Louisville, United States

Basic Info

Core Competencies: Full Service

Founded in: 1915

Employees: 82

Clients: 6

Contact Information

620 West Main Street
Louisville Kentucky 40202
United States
Phone: (+1) 502 589 1700

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620 West Main Street
Louisville Kentucky 40202
United States
Phone: (+1) 502 589 1700

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About the Agency Doe-Advertising

We sell things. We shift perceptions. We solve business challenges through the grace of partnership powered by shared intellect and mutual resolve. We are communication in every form. Either fully integrated. Or singularly focused. Each assignment and every team is structured to meet our clients unique needs. Transparently. Today we sell whisky, motorcycles, health care, health insurance, financial services, wireless communication devices, advanced education, home furniture and tourism. Tomorrow we will serve our clients, lead their brand development, strengthen their customer relationships all with the same passion and personal attention that has helded us to become North America's fourth oldest independent agency. 


Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Wherever the essential truth of your brand must be told, to whoever needs to hear your story, Doe-Anderson will be by your side to disrupt convention, to compel action, ultimately, to help you win through our Managed Discovery brand planning process.

What makes us different and better? How we work with you. How we learn from your most passionate advocates. How we persuade your competitors brand loyalists to shift their allegiance. What makes us different and better? Our ability to partner with you. 

Network Description

We are a member of the AMIN agency network, a global alliance of independently owned advertising agencies better responding to rapidly transforming communication channels through collaboration.

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