Y&R London

London, United Kingdom

Y&R London Clients

London & Partners London & Partners Destinations (Countries & Places) 2005
The Home Office Home Office Public Safety, Health & Hygiene 2006
Premier Inn Premier Inn Hotels, Resorts 2007
Oxfam Oxfam Charities, Foundations, Volunteers Television & Cinema, Radio, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home 2007
BBC BBC TV/Radio Programs & Stations 2007
Rosa Rosa Charities, Foundations, Volunteers 2007
BEL Group Mini BabyBel, Boursin, Leerdammer, The Laughing Cow Cheese Television & Cinema, Print 2008
British Library British Library Culture, Leisure & Sport 2008
LG Electronics LG Consumer Electronics & Audio-Visual 2008
Ovarian Cancer Action Ovarian Cancer Action Public Safety, Health & Hygiene 2008
British Library British Library Consumer & Public Services 2008
NHS Choices NHS Choices Other Online Services 2008
Primelocation Primelocation Internet Sites (Excluding ISPs) 2009
The Food Standards Agency The Food Standards Agency, The Food Standards Agency Institutional/Public Interest/Non-Profit Org. Television & Cinema, Radio, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home, Direct Marketing, Packaging, Branding & Design 2009
Bank of Scotland Bank of Scotland Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance 2009