TitlePaypal France
Campaign Paypal France
Advertiser PayPal
Brand PayPal
PostedJuly 2017
Business Sector Banking, Finance, Law & Insurance
Story We wanted to reach that person who’s owed money, but too embarrassed to collect the debt. PayPal’s app has made it easy to repay money to anyone with an email address or mobile number. But asking for it still makes for an awkward conversation – particularly between friends. Humor is a great way to diffuse difficult situations. And we made it even easier for customers – we made the jokes for them. Three films were subtitled to wittily reimagine conversations, as if discussing a debt. And we went a step further and made it possible for people to personalize the films with their own name and IOU. This idea diffused tension in an unexpected way. It made it possible for friends to talk about money in a funny way, through their social channels. Typically, money (and especially personal debt) is never discussed in public feeds. But this campaign soon had 80,000 visitors and thousands of people happily calling their mates out.
Media Type Case Study

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