New York, United States
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Basic Info

Core Competencies: Digital, Direct/Tele/Database Marketing/CRM, Branding/Naming/Product Development, Packaging/Design

Founded in: 1997

Employees: 750

Awards: 49

Clients: 11


1440 Broadway 19th Floor
New York New York 10018
United States
Phone: (+1) 212 798 6600

Michael Adams

Director, Corporate Marketing

Phone: (+1) 801 733-3250

Darin Brown

Darin Brown

Executive Vice President

Phone: (+1) 310.846.5400

Shannon Denton

Client Services Vice President

Phone: (+1) 954 689-9740

Dave Friedman

Executive Vice President, Central Region

Phone: (+1) 312-696-5000

Karen Hamilton

Executive Vice President, West Region

Phone: (+1) 425-564-8800

Adeline Honnas

Client Services Vice President

Phone: (+1) 425-664-8800

Bob Lord

Bob Lord

Executive Vice President

Phone: (+1) 212 966-2300

Robin Martin

Client Services Vice President

Phone: (+1) 415-284-7070

Ty Mattingly

Executive Vice President, Corporate Development

Phone: (+1) 801-733-3200

Tim Pierce

Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice Preside

Phone: (+1) 801-733-3200

Ned Stringham

Chief Executive Officer & President

Phone: (+1) 801 733-3200

James Warner

EVP, East Region

Phone: (+1) 212 966-2300

Kerri Zunkowski

Vice President, Human Resources

Phone: (+1) 801-733-3204

About Razorfish


Danish, English, French, German, Japanese, Swedish
Philosophy & Competitive Advantages
We live in a multi-channel world. Today's customers are likely to learn about you from a TV ad, go online to compare you with the competition, then walk into a store to buy your product. And the growth of the Internet has only accelerated this trend and made your job more complicated.
At SBI.Razorfish, we create integrated/interactive marketing solutions that deliver a seamless experience across channels -- helping you to attract, convert, service and retain more customers. As the largest independent interactive agency, we've done this successfully for 25 of the Fortune 100. These companies choose us because we:
-Develop a customer strategy driven by the business plan
-Design programs that are insight-driven and user-centric SBI.Razorfish, Experience Online
Network Description
In Europe, we operate through our affiliate Framfab, through which we provide interactive marketing services through eight local agencies. In Asia, we operate through our affiliate Scient Japan, through which we provide interactive services in one agency.

Number of local agencies
Europe: 8
Americas: 14
Asia & Middle East: 1