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35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago Illinois 60601
United States
Phone: (+1) 312 220-3535

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Core Competencies: Full Service, Marketing/Creative Services, Public Relations, Strategy and Planning

Founded in: 2000

Holding: Starcom MediaVest Group (Chicago, United States)

Employees: 3800

Awards: 44

Clients: 36

Starcom USA

35 West Wacker Drive
Chicago Illinois 60601
United States
Phone: (+1) 312 220-3535

Julie DeFeo

Business Development

About Starcom USA

We believe that a common problem brands face is not the lack of ideas – but actually the opposite: an abundance of ideas.

There are so many ideas in the world trying to fill a finite space that it’s tough for any one of them to stay strong for any period of time.

That is why we create the Space for Ideas: to nurture ideas that improve our clients’ businesses.

To do this we believe in investing in people who are:

  • Direct, honest and genuine in their approach to each other, our clients and the world
  • Curious, spontaneous and eager to create the freshest thinking
  • Brave, astute and entrepreneurial to make ideas live in the real world in the smartest way possible
  • Empathetic, communal and caring to create the space for people to be their best

So who are we? The market’s premiere human experience experts, capable of growing ideas and creating any path to make them real experiences that impact clients’ brand and peoples’ lives. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
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