TitlePlayable Radio
Campaign Playable Radio
Advertiser Ohio Lottery Commission
Brand Ohio Lottery
PostedSeptember 2023
Business Sector Others
Story As part of our Gamify Life strategy for the Ohio Lottery, we brought winning experiences straight to everyday Ohioans by giving an old-fashioned medium a modern twist. Say hello to the :60 pop song that’s actually a game. Between catchy beats, the lyrics circumvent the typical life, love, and loss found in typical songs – in favor of lyrics that surprisingly tell you a) this song’s a game and b) if you want a chance to win money, you need to use the listening/song identification function on your phone to play.
Media Type Radio
Soundtrack https://open.spotify.com/track/307GPW1RMDT3zGMXNdHntW?si=ff9eeba144a24856&nd=1

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