsley + Hemsley are creating rich desserts made from coconut oil and avocado, extolling the virtues not just for health, but skin and nails. New food products are appearing with skincare and well-being language or properties. You’re also seeing new players enter the food space. Farfetch, a fashion retailer, launching Farfetch Curates Food is a testament to how food and fashion are increasingly intertwined in the minds and passions of consumers.”

2015-09-04 00:00:00
J. Walter Thompson creates online film and App for Listerine to demonstrate the power of a smile A beautifully emotional short film directed by Oscar nominated Lucy Walker explores how blind people experience smiles by introducing them to an App that helps them feel a smile

J. Walter Thompson has created a film and designed and built an App that helps blind people know when someone is smiling at them, to launch Listerine’s Advance White mouthwash.

The campaign looks to explore how blind people experience smiles and shows through their partial absence just how powerful they can be.

Using facial recognition technology and a phone’s camera the App can detect a smile up to 5metres away and notifies the user with audio (a beep) or with vibration feedback.

Launching on 31st of August in UK & Ireland, SA, the Netherlands and Germany the app will be promoted by an emotionally charged short film called “Feel Every Smile”. It is directed by double Oscar nominated director Lucy Walker, who has more than a hundred film awards and directed Blindsight - a documentary about a blind mountaineer leading six blind children up a mountain.

The film stars four blind people and begins with them talking about smiles and what they mean to them. They are then given the Smile Detector App and we get to see their true-life reaction to being given another way to experience someone smiling at them.  

“Feel every smile” also includes an original track composed especially for the film by Wake the Town.

The App has been endorsed by the RNIB, to ensure it is accessible and functional to blind and partially sighted people, and will be available on iOS and Android.

Johnson & Johnson, makers of Listerine, commissioned the app and film to support the launch of Listerine Advanced White mouthwash because of the brand’s belief that many of us have forgotten just how truly powerful a smile can be.

The idea for the app and film came from J .Walter Thompson creative team Will Helm and Will Brookwell.

John Cherry, creative director on the project, said: “Smiling isn’t just a smile, it can affect your life, and the lives of those around you, often in small but meaningful ways – there’s scientific research that links smiling with better mood, health, relationships and much more. Smiles really are more powerful than we realise.

“When creating this app, we wanted to make something that could help those that might miss some smiles, to once again be able to feel the power of every smile. Obviously we captured people’s first use of the app and it turned out to be a genuinely powerful and emotional film.”

Alice Lovell, Brand Manager LISTERINE® UK & Ireland, said: “The campaign champions the power of a smile and the idea that smiles really do have an effect on those around you. We wanted to take that belief and use it to have a positive impact on people’s lives. ”

Lucy Walker, the director, said: “It is fascinating to ask blind people how they experience smiling, if not by sight. Smiling is a universal human expression employed by people who were born blind. Even if they can’t see a face, blind people are very aware of the ‘feeling’ that smiling gives them, and they are often able to pick up when someone is smiling by listening to the quality of their voice. But there are some situations in which vocal quality is not enough and in which blind people would love to be able to detect when someone is smiling at them.”

A Spokesperson for the RNIB, said: “It is always encouraging when we can work collaboratively and pro-actively with companies and brands to support our goals. The campaign certainly falls into this category with the innovative Listerine Smile Detector App supporting accessibility and inclusion.


“Participants at the testing considered the app accessible and fun to use and could see future potential in recognising other facial expressions. They were also impressed with the time and effort the company had put into making the app accessible to blind and partially sighted users.”

