Forsman & Bodenfors Clients

When founded in Sweden 1986 Forsman & Bodenfors was a small independent agency with a vision to create world-class communication. 27 years later we are still independent, and ranked as one of the best agencies in the world. 

Agency of the Year 2014
— The Gunn Report

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Abba Abba Food Television & Cinema, Print
AMF AMF, Pension Funds Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance Television & Cinema, Digital, Outdoor/Out of Home 2003
Svenska Kyrkan Church of Sweden Religious Group Digital 2008
Comviq Comviq, Pre-paid cellphone provider Personal Wireless Communication Television & Cinema, Digital, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home 2011
Coop Coop, Supermarket chain Department Stores, Supermarkets Television & Cinema, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home 2011
E.ON E.ON Sweden, Energy Energy & Water Authorities, Utilities Television & Cinema, Digital, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home 2009
Faktum Faktum, Street paper Digital, Print, Public Relations 2010
Fastighetsbyrån Fastighetsbyrån, Real estate agency Real Estate Television & Cinema 2013
Göteborg & Co Göteborg & Co, Göteborg 2021 Government Information & Services Digital, Print 2012
Göteborgs-Posten Göteborgs-Posten Newspapers, Magazines, Books
GöteborgsOperan GöteborgsOperan, Opera Digital, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home
If If, Insurance Insurance Television & Cinema, Digital, Print 2010
IQ IQ, Influencing young people to a smarter approach to alcohol Public Safety, Health & Hygiene Television & Cinema, Digital, Print 2009
Kalles Kalles Canned Fish & Seafood Television & Cinema, Digital, Print, Outdoor/Out of Home 2012
Mondelez International Marabou Chocolate Television & Cinema, Digital, Direct Marketing, Public Relations 2012