TitleThe Land of Free Press
BriefWith the first-ever summit between presidents Trump and Putin due to take place in Helsinki, local newspaper Helsingin Sanomat jumped on the opportunity to send an important message: by welcoming the presidents to the land of free press. The paper targeted the two presidents directly as they drove from the airport to the summit in central Helsinki, with nearly 300 billboards containing real headlines about both men and their disdain for the media. The posters were placed along all of the three possible routes. When Trump and Putin arrived in Helsinki for a summit, they found that local newspaper Helsingin Sanomat had taken over all the billboards on their potential routes into town and plastered them with messages referring to the two premiers' dislike of the news media, plus a message about press freedom. Welcome to Finland, the land of the free press.
Campaign The Land of the Free Press
Advertiser Helsingin Sanomat
Brand Helsingin Sanomat
Date of First Broadcast/Publication
Business Sector Media, Publishing & Production
Story Helsingin Sanomat is the largest newspaper in the Nordics.
Media Type Web Film
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Communications Specialist
Communications Specialist
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