J. Walter Thompson creates online film and App for Listerine to demonstrate the power of a smile 

2015-09-01 00:00:00
Ribena creates a playful and visually striking “Ribenary” world with new campaign focus Soundcloud As part of the £6 Million campaign, the Ribenary elements will then be turned into social content with a host of interactive and sharable videos and GIFs. There will also be weekly competitions hosted on Facebook and aimed directly at the younger target audience (by Brass). The campaign is brought into the real world through digital and outdoor posters, bus sides and experiential Crazy Golf sampling (by TRO) around Britain. In-store activation by Geometry Global pushes the wide variety of ready-to-drink formats at point of purchase. Hannah Norbury, Marketing Director at Ribena, Said: ‘We’re thrilled with the new campaign for Ribena. It’s the beginning of an exciting new chapter for this iconic British brand, and we’re delighted with this work developed with J. Walter Thompson that engages our young adult audience through our new brand positioning.’ John Cherry, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson, said: “The chance to work on a brand like Ribena is always a great one, but to be able to launch a new direction is amazing. We’ve attempted to create an intense, playful and visually striking campaign bringing to life the almost impossible-to-describe taste of Ribena.” * Source: Nielsen Drink Now Juice Drinks MAT data up to 18.07.2015 ]]> 2015-08-07 00:00:00 Supporting Britons’ ambitions HSBC and J. Walter Thompson London have unveiled a new campaign designed to showcase the bank’s extensive work in supporting the ambitions of British people.

Throughout its history, HSBC has existed to connect people to opportunities and help them realise their ambitions. HSBC prides itself on the positive difference it makes to the communities it serves.

The creative sets out to celebrate this positive impact in helping Britons’ ambitions in four key areas: buying a dream home, giving their children a good education, running their own business and growing their business internationally.

The campaign encourages people to find out how HSBC’s knowledge and experience can help them through four online content hubs aligned to these four areas. The rich online resources, which include mortgage and education calculators, business plan guides and real-time global trade intelligence, offer support and advice to help people pursue their ambitions in these areas.

Axel Chaldecott, Global Creative Director on HSBC at J. Walter Thompson London said: "It’s great to creatively celebrate the supportive contribution the HSBC brand makes to the UK across so many important aspects of life.”

The campaign goes live w/c June 1st and runs until w/c July 6th 2015. It runs across printed and digital outdoor as well as national and regional press and digital titles. 

2015-06-02 00:00:00
Meet Generation Z The Innovation Group, the newly launched innovation and futurism unit of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence, today unveiled a new report on Generation Z (those born in the mid-1990s and early 2000s). The report, which features original quantitative studies and consumer data, examines this emerging generation’s key behaviors and attitudes, as well as the brands and influencers engaging them.

Eclipsing the Millennials, who have dominated the news and pop culture agenda in recent years, this new, younger generation identifies as a distinctly different group in both behavior and mindset. In the U.K. and U.S., Gen Z comprises a quarter of the population, and in the U.S. alone the group represents over $44 billion in annual purchasing power. More inspired by Malala than Beyoncé, Gen Zers are characterized by ethical consumption habits, native digital technology use, entrepreneurial ambition and progressive views on topics ranging from education to gender, according to the report.

“We’re excited to showcase this rich study of a dynamic new generation,” said Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group. “Generation Zers are a complex mixture of sophistication and wide-eyed optimism. They are intelligent, confident and — importantly for brands — they question the prescribed norms of everything from formal education to gender politics. For brands to reach this group, they will need to understand what makes them tick and come to grips with these nuances.”

The report features over 70 pages of analysis and brand examples across sectors including beauty, retail, media, technology, education and more.

Generation Z by the numbers:
• 82% of Gen Zers say they don’t care about sexual orientation
• 86% use the their smartphones multiple times a day
• 70% watch more than two hours of YouTube content each day
• 88% say people are exploring their sexuality more than in the past
• 67% would rather shop in stores than online
• 83% say saving for the future is important

The report is broken down into the following sections:
- Drivers: Historical factors shaping Gen Zers’ attitudes and preferences
- Manifestations: What our survey reveals about these emerging mindsets
- Trends: How specific sectors are already responding to Gen Z
- Future: How brands can connect with Gen Z
- Case Studies: Original profiles of six Gen Zers in the U.S. and U.K.
- Generation Z Icons: Members of this group already making their mark on culture

For this report, the Innovation Group conducted quantitative studies using SONAR™, J. Walter Thompson’s proprietary research unit that develops and exploits new research techniques to understand cultures, brands and consumer motivation. A total of 1,000 individuals aged 12-19 were surveyed in the U.S. and the U.K. in February 2015. Insights are also underpinned by original interviews and photography documenting the lives and preferences of Gen Z case studies in London, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. 

