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Core Competencies: Marketing/Creative Services, Shopper Marketing/Point of Sale/Sales promotion, Public Relations, Corporate Communication, B2B

Founded in: 1968

Parent Company:

Employees: 200

Awards: 22

Clients: 17

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500 Plum Street
Syracuse New York 13204
United States
Phone: (+1) 315 466-1000

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Eric Mower and Associates

500 Plum Street
Syracuse New York 13204
United States
Phone: (+1) 315 466-1000

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About Eric Mower and Associates

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Chinese, Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Vietnamese
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
We are a true B2B, B2C Agency First, EMA is the only U.S. agency to be ranked on all four of the marketing communications industry’s top rankings:

ADWEEK Magazine: #69 out of all U.S. agencies
BtoB Magazine: Top 50 business-to-business agencies
PROMO Magazine: #17 out of Top 100 U.S. sales promotion agencies
PRWEEK Magazine: Top 5% of U.S. public relations agencies

These rankings are a direct result of EMA’s commitment to being a generalist marketing communications agency that offers clients specialized expertise in four core practice areas: business-to-business, promotion, public relations and advertising. The rankings tell you that our overall business and our core practice areas are robust enough to provide the caliber, depth and breadth of service that your company requires.

So, we are neither a consumer agency that does a little B2B, nor a B2B agency that dabbles in consumer work. In both B2B and B2C, we have a deep client list and our work is recognized nationally as best-in-class.

Our Talk Human Philosophy
We live by our Talk Human(SM) Strategy
At EMA, everything we do is grounded in strategy. From a product launch, to an in-store shelf-talker to giveaways at a trade show, everything we create and recommend for our clients is based on a strategic framework outlining key goals and objectives.

And, when it comes to communication, we “Talk Human.� Even in B2B, we believe that brands that connect emotionally make more lasting impressions. So we listen to our clients’ customers and prospects, understand how they think and feel. And use that insight to create communications that appeal not only to their heads, but to their hearts.


Because it takes both rational and emotional appeals to motivate a customer to take action. The rational provides essential information about features and benefits. The emotional involves the customer, shaping beliefs and driving behavior.
Network Description
As an independent agency, EMA has no holding companies or subsidiaries. To enhance our global reach for clients, EMA is an active member of two global networks: IN: International Network of Independent Agencies EMA is a member of IN, the international network of 75 independent marketing communications agencies located in 72 countries and 115 cities around the world. Together, IN member agencies employ 3,000 professionals and have total agency billings of $2 billion. Eric Mower, EMA’s chairman and CEO, is president of IN and is personally involved, along with IN’s paid executive director and staff in London and Paris, in recruiting new IN network agencies. This gives EMA a personal connection to IN members, and facilitates collaboration and responsiveness. EMA has collaborated with IN members in a variety of ways – reviewing creative concepts for cultural competency, sourcing in-country resources such as photographers, researching competitive activities in a particular region, identifying the best-read trade publications in narrow verticals, booth staffing for clients at trade shows, and more. More information on IN is available at IPREX: International Public Relations Exchange Formed in 1983 to give clients global reach while working with local expertise, IPREX is one of the world's largest public relations corporations. With more than 50 member firms, IPREX’s powerful partnership provides experienced representation in major markets throughout the world. Drawing on the resources, knowledge, talent, and expertise of over 800 professionals, IPREX turns the diversity of its members into an asset for clients. IPREX provides access to proven, award-winning strategies that work globally or in specialized geographic and cultural regions. A member of the IPREX Executive Committee, EMA is an active and leading member of the organization and regularly partners with member firms to meet the global needs of our clients. IPREX partners have helped EMA deliver customized media and crisis communications training at facilities in Europe and Asia. EMA has enlisted IPREX assistance to deliver high level financial public relations counsel to several clients exploring initial public offerings. In addition, IPREX agencies with specialized expertise in particular industries routinely provide advice and expert staff support to maximize the effectiveness of our clients’ programs. More information on IPREX is available at
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