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Founded in: 1989

Employees: 210

Awards: 16

Creative Work: 5

Clients: 17

Contact Information

260 Peachtree Street North West Suite 1100
Atlanta Georgia 30303
United States
Phone: (+1) 404 479-2200

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Brunner - Atlanta

260 Peachtree Street North West Suite 1100
Atlanta Georgia 30303
United States
Phone: (+1) 404 479-2200

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About the Agency Brunner - Atlanta

With a healthy mix of left and right brain thinking, we create more impactful, more effective and more accountable marketing to grow your business. We place decision analytics at the core of everything we do. This means we understand the performance and business impact of our work across channels and media, while using an analytical approach to uncover innovative, creative insights that inform our creative process. It’s quite a mouthful. So we just call it


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

As the world continues to change at a faster rate every day, advertising, as practiced by most agencies today, no longer works. Our approach has significant economic advantages, and it’s proven to build business. It’s what makes us different, and it is what we mean by Ideas for a Smarter, Faster World.

We know “Smarter” and “Faster” can lead to improved ROI. We also know they are just words on paper unless they can be applied with ideas that have measurable impact and grow your business. In a nutshell, our philosophy is based on four principles:

1) Optimize what we call the “4% Factor” to find new customers
2) Create ideas that transcend the category and go well beyond advertising
3) Maximize technology to be highly efficient in a world that is “always on”
4) Ensure our own accountability by tying agency compensation to business results

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