2015-05-18 00:00:00
City climbers: Canon’s modern explorers J. Walter Thompson London unveils the third instalment of the Canon Come and See campaign: “city climbers”.

Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov are two Russian photographers and city explorers also known as “on the roofs” - Looking beyond familiar sights, they search for unique and spectacular photos that can only be captured from the tallest buildings and that they instantly share with their community.

Canon and J. Walter Thompson followed the pair on their latest climb in Dubai, where they took on the JW Marriott Marquis - the world's tallest hotel - a 72-story, 355 m twin-tower skyscraper.

The new campaign includes film, digital content, press and outdoor. The online hub displays the vertigo inducing images that they took along with genuine useful content: tips, techniques and tutorials.

Once again, the Come and See campaign invites people to look a little bit deeper and explore further.

Adam Scholes, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson says: “Vadim and Vitaliy are the living, breathing embodiment of the Come and See campaign. They’re also crazy.”

2015-05-13 00:00:00
New action-packed Shell advertising launches in Cinema The Hollywood-blockbuster-style film shows a shape-shifting creature (representing engine gunk and corrosion) pursuing a car fueled with Shell V-Power Nitro+. As the drama builds, the car constantly out-performs the amorphous creature, staying ahead by evading its relentless attack at every step.

It will be in Cinemas across the UK from Thursday (April 23rd) at the same time as the new highly anticipated blockbuster Avengers II, ‘Age of Ultron’ movie is released.

The campaign, developed by J. Walter Thompson London, is designed to shake up the car-fuel category, convey the excitement of driving with Shell V Power Nitro+ and generate a visceral response to the dangers that can hold back an engine from delivering at its optimum performance.

It is informed by an understanding of premium fuel buyers - their emotional bond with their car, the importance of their driving experience and their eagerness to care for their engine and therefore maintain its performance.

Jason Berry, J. Walter Thomspon Creative Director, says: “Most drivers don’t realise that fuel can help protect their engine and the Shapeshifter monster is a memorable way to drive home the message that they must be vigilant and arm themselves with Shell V-Power Nitro+. It’s also a cool car chase story with a great baddy.”

2015-04-22 00:00:00
No Friends J. Walter Thompson London and Age UK have launched an advertising campaign which responds to the current Facebook 'Friends' posters.

The adverts carry the powerful words 'No Friends' over the portraits of solitary older people.

"It is a great opportunity to remind people that some of us don't live like that." Explains Russell Ramsey, Executive Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson London.

According to Age UK, one million1 older people in the UK go more than a month at a time without seeing or speaking to anyone.

Marianne Hewitt, Head of Brand at Age UK, said: “At Age UK we know how devastating loneliness can be for older people. Being lonely not only makes life miserable, it is also really bad for our health, making us more vulnerable to illness and disease.

"It's time we took loneliness seriously as a threat to a happy and healthy later life. We need to do more to support older people to stay socially connected: this is a big part of our job at Age UK and everyone can help by being a good friend or neighbour to the older people they know."

The campaign promotes vital services provided by the Age UK network. People are invited to text £3 which could help provide older people who feel lonely with companionship, support and advice.

2015-04-16 00:00:00
J. Walter Thompson London and Mr Kipling have exceedingly good cakes for every occasion J. Walter Thompson London unveils four new creative renditions of Mr Kipling’s Life is better with cake philosophy.

The creative focuses on three iconic Mr Kipling cakes - Cherry Bakewell, French Fancy and Viennese Whirl – and is designed to remind people of their love for Mr Kipling and all the little moments that are made better with cake.

