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58 St Katharine's Way Devon House
London E1W 1LB
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 020 7423 4610

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Core Competencies: Marketing/Creative Services

Founded in: 1995

Employees: 27

Awards: 29

Clients: 10

Chick Smith Trott

58 St Katharine's Way Devon House
London E1W 1LB
United Kingdom
Phone: (+44) 020 7423 4610

Mark Robinson

Marketing Director

Phone: (+44) 770 396 6666

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About the Agency Chick Smith Trott

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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
Increased market share won't come out of thin air. You've got to take it from someone else.
Last year £19bn was spent on advertising in the UK. And yet 84% of TV viewers couldn't name a single brand or product advertised in the programme they'd just watched.
The current advertising model is clearly flawed.
That's bad news if you're one of the companies running that kind of advertising.
Good news if the people running that advertising are your competitors. At CST we don't act as if the brand exists in a marketing vacuum.
Our strategic thinking is about taking market-share from the competition.
Our creative thinking is about taking share of voice away from the competition.
Because if you aren't a predator, you become someone else's prey.
Network Description
Our international reach is fully flexible. We are not tied into a network, instead we are free to partner with agencies overseas through the Network One Programme based on their specific strengths and expertise.
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