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6600 N Andrews Ave
Fort Lauderdale Florida 33309
United States
Phone: (+1) 954 644-4000

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Founded in: 1984

Employees: 1000

Creative Work: 9

Zimmerman Advertising

6600 N Andrews Ave
Fort Lauderdale Florida 33309
United States
Phone: (+1) 954 644-4000

About Zimmerman Advertising

WELCOME TO THE MACHINE. At Zimmerman it’s all about who’s in your corner. Here, you’re never afraid of the competition. Here, it’s not about ads because retailers don’t need advertising agencies. Retailers need fighters. Our mission defines our brand: “Relentlessly pursue the client’s goal, but never rest in the glory.” That means that we wake up every morning obsessed with success, every single day. We believe that success lies in having the formula to drive both brand intention and value as well as immediate revenue. This is Brandtailing®. It is the reason that we are Omnicom’s retail powerhouse and one of the largest and fastest growing agencies in the country. We believe that a strategy should be idea driven, but consumer guided. We believe that ready and aim come before fire, and so everything we do begins with insight. We believe that to succeed in retail, you must be governed by a single galvanizing belief. We believe in outcome, not output. And we believe in our goal: It’s all about building profitable brands. This is Zimmerman. This is the Growth Machine. 


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Philosophy & Competitive Advantages

Philosophy: While most agencies focus on building brand consideration, we are not satisfied until we help our clients drive increases in comp sales, market share and profitability. At Zimmerman, we are clientbusiness centric, focusing entirely on KPIs and ROMI. Zimmerman is a highly differentiated offering with a focus on the outcome of the work, not the output itself. You simply cannot be a Zimmerman associate unless you embody our values, and eat, sleep and breathe our clients’ KPIs. When you walk through our halls, the energy at Zimmerman is like no other agency in the world. We are an agency that transforms good brands into great brands. An agency that integrates and optimizes, driving cash flow and shareholder value to every company we work with. 

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Zimmerman’s Live Media Trading Floor. A breakthrough new facility – and approach to media buying – where experience, speed and access can save millions in mere seconds and provide a real market advantage. A media-buying model that mirrors a live floor of the stock exchange. One that is filled with urgency, intensity and people who understand how to drive and optimize every client’s dollar. Zimmerman’s Live Trading Floor is housed within Zimmerman HQ (and on their media buyers desktops everywhere) and incorporates both traditional and digital media. It offers direct media feeds and interactive alerts in media forms including barter, direct response, unwired, special purchase and an exclusive distress media platform that was developed with a charter group of networks and media holding companies that are growing every day. 

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