David Masterman, J. Walter Thompson London Creative Director says: “We wanted to celebrate Mr Kipling’s wonderful little cakes.”

The new ads build on the “Life is Better with Cake” work launched by J Walter Thompson London in September last year. This featured the world’s first edible billboard made entirely out of Mr Kipling cakes; a TVC featuring an imaginary pink elephant and a Halloween ad with a ghoulish pair of Bakewell eyes.

The new creative work will run outdoor and in print across the UK in March and April 2015

2015-03-12 00:00:00
J.Walter Thompson London introduces new management structure J.Walter Thompson London has created a new management structure that will include the introduction of management partners , as well as integrated partners and creative partners, while also announcing that it has hired Daniele Bassil from Possible as head of integrated operations,

The management partners line-up will see Bassil join Neil Godber, head of planning, Carmen Bekker, European marketing director and business leader and Cathy Little, co-director of talent.

The integrated partners include; Marius Bartsch, head of CRM, Laurence Barber - head of broadcast, Jonathan Terry - head of live, Adam Lotz - head of engagement panning, Stuart Heyburn - head of project management, Kris Flemington, head of response planning and head of data and analytics Europe, Rosie Atkins - joint head of account management, Brooke Curtis - joint head of account management, Ricardo Figueira, digital executive creative director, Eileen McIntosh - regional business director - retail & shopper marketing, Helen Roberts, commercial finance director and Dawn Smith, digital development director.

The creative partners team will be made up of Axel Chaldecott, global creative director, creative directors, John Cherry, Barry Christie, Dave Masterman, Jason Berry, Adam Scholes, Jaspar Shelbourne, Ricardo Figueira - digital executive creative director and Christiano Neves, integrated head of art.

The agency explained that the new structure would be tasked with unifying the business divisions and creating a collaborative operations process.

All will report to executive partners Joseph Petyan, James Whitehead and Russell Ramsey.

2015-02-27 00:00:00
Tasty 50s J. Walter Thompson London reveals a new campaign for Ed’s Easy Diner, the much loved retro-American diner chain.

In an increasingly crowded market of premium burger restaurants, the new work exploits Ed’s key differentiator – the unique 1950s diner experience.

The creative shows 1950s icons, savagely mutilated with a Godzilla-style bite, to dramatise that dining at Ed’s is as much a feast for the senses as it is a feast for the taste buds.

David Masterman, Creative Director at J. Walter Thompson London, said: “We all love Ed’s and we wanted to celebrate how every burger is served with a sider order of the 50’s.”

Full page press executions and digital outdoor are being used to attract attention in the London area.

2015-02-18 00:00:00
JWT beats Mother and VCCP to land Ribena's UK account Feb. 12, 2015--Campaign UK--By James Swift

Ribena has appointed J Walter Thompson London as its strategic partner in the UK after a pitch.

JWT beat Mother and VCCP – and Grey London at an earlier stage – to land the account. The agency has been tasked with creating a new brand position for Ribena in the UK to broaden its appeal.

Ribena, which is now owned by Lucozade Ribena Suntory, kicked off the review of its UK and Ireland advertising account in October 2014. M&C Saatchi was the nine-year incumbent but declined to repitch.

Hannah Norbury, the marketing director at Ribena, said: "As well as showing some strong strategic thinking, the pitch team demonstrated a deep understanding of the brand’s rich history, its wonderful personality and the great opportunities that lie ahead."

Grey London is Ribena’s global advertising agency and is unaffected by JWT’s appointment to the Uk business.

This article was first published on

2015-02-12 00:00:00
KITKAT Named Brand of the Year Confectionary giants, KITKAT, were last night named as Brand of the Year.

The FAB Brand of the Year award, which was introduced in 2013, was previously won by McDonald’s.

Established as the brand that champions ‘the break ’, KITKAT have worked with JWT for over 77 years. As KITKAT’s creative partner, JWT London has been responsible for a number of iconic campaigns for the confectioner, such as Nestlé’s branding partnership with Google, the recent ‘Car Chase’ TV ad, as well as the #breakfromgravity activity – seeing a KITKAT being sent to space when Felix Baumgartner had to take a break from his world record attempt due to bad weather.

The FAB Awards is an international awards ceremony celebrating great work for Food And Beverage brands. It took place at The Hurlingham Club in London on 29 May.

2014-06-02 00:00:00
We’re Not Giving in to Austerity: Meet the Resilients As George Osborne sums up this week’s Budget announcement, there will be more calls for more help for young people trying to get a start in life. But the latest research from JWT’s Austerity Index reveals that the younger generation are taking matters into their own hands.
Meet the Resilients, the group aged 18-39, who set themselves apart from older generations via a strikingly proactive and entrepreneurial approach to their finances, coupled with a comparatively upbeat and positive attitude.
Rather than waiting for rescue, the Resilients are taking proactive measures. They are significantly more likely than any other age group to have:
• found an extra job or taken on more work (35%)
• bought items specifically to ‘flip’ for profit (20%)
• started their own business (11%)
And when it comes to making tough decisions and sacrifices, more of them are prepared to submit to privations too:
• 40% regularly skips meals to save money
• 30% are selling items they actually still need or want
• 18% have upped sticks and found a cheaper city or town in which to live
Yet despite being amongst the hardest hit by the austerity agenda, experiencing higher unemployment and negative earnings growth, the Resilients remain pretty positive. Their Austerity Index measure is 248; 22 points below average, indicating that their assessment of the impact of austerity on their lives is less severe than most. Their optimism stretches to their appraisal of others too; they are more forgiving towards brands and institutions, including the government.

Tracey Follows, Chief Strategy Officer at JWT London says:
“Naturally some of the Resilients’ can-do approach could be down to their youthful optimism but they may also derive some buoyancy from their sense of connectedness. This generation has grown up witnessing and harnessing the power of social networks, so they have greater faith in themselves and communities to have influence and to drive change.”

The full report is available to download here

2014-03-19 00:00:00
Brands Must Reflect the Many Faces of the Modern Male Research from leading advertising agency JWT London reveals that being married or in a committed relationship is actually more important to men (85%) than it is to women (79%). And expressing emotion, long depicted as a sign of male weakness, is now not just something most men are comfortable with, it is actually a source of pride (62%).

On the day London’s Southbank Centre launches its three day ‘Being a Man’ event, JWT, which creates advertising for Nestle’s Yorkie and KitKat brands, Shell, HSBC, The British Army and Mr Kipling, unveils its latest research: ‘Masculinity & Modernity: Investigating the Men of Britain Today’.

As a JWT report, it delivers intelligence into twenty-first century man and finds that he is multi-faceted; as handy with a nappy as his credit card and as nifty with a whisk as a power-tool.

  • Family tops the list of priorities for modern men: 84% are most proud of being able to provide financially for their family and 80% are most proud of raising their kids.
  • Looking good is no trivial matter: 69% are proud of taking care of their appearance.
  • 74% are proud of their prowess in the kitchen and 77% select their home décor projects; being a man about the house is something to shout about.
  • Men are still proud to be men; DIY skills (78%) and ability to fix technology (75%) are equally important as family and household priorities.

There has been much talk of gender-blurring and the feminisation of men, but what JWT’s data suggests is that the modern British male is simply more multi-dimensional than is commonly credited. Indeed, 43% of men agree that their sex is better-rounded today than it used to be.

Marie Stafford, Planning Foresight Director, commented:

“Men are not as one-dimensional as the media would often have us believe. Just like women, they juggle different roles of parent, partner, provider or one of the boys. Brands need to start acknowledging, reflecting and appreciating their complexity, rather than simply trotting out the same old tired clichés”

Notes to Editors:

  1. JWT polled 500 UK adults during Summer 2013.

The full report is available at

2014-02-03 00:00:00