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Boulogne-Billancourt, France

agence W Awards

Top Com Consumer Grand prix Design Logotype Jo&Joe 2017
FWA Awards FWA Site of the day Rapport Annuel 2016
Epica Awards Silver Promotions & Incentives Paris Airport 2016
Cristal Festival Gold Mobile applications Paris Airport 2016
Cristal Festival Bronze Drive to store/ to e-shop Paris Airport 2016
Prix de la campagne citoyenne Argent Associations caritatives & ONG, droits de l'homme FNSF 2015
Epica Awards Shortlist Branded Games Mercure 2015
Cristal Festival Emerald Best use of mobile MAN 2015
Cristal Festival Bronze Sports Marketing MAN 2015
Top Com Consumer Bronze Campagne TV NF 2015
Top Com Consumer Argent Design Global Novotel 2015
Prix de la campagne citoyenne Lauréat Argent Droits de l’homme FNSF 2014
Grand Prix UJJEF Communication et Entreprise Grand Prix FNSF 2014
Top Com Consumer Argent FNSF 2014
Grand Prix Stratégies du Design Nomination Qu4drans 2014