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104 W. 40th St 7th Fl
New York New York 10018
United States
Phone: (+1) 212 414-7161

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Core Competencies: Digital, Social Media, Marketing/Creative Services, Shopper Marketing/Point of Sale/Sales promotion, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Packaging/Design, Strategy and Planning, Financial, Technology, Institutional/Public Interest/Nonprofit, Retail, Beauty, Fashion, Luxury Goods, Travel and Tourism, Consumer

Founded in: 1994

Employees: 100

Awards: 57

Clients: 19

Gotham, Inc.

104 W. 40th St 7th Fl
New York New York 10018
United States
Phone: (+1) 212 414-7161

About Gotham, Inc.

Welcome all doers and optimists.

This is not just our credo. It is how we work. Every day. And it sets us apart from others. There are two parts to our credo.

First, we are all doers. That means everyone is active and doing work on the client’s behalf. We don’t have room for overhead or managers. Everyone, from the management down, actively participates in client business.

And second, we welcome optimism. We welcome the impossible idea, because we understand that the notion of making the impossible possible not only drives inspiration within, but opens one’s mind to the unexpected. Optimism allows one to look at a completely different and alternative side to an issue; to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and barriers. When it comes to our clients’ businesses, we believe we can accomplish anything. 


Spanish, English
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

It’s simple, really: give and get.

We believe people don’t simply consume brands and products; they consume their beliefs. And, once a brand embraces a shared belief system with a consumer, it allows them to think in a longer-term way about the relationship — well beyond the initial transaction.

You can sum this approach up pretty simply: give and get. This way of thinking is what led us to our agency philosophy: Brand Reciprocity™.

And it applies to each and every Gothamite, as well as our clients and our consumers. 

Network Description

Gotham is one of New York City’s leading, fully integrated communications agencies, offering a dedicated team of agnostic thinkers specializing in strategic ideation, creative development, campaign management and digital integration. While we have full-service capabilities in-house, as a subsidiary of the Interpublic Group (IPG) — one of the world’s largest advertising and marketing services companies — we also have access to over 100 best-in-class specialized service partners in over 120 countries. For Gotham, this translates into something you’ll hear us say often — we are independent, with a deep bench. And this isn’t just a clever set of words, we put it into action on almost every client we have. As an entrepreneurial agency built small enough for speed and large enough for scale, we are constantly reviewing and extending our partnerships based on the unique needs of our clients/ brands. Services available to us include Public Relations, Media Planning/Buying, Branding & Identity, Promotions/Sales Events, Healthcare Professional Marketing and Activation. For New York Life, we would have full access to the IPG Network to tailor the diverse team needed to service your business. Our collaborative agency partnerships usually happen in two ways, and we work well in either capacity: 

Gotham as Team Partner: We are happy to work collaboratively within an existing inter-agency team structure, and we play nice. On businesses like Hitachi, Lufthansa, and Best Western we integrate seamlessly into the (sometimes global) agency structure and bring meaningful contribution to the thinking and shared success of the larger team. When we partner with other agencies, we believe firmly in constant collaboration and mutual respect. We know this leads to best-in- class ideas for our clients.

Gotham as Team Leader: When it’s called for, we are not afraid to take the lead on all fronts for our client’s business. On clients like Maybelline, Denny’s, and Newman’s Own, we have lead-agency responsibility and are comfortable overseeing agency partners against agreed client business goals, communication strategies and budget. As lead agency, Gotham’s underlying partnership model is simple: early and equal collaboration, often and upstream — which ensures ideas are media neutral and work across multichannel platforms. 

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