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Advertiser SCA Group
Brand Libero Diapers
Product Libero - UP&GO Diapers
Business Sector Diapers
Philosophy Creative Strategy:
To work in many countries, only a few, untouchable rules: the end-frame, the typeface and the attitude. The classic diaper attitude was “believe us, because we are experts”. The new attitude was “OK, we know, we’ve got kids ourselves”. Ads with clear, relevant messages that people like to watch. If you can do it with beer, cars and household appliances, why not with diapers?

Media Strategy:
No change was made. TV stayed on as the preferred channel supported by parental magazines. Invested in a picture bank to be able to use the same picture material in all printed messages in all markets: ads, direct mail, trade folders and in-store material. Emotional and entertainment focus was placed on TV while in-depth information made available closer to point of sales.

From the first launch in May 1998, Libero market shares have increased steadily. In September 1999, a year after the campaign started, Libero was about twice the size of Pampers in Scandinavia. Furthermore, the advertising has proven to be different, remembered and liked
Problem Marketing situation:
A child uses diapers for about thirty months, which means that more than a third of the target group is exchanged every year. The Nordic market uses some 1.2 billion diapers each year. It has been dominated by two major players throughout the nineties, Libero by SCA and Pampers by Procter & Gamble who were head to head on equal market shares for 7 years. Until 1998.

Advertising Objectives:
Efficient advertising - every showing has to do a better job. Flexible advertising - SCA does not have the muscle of its competitor so it has to act quicker and adapt to each market. Different advertising - if products tend to be similar, personality has to be more distinct. More popular advertising - nobody liked diaper ads, what a great opportunity!
Media Type Magazine
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