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We believe two things separate us from others. The first is our focus on creating the world’s most compelling commercial content—and that means work that changes behavior. Everybody talks about doing great work, our standing as Cannes Network of The Year for the last two years, and winning the Gunn Report in 6 of its 10 years is proof that... Read more
General Electric Company appliances, corporate marketing, lighting, plastics Industrial Equipment & Machinery 1920
GlaxoSmithKline Avandia, Malarone, Twinrix Health & Pharmaceutical Products 2004
Bayer HealthCare LLC Bayer OTC Medicines (Pain Relievers, Cold & Flu, ...) 1994
CSC Brands, L.P. Campbell's Soups Soups, Stuffing, Cooked Sauces 1954
Emirates Airlines Emirates Airlines, Airports, Railways, Bus Lines, Ferries & Cruises 2010
FedEX FedEx Postal, Courier & Shipping Services 1989
Fonterra Brands Fonterra Brands, Corporate, Ingredients Dairy Products & Eggs 2006
Diageo Guinness Draught, Red Stripe, Harp Lager, Smithwicks Alcoholic 2001
Henkel AG & Co. Henkel Cosmetics and Hair Care Cosmetics, Beauty Products & Perfumes 1971
Hewlett-Packard HP Consumer Electronics & Audio-Visual 2006
Johnson & Johnson Corporation Johnson & Johnson Hygiene & Personal Care Products 2001
Mars, Inc. M&Ms, Snickers, Kudos, Milky Way, Mars Bars, Dove, Twix, Pedigree, Whiskas Chocolate, Bars, Candies, Chewing-Gum 1995
Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz Automotive 1980
PepsiCo Inc. PepsiCo, Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Kickstart, Tropicana, Quaker Beverages 1960
PepsiCo Inc. Tropicana Fruit Juices & Drinks